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Daisy, Daisy...
Defeat a rogue AI.
Silicon dawn
Watch as the world is conquered by a rogue AI.
Climate saviour
Save the world from global warming.
Watch the world burn
Preside over the total collapse of civilisation.
Force of arms
Instigate a military coup.
Person of the year
Have 100% public opinion.
Second wind
Transfer your mind into a new body.
Not here to make friends
Have -100% public opinion.
Home away from home
Found a city on the moon.
One small step...
Complete a successful lunar landing.
That's no moon!
Fire a devastating lunar laser.
Back in their place
Defeat a mutant revolution.
Natural selection
Mutants have overthrown vanilla humans.
Hail the cyber emperor
Achieve an imperial victory.
Achieve a consumerism victory.
Oh brave new world
Achieve a New World victory.
If only...
Achieve a Humane victory.
Ayisha and friends
Walk away with Ayisha.
Love over business
Walk away with Sam.
A small loan
Achieve a victory on "Laissez-faire" difficulty.
Projected growth
Achieve a victory on "Industry standard" difficulty.
The Invisible Hand
Achieve a victory on "Highly competitive" difficulty.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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