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    This title has a total of 84 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Accessory CollectorCollect every accessory
    AcrobatDodge 10 attacks
    AddictedPlay the game for 3 hours
    Ancient AstronomerSolve the Ancient Galaxy puzzle
    AnglerCatch 50 fish
    Artifact CollectorCollect every artifact
    ArtisanCraft 10,000 items
    Big HoarderHave 5,000 items in your inventory
    BombermanHave 3 bombs active at once
    Bug CatcherBottle 100 critters
    ChampionOpen a skull chest
    CompletionistAchieve every other feat
    ConstructorBuild 200 structures
    CuratorComplete every museum bundle
    DaredevilDodge a lethal attack
    Demon HunterComplete the Fire Temple
    DestroyerKill 100 enemies
    DiggerDig up 50 items
    DiligentComplete every NPC quest
    DisgustingHave 100 poop in your inventory
    Druid HelperHelp the Druid
    DuelistWin the ice wizard challenge
    Engineer HelperHelp the Engineer
    EnlightenedFind every secret room
    ExpansionistOwn 5 lands
    ExtrovertTalk to every NPC
    Fairy HelperHelp the Fairy Queen
    Fire AstronomerSolve the Fire Galaxy puzzle
    Fox HelperHelp the Fox
    Frozen AstronomerSolve the Frozen Galaxy puzzle
    GemologistHave one of each gem in your inventory
    Ghost HelperHelp the Ghost
    Goblin HelperHelp the Goblin
    GourmandEat a gem
    GreedyKill a magic deer
    HarvesterPlant 100 seeds
    HoarderHave 1,000 items in your inventory
    HopelessDie 10 times
    Ice BreakerComplete the Crystal Cave
    ImperialistBuy every land
    IrrigatorWater 100 seeds
    JealousHave 100 jelly in your inventory
    JesterFail miserably at a trivia minigame
    MarksmanShoot 100 arrows
    MasonBuild 20 structures
    Master AlchemistComplete the museum Alchemy bundle
    Master ArchaeologistComplete the museum Archaeology bundle
    Master BuilderComplete the museum Building bundle
    Master ChefComplete the museum Cooking bundle
    Master FarmerComplete the museum Farming bundle
    Master ForagerComplete the museum Foraging bundle
    Master MinerComplete the museum Mining bundle
    Master TrapperComplete the museum Trapping bundle
    MillonaireHave 1,000,000 coins
    MinerMine the giant crystal
    MintCraft 2,000 coins
    MonsterKill all giant beets
    OccultPerform a challenging blood ritual
    Old People HelperHelp the Old Man
    PathfinderComplete the Skull Maze
    PillagerDestroy 100 gravestones
    Princess HelperHelp the Princess
    RainbuddyUse a bottled rainbow
    RoboticActivate a droid
    RoyalGather royal steel or royal clothing
    Seal CollectorCollect every seal
    Secret FinderFind 3 secret rooms
    SharpshooterKill an enemy with a single arrow shot
    SkillfulLearn every skill
    Skull AstronomerSolve the Skull Galaxy puzzle
    SmelterCraft 500 furnace items
    SpelunkerDig up an archaeology item
    SwordmasterKill 3 enemies or more with a single sword slash
    Tomb RaiderComplete the Ancient Tomb
    Tool CollectorCollect every tool and weapon
    ToughHave 10 max health
    Treasure HunterOpen 20 big treasure chests
    Treasure MasterOpen all big treasure chests
    TycoonOwn 10 lands and 5,000 coins
    UnscarredComplete a dungeon without taking damage
    WaterproofBuild on top of every water tile
    WealthyHave 100,000 coins
    WinnerWin the jackpot at a slot machine
    Wizard HelperHelp the Wizard

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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