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The "Saga" series has an original game system that sets it apart from conventional RPGs.
A unique growth system that eliminates the multi-layered scenario by the four main characters, the high degree of freedom by the free scenario, the highly strategic battle by inspiration and formation, and the level system.
With the development system and game design to thoroughly enjoy the story and battle while maintaining the charm unique to the "Saga" series, the supreme RPG that is unique is born.

Akitoshi Kawazu, the creator of the series, is in charge of game design and scenarios.
Music by Kenji Ito and character design by Tomomi Kobayashi.


Urpina, the daughter of a samurai aristocrat
Urpina, the daughter of the prestigious Julanius family, the leader of the four imperial generals, is a girl who dreams of a happy future. She was given the natural talent to carry the Buke's house on her back. In front of Urpina, who is worried, her hometown Sirmium is engulfed in flames, and her beloved brother Antonius is taken away by someone. But Urpina still doesn't know that the first big event she experiences is just a harbinger of a huge catastrophe that will change the whole world. Is it the star god, the guardian god of the Julanius family, or the evil god Firebringer, who brought about the incident, that guides her fate? The battle for Urpina is about to begin.

Leonardo, the peasant
A farm in the remote state of Yaksarto. A woman appears in front of Leonardo, who is working hard to harvest, and faints. Leonardo rescues her and hears the woman recite the verse. "To Ai-Khanoum ... Sink the fragments ..." The stage of the fairy tale, the legendary city "Ai-Khanoum". Leonardo embarks on a journey to find the city in this picture book. He sold off the farmland he inherited from his grandfather and picked up the scarlet stone entrusted to the fallen woman. Another red stone was held in his hand. The stone he was holding when he was born. Is that the real reason Leonardo had to go on a journey?

Ceramist Talia
A huge ocean called the Termina Sea. Talia, a potter who runs a workshop nearby. One day, she noticed that the vessel she made had an impossible distortion. She sets out on a journey to find and eliminate the cause of the distortion. If you don't accomplish everything with your own hands, you will not be satisfied. Suddenly, a huge burning bird flies in front of her as she departs. "That's a phoenix!" Talia glanced at the bird's identity. Who the hell is she? The journey to pursue the mystery of the phoenix is also a journey to pursue who she is.

Legal Executioner Balmante
Balmante, the legal executioner of Kohan Castle, silently decapitates those sentenced to death in the reign of terror of Consul Sigfrey. However, the day will come when Sigfrey will be decapitated. Sigfrey leaves to Balmante with a gentle face. "I will revive seven times and do justice." Balmante's giant ax was swung down on Sigfrey's neck. A few months later, Balmante's ears receive rumors of a person named Sigfrey. Half-trusted Balmante leaves Kohan Castle to be dragged by Arthur, a clerk who was a subordinate of Sigfrey. Balmante's journey begins to decapitate Sigfrey seven times.


Free World System
The "Free Scenario System" is a representative system of the "Saga" series, where you can enjoy a completely different story depending on the player's actions, instead of following a single fixed story. In this work, RPG elements such as movement, information gathering, and exploration are fused with the world map and evolved into a "Free World System".

Evolved Battle System Timeline
In a highly strategic timeline-type battle, the battle starts with the enemy's actions and order of actions known. When you consume BP, you can use various maneuvers and techniques. The key to the strategy is to control the order of actions of allies and enemies by making full use of maneuvers and techniques. In addition, there are also powerful continuous attacks "continuous attacks" that are activated under specific conditions and "grace" that gives the power of the gods, making it a deeper battle system.

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