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Sky High
Complete a lap on the Sky Track
Circuit Breaker
Complete a lap on all circuits
Race over 100 laps
The Lazy Proclaimer
You've driven 500 miles, and then driven 500 more!
Santa's Helper
Collect 100 presents
Find all hidden circuits
Complete a lap with each car
Ice Cold Killer
Destroy all snowmen
Prickly Character
Destroy all cacti
Complete a lap in Gannenthu Village
Complete a lap in Canéuj Quarry
Wet and Wild
Complete a lap at Howe Aman Lake
Complete a lap at Weiei Mountain
Complete a lap at Thascot Swood coastal road
Down and Out
Complete a race at Langwaedoon
Race to which mountain?
Complete the Canéun Run

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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