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    A sudden marriage (secret)Marrying Diana
    Achievement Master! (secret)Thank you for playing
    All together!Completed item collection
    Armor ManiaAcquire all armor
    Bomb CraftsmanHave more than 30 Bombs
    Chief ArcherKill the Chief Archer
    Chief CannoneerKill the Chief Cannoneer
    Chief MageKill the Chief Mage
    Chief NinjaKill the Chief Ninja
    Created bySaw the credits.
    CreatorBlacksmiths achieve highest level
    DestroyerBreak more than 100 Objects
    DragonKill the Dragon
    Elder (secret)Killed the Elder.
    EmployerAchieve highest level of mercenaries
    End of greedDeath from purchasing items in a Dark shop
    Feel goodFind a secret room more than 3 times in one game
    GolemKill the Golem
    HardCleared Hard
    HellCleared Hell
    Hiccup ?!Achieve the bar highest level
    Horseman CommanderKill the Horseman Commander
    I killed everything!Completed monster collection
    I'm RichHave more than 100 Golds
    Item ManiaAcquire other items
    Key PlayerHave more than 30 Keys
    King BatKill the King Bat
    King Bomb SlimeKill the King Bomb Slime
    King CobraKill the King Cobra
    King Fire SlimeKill the King Fire Slime
    King GoblinKill the King Goblin
    King HarpyKill the King Harpy
    King Ice SlimeKill the King Ice Slime
    King JellyfishKill the King Jellyfish
    King KoboldKill the King Kobold
    King LynxKill the King Lynx
    King MushroomKill the King Mushroom
    King OctopusKill the King Octopus
    King Rabbit SlimeKill the King Rabbit Slime
    King SalamanderKill the King Salamander
    King SharkKill the King Shark
    King SkullKill the King Skull
    King SlimeKill the King Slime
    King ToadKill the King Toad
    King ToothtrapKill the King Toothtrap
    King TurtleKill the King Turtle
    King YetiKill the King Yeti
    King ZombieKill the King Zombie
    Knight CommanderKill the Knight Commander
    Loot ManiaAcquire all loot
    LuckyFirst discovered a Secret room
    MercenaryConstruction of a mercenary small town
    MonasteryMonastery construction in the village
    MuseumBuilding a museum in town
    Potion AddictionDrink more than 10 Potions
    PrayerAchieve the monastery's highest level
    Quest ManiaCompleted all the quests
    Rescue girlfriend (secret)Marry Sofia
    Sage (secret)Left the Village
    SirenKill the Siren
    SlayerKill more than 100 Monsters
    SmithyConstruction of a blacksmith in a village
    Snow WormKill the Snow Worm
    Stage 1First cleared Stage 1
    Stage 2First cleared Stage 2
    Stage 3First cleared Stage 3
    Stage 4First cleared Stage 4
    Stage 5First cleared Stage 5
    String HPCollect 10 Hearts
    SuccubusKill the Succubus
    TavernConstruction of a pub in a village
    That belongs in a museum.Establish a statue of all monsters in the museum
    This is Sparta!!!Enter the Colosseum 3 or more times in a game
    Too HeavyHave more than 10 Equipmets
    Treasure HunterOpen more than 10 Boxes in a game
    Village reconstructionAchieve village level
    Weapon ManiaAcquire all weapons

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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