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1 player Character kills 3 more enemies in a single turn
Kill an enemy dealing 10 points more than their current HP
Last Stand
Have 3 characters Incapacitated and pick one up with Stay With Me
Why Won't You Die!?
Have 3 characters damage a single target without killing it
A character is missed by 5 attacks in the same turn
Shot in the Dark
Kill an unrevealed enemy
Tough Cookie
A character is hit by 5 attacks in the same turn without being rendered unconscious
All or nothing
Have characters use 3 limited use items in a turn
Click, Boom!
Hit 3 enemies in a single explosion
Empty the Mag
Take a gun from full mag to empty in a single turn
Going Commando
Have 1 character use 6 Momentum in a single turn
Boom! Headshot!
Kill an enemy due to the bonus critical hit damage
Kill a Shoggoth section entirely surrounded by other Shoggoth sections
Mass Panic!
All allies suffered from a Psychological Effect this turn
All allies are staggered at the same time
Do all missions in a single campaign
Complete all main and side objectives in main missions
Complete a mission without taking any damage
Tanks For The Memories
Complete the campaign
Scraping Through
Complete a mission with all characters having been rendered Incapacitated at least once
Participation Award
Complete a mission with at least 1 character not dealing any damage
Thin The Ranks
Kill 100 enemies overall
Piles Of Bodies
Kill 200 enemies overall
Excessive Ordinance
Throw 20 grenades
Inventory Management
Take each item on a mission
Advanced Weaponry
Take each mod on a mission
Use 10 medkits
Boot Camp
Completed the whole Tutorial mission (with Tutorial active)
War Hero
Collected all other achievements
Complete a side mission
Completed the game on Mythic difficulty

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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