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Eager to get back to the golden age of local multiplayer games? Want to crush your friends after practicing hard on a skill-based and competitive game? We've got the game for you.

CHOP is a visceral game where bloody killings meet ultra fast action. With easily accessible games mechanics, it offers a real strategic dimension and a depth of gameplay that will put your skills to the test.

One hit to kill, respawn almost instantly. CHOP gives you a feeling close to the constant adrenaline rush you can experience in a fast FPS. Blood and guts in a world torn asunder, with a comic book vibe: it's for anyone who likes gore, comics, post-apo, and who's looking for a supercharged party game.

Up to four players can play at a time. Challenge your friends one-on-one or enter the fray. You can even team up and play two-on-two, or one vs. three if you've got the guts for it.
Are you up for the goriest couch game for your pizza/beers party?

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