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Reach 10 hours of playing time in a single savegame
Lucrative Labor
Own a bank account with 10 million ingame money
A Good Deed
Complete 1 mission
Helping Out
Complete 50 missions
Legendary Aide
Complete 100 missions
Backyard Gardener
Cultivate 1 hectare
Starting Small
Sow 1 hectare
Happy Plants
Fertilize 1 hectare
Reap What You Sow
Harvest 1 hectare
Fervent Farmer
Cultivate 10 hectares
Plant Prosperity
Sow 10 hectares
Delighted Plants
Fertilize 10 hectares
Ample Yield
Harvest 10 hectares
Chief of Cultivation
Cultivate 100 hectares
Serial Sower
Sow 100 hectares
Ecstatic Plants
Fertilize 100 hectares
Humongous Harvest
Harvest 100 hectares
I Saw That Coming!
Cut down 1 tree
More Wood!
Cut down 25 trees
Milk Magnate
Breed 20 cows
Wool Commander
Breed 30 sheep
Pink Progress
Breed 50 pigs
Egg Lord
Breed 100 chickens

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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