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Power Overwhelming
Beat the game losing 8 souls total at most.
From the Top
Beat the game
Master SukurĂșame
Purchase All Upgrades
Friendly Fire
Make an enemy kill another one by accident
Swift Lancer
Use all combos at least once
A link between worlds
Interact with every ghost in the game
One with nature
Use each potion at least 20 times.
Defeat 50 enemies using the finisher.
Defeat 200 enemies
Bear Stare
Use the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss
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Property Damage
Destroy 20 tents in Paquime's Market.
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PETA's been informed of your behaviour
Attempt to hit a pheasant.
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This is not Zel..that game
Attempt to destroy a vase in Paquime.
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Light Feet
Sprint for over a minute without stopping.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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