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Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
20 monsters
Beginning Of The End
Complete Awakening
My Hero
Complete Find And Seek
Hell And High Water
Complete New War
Not A Terrorist?
Complete Night Shift
Hope Incarnate
Complete The Hunt Begins
The Red Solstice
Complete Into The Breach
Not A Zombie
Complete Under The Surface
Colony Of Doom
Complete Cities Of Flesh
I, Saffron!
Complete Echoes Of Fear
Mountain Of Gods
Complete Broken Oaths
All Hands On Deck!
Complete Shattered Home
Risk Versus Reward
Complete Soul Circuitry
Not My Problem Anymore
Complete Fleeting Hope
Last Ditch Effort
Complete Crimson Storm Part 1
Den Of Marines
Complete Crimson Storm Part 2
Heaven Or Hell
Complete Crimson Storm Part 3
One For The History Books
Complete The Campaign on any difficulty
Gotta Scan ‘Em All
Fully scan 151 non story missions
Everyone Gets An Outpost!
Build an outpost on every region
It’s Good For The Environment, I Swear!
Redeploy the landship 20 times
Big Brain
Research all projects
They’re My Favorite
Have a follower reach max rank
Elevator Of Chop
Deploy into a combat mission that has a maximum Storm level
Do you hear that?
Reach Wave 15
I’m Doing My Part
Complete 2,021 objectives
Blood & Guts!
Kill 6,666 enemies
Nuke From Orbit? Nah.
Kill 58,426 enemies
Oh, That’s Where I left That
Open 2,001 Lockers
Human Cake
Deal 1 million damage against Biomass structures
Project F.L.U.F.F.Y
Complete F.L.U.F.F.Y Hunt On Nightmare
It’s Not THAT Hard
Fully complete the main mission and evacuate on Nightmare difficulty
The Classic Difficulty
Fully complete the main mission and evacuate on Aetriden difficulty
Building Confidence
Fully complete the main mission and evacuate on Veteran difficulty
One Among Many
Fully complete the main mission and evacuate on Soldier difficulty
Sunday Strol
Fully complete the main mission and evacuate on recruit difficulty
Big Leagues
Unlock the entire skill tree
How Does My Hair Look?
Apply your first cosmetic
Dark Pleasures
Kill 34 tentacles
Does This Make My Butt Look Big?
Reach Rank 25
On The Ladder To Success
Reach Rank 5
Breaking The Glass Ceiling
Reach Rank 15
No Longer On The Struggle Bus
Complete all rank challenges
David & Goliath
Kill 700 High Threats
Fighting Trousers Activate!
Melee strike/energy blade kill 2,010

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