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    A Sibling ReconciliationAs Takako, help Runa and Rena mend their relationship.
    A Special Graduation Ceremony (secret)(no official description)
    A Sudden Decision! (secret)(no official description)
    And the Best Couples Are...As Risa, win the Best Couples election.
    Ave Maria (secret)(no official description)
    Convincing a Genius (secret)(no official description)
    Her True FeelingsHave your first kiss with Miya.
    I Do Like You! (secret)(no official description)
    I'll Never Let You GoComplete the Mai/Reo route.
    I'm Glad We All MetAs Reo, socialize with the other Best Couples at Rena's apartment.
    Maidens of MichaelComplete all routes.
    My Precious, Little LoverComplete the Takako/Runa route.
    Nanami's Time to Shine (secret)(no official description)
    Our Paths ForwardAs Shizuku, decide on a college to attend after graduation.
    Our PromiseComplete the Shizuku/Eris route.
    Super-Sweet, Super-Sized ChristmasAs Nanami, celebrate Christmas privately with Yuuna.
    The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To MeComplete the Risa/Miya route.
    This is the Path You ChoseAs Kaede, talk with Sara about her career path.
    Until the Day I Leave This WorldComplete the Nanami/Yuuna route.
    Until Your Dream Comes TrueComplete the Kaede/Sara route.
    What Can I Do as Her Sister...? (secret)(no official description)
    Yurry ChristmasSuccessfully host the Christmas Festival.

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