Where can I find Hank, Julia's Husband?

  1. I searched the entire river, the area I believe it is in is on the east side of the river but it’s blocked by what look like breakable blocks, I couldn’t break them from above and you cannot perform actions in the water.

    User Info: GoldenChemist94

    GoldenChemist94 - 6 months ago
  2. i put up a youtube video on how and where to find him

    the title of the video is
    How To Find Julia's Partner Hank In Rogue Heroes
    user name is
    Ice Pick

    User Info: kid109

    kid109 - 6 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Hank is found on the Beach, south of the second Dungeon. Those Rocks can be blown up, or hit with the Kaiser Fist, or the Hammer to break.

    User Info: KizuOrama

    KizuOrama - 6 months ago 1   0

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