The Final Frontier
Exit the Cloning Facility.
This Rocks
Collect 500 Iron Ore.
I am not alone
Join or create an Alliance.
Can O’ Air
Completely fill your Oxygen gauge using an Oxygen Canister (Inventory item, not pipeline).
Paint the Planet red
Kill another player.
I hate Snakes
Kill a Serpentes (get the killing blow).
There are many like it, but this one is mine
Craft a Rifle.
Let's begin
Craft a Pistol.
Up close and personal
Craft a Shotgun.
They'll never see it coming
Craft a Sniper.
Burn the Planet down
Kill a Scuttler (get the killing blow).
Certainly not a Dinosaur
Kill a Mantis (get the killing blow).
Ye, there is gravity
Die from falling damage.
I like big bases and I cannot lie
Fully upgrade a building.
Completely fill your Oxygen gauge using the Oxygen Pipeline (Not canisters).
Respawn at a Cloning Chamber.
O, that's what it is
Authenticate a Schematic.
Apprentice Architect
Learn all Tier 1 Building recipes.
Journeyman Architect
Learn all Tier 2 Building recipes.
Master Architect
Learn all Tier 3 Building recipes.
Apprentice Artisan
Learn all Tier 1 Crafting recipes.
Journeyman Artisan
Learn all Tier 2 Crafting recipes.
Master Artisan
Learn all Tier 3 Crafting recipes.
They're Minerals!
Harvest 1000 resources using mining and salvaging tools.
Big Spender
Earn 3000 Survival points.
Treat Yourself
Spend 5000 Survival points.
Fully restored, I remember now
Complete the entire skilltree progression.
Now you see it, now you don't
Kill 100 Mantis.
No more Jumping for you
Kill 100 Scuttlers.
Those Pesky Sand Snakes
Kill 100 Serpentes.
Look up!
Kill a Scuttler while it is clinging to a surface.
All your Flops belong to me
Receive all possible FLOPs from a PvP event.
Shimmer shimmer chicken dinner
Kill a Mantis while it's invisible.
Going in Style
Customize the appearance of your suit.
Tacticool Advantage
Attach a module to a weapon.
Geared Up
Have a piece of armor in every slot.
What goes up must come down
Kill a Drone.
Kill a Serpentes while it is executing its jump attack.
Let there be night!
Disable the searchlight of a Drone.
Spray and Pray
Craft a Submachine Gun.
For the greater good
Spend FLOPs to upgrade a building.
Heavy Metal Meltdown
Kill a Juggernaut.
Can We Fix It?
Build up a structure.
The Final Countdown
Launch a Memory Capsule.
A Rude Awakening
Complete the Wake-Up Call protocols.
I Turned Into A Martian
Equip all components of the Exosuit.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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