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Close X FAQ/Strategy Guide
by CityBuilderAK47

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by CityBuilderAK47

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 09/19/19

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Theme Hospital vs. Two Point Hospital
    2. Additional Resources
    3. Where Your Save Files Are Stored
    4. Updates / Additional Content
  2. Before You Build: What Makes An Effective Layout?
    1. 11 Tips for Hospital Success
    2. The Patient Process
    3. Patient Happiness
    4. The 9 General Rules of Hospital Layout
    5. Kudosh & Recommend Items
  3. Before You Build: Staffing
    1. Staff Happiness & Staff Threats
    2. Doctor Skills
    3. Nurse Skills
    4. Assistant Skills
    5. Janitor Skills
    6. Common Skills
    7. Staff Traits
    8. Staff Attire
  4. Countryside Region
    1. Level 1: Hogsport
    2. Level 2: Lower Bullocks
    3. Level 3: Flottering
  5. Cold Region
    1. Level 4: Mitton University
    2. Level 5: Tumble
    3. Level 6: Flemington
    4. Level 6: Flemington - Case Study - 2 Stars to 3 Stars
    5. Level 6: Flemington - 3-Star Winning Layout
  6. Industrial Region
    1. Level 7: Smogley
    2. Level 7: Smogley - Case Study - From Failing 1 Star to Succesful 3 Star
    3. Level 7: Smogley - 3 Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 8: Melt Downs
    5. Level 8: Melt Downs - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 9: Duckworth-Upon-Bilge
    7. Level 9: Duckworth-upon-Bilge - 3-Star Winning Layout
  7. Tropical Region
    1. Level 10: Sweaty Palms
    2. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - Case Study - A Failing Hospital (When to Give Up)
    3. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - 3-Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 11: Grockle Bay
    5. Level 11: Grockle Bay - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 12: Blighton
    7. Level 12: Blighton - 3-Star Winning Layout
  8. Urban Region
    1. Level 13: Rotting Hill
    2. Level 13: Rotting Hill - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. Level 14: Pelican Wharf
    4. Level 14: Pelican Wharf - 3-Star Winning Layout
    5. Level 15: Croquembouche
    6. Level 15: Croquembouche - 3-Star Winning Layout
  9. Sandbox
  10. Interior Designer
  11. (Snowfall) Pointy Mountain Region
    1. (Snowfall) Level 16: Underlook Hotel
    2. (Snowfall) Level 17: Swelbard
    3. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle
    4. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle - 3-Star Layout
    5. (Snowfall) New Items
    6. (Snowfall) New Rooms
    7. (Snowfall) New Illnesses
    8. (Snowfall) Other New Things
  12. (Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region
    1. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef
    2. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. (Pebberley Island) Level 20: Overgrowth
    4. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain
    5. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain - Case Study - Working Successfully with Waves
    6. (Pebberley Island) New Items
    7. (Pebberley Island) New Rooms
    8. (Pebberley Island) New Illnesses
  13. (Close Encounters) Desert Region
    1. (Close Encounters) - Level 22: Goldpan
    2. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls
    3. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls - Anatomy of a 3-Star Wave-Smashing Hospital
    4. (Close Encounters) - Level 24: Chasm 24
    5. (Close Encounters) - New Items
    6. (Close Encounters) - New Rooms
    7. (Close Encounters) - New Illnesses
  14. (Superbug Initiative) - The Superbug Initiative
    1. (Superbug Initiative) - Research Projects
    2. (Superbug Initiative) - Project-Unlocked Items
  15. Building a Better Hospital
    1. GP Queues
    2. Hospital Level Snowballing
    3. Expansion Strategy
    4. Examples in Efficiency
    5. Room Prestige
    6. The Great Patient Purge
  16. Training
  17. Marketing
  18. Common 2-Star Challenges
    1. Money Troubles
  19. Common 3-Star Challenges
    1. You want HOW Much in Hospital Value?
    2. Attractiveness Rating
    3. Bump that Cure Rate Up!
    4. Staff Morale? Are You Kidding Me?
  20. Staff Challenges
  21. Illnesses
    1. List of Illnesses
    2. Chance of Cure
    3. Rogue Monobrows
  22. Epidemics
  23. Emergencies
  24. Disasters
  25. Rooms
  26. Item Listing
    1. Kudosh Item Listing
    2. (Special) Item Listing
    3. (Retro Items Pack) DLC Item Listing
  27. Research Projects
  28. VIP Visits
  29. End of Year Awards
  30. Steam Achievement Guide
  31. Two Point Humor
  32. Contact the Author
    1. Legal Bla Bla Bla

(Superbug Initiative) - The Superbug Initiative

(Superbug Initiative) - Research Projects

There are two types of projects you can participate in: global projects, which you are automatically added to and involve hundreds of players, and team projects, which are invitation-based projects that a group of 2-5 players can attempt simultaneously. These are cooperative endeavors, although you can still access competition via the Challenges panel between the career goals and Superbug goals on your top right screen. Details on the reward objects can be found on The Unlocked Items page. The goals will vary from challenge to challenge. The same challenge will roll random goals each time. These can include:

  • Cure 5 Psychiatry Patients
  • Cure 5 Cubism Patients
  • Cure 10 Patients
  • Earn $200,000/$300,000/$400,000 in 90 days
  • Train 3 Staff
  • Train 3 Assistants
  • Train a Doctor
  • Research 1000 Research Points
  • Collect 3 Ghosts

Global Projects
These are massive projects intended to be carried out by hundreds of players across the world. These will have a time limit, but even contributing a little bit will unlock you the net gains of all players. While Two Point Studios has said they're working on a way for players late to the game to unlock these previous objects, as of writing there's really no way to obtain them.

The Gyro-Nut
Time Available: April 16-23, 2019 (beta); April 30,2019-May 30, 2019
Description: Collaborate with every organisation in the Superbug Network to find applications for the Gyro-Nut and advance Two Point County's medical technology.

Brain Chair
Giggle Pump
Radiation Box
Giant Pipette

Meditations on Mortality
Time Available: June 3, 2019 - July 2019
Description: Inspire Zara Fitzpocket (really Two Point Studios? You can do better than this!)

Invitation Letter Description: Two Point County's least unknown artist, Zara Fitzpocket, is looking to break out of a creative rut by "collaborating with the Superbug Network". We were confused at first too, don't worry, but it seems like she just wants us to complete some medical tasks to inform and inspire a series of works she's calling "Meditations on Mortality".

Random Factoid: Since the UK Health Service, NHS, likes to use the word "invite" for such exciting events as cancer screenings, I will start calling the letters informing you of new tasks as invitation letters.

Rewards: Golden Gubbins, Thumbs-Up Duck

Creature Comfort
Time Available: August 29, 2019 - present (ongoing)
Description: Complete research objectives to conclude which animals would be beneficial, and suitable, to introduce into a medical environment.

Rewards: Aquatic Sphere, ???, ???

Team Projects
These are smaller projects intended to be carried out between a group of 2-5 players. You will require multiple players to do anything beyond Hair Removal.

Hair Removal
Time Available: April 16, 2019 (beta) - present (ongoing)
Description: Bungle thinks that unwanted, animated hair should be a thing of the past. Collect data on the shaggy floor-worm, the pesky Monobeast! - and help develop a more modern, painless disposal method.

This project can be completed alone, but progress may be faster with contributions from another healthcare organisation.

Rewards: Browbeater Object, K100

Love Sick
Time Available: April 16, 2019 (beta) - present (ongoing)
Description: Health Inspector Henry Jobsworth has penned an open letter in the Two Point Squabbler: "I believe that we may be misdiagnosing the condition known as "Love". Long believed to originate organically and incorporeally, it may, in fact, be an illness. If this proves to be the case, all previous health inspections would be null and void, and all healthcare would be required to stop, immediately, to allow for new inspections.

It's not as urgent as Henry makes it sound, as fortunately/unfortunately no one really listens to Mr Jobsworth at the ministry, but it's an interesting line of inquiry and it would really calm him down if we reached a conclusion on the matter. You'll need at least one other organisation to conduct this research.

Rewards: Love Statue, K200

Dead Weight
Time Available: April 16, 2019 (beta) - present (ongoing)
Description: The fine people at Bungle believe that Two Point County is leaving one of its largest resources untapped: the deceased population. They began toying with ways of putting the perished to work, but all plans were shelved. Help resurrect their plans, and the usefulness of our ancestors, to make the most of your organisation's less fortunate former patients.

It looks like this amount of work would be better suited for a few organisations.

Rewards: Ectovat, K300

Cheese on the Chalkboard
Time Available: April 16, 2019 (beta) - present (ongoing)
Description: The big cheese at Cheesy Gubbins want to run the most comprehensive study in the history of cheese "to understand the sacred balance between man and cheese, for the betterment of all Two Point County, and to dictate the future of the gubbin".

They require substantial research into the constitution of the Pointian, as well as how it responds to, and how its been shaped by, cheese. Who'd have thought there was so much to know about cheese? ... The people at Cheesy Gubbins, I guess.

Rewards: Golden Gubbins, K400

Learning Machine Learning
Time Available: April 16, 2019 (beta) - present (ongoing)
Description: The story goes that one night, late at Bungle HQ, Sophie Nova had a sequence of words flow through her and onto her Bureaucats notepad: "machines what think if could". She was convinced that there was a significant idea in there somewhere, but couldn't decipher her own moment of inspiration. Several years and thousands of notepads later, the sequence would unscramble itself before her eyes: "what if machines could think"...

It's been Sophie's pet project ever since, but it's been nothing more than a pipedream, until now. A huge amount of varied data needs to be gathered in order to create artificial intelligence capable of working in healthcare.

Rewards: Deep Thing 1, Deep Thing 2, K500