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by CityBuilderAK47

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by CityBuilderAK47

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 09/19/19

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Theme Hospital vs. Two Point Hospital
    2. Additional Resources
    3. Where Your Save Files Are Stored
    4. Updates / Additional Content
  2. Before You Build: What Makes An Effective Layout?
    1. 11 Tips for Hospital Success
    2. The Patient Process
    3. Patient Happiness
    4. The 9 General Rules of Hospital Layout
    5. Kudosh & Recommend Items
  3. Before You Build: Staffing
    1. Staff Happiness & Staff Threats
    2. Doctor Skills
    3. Nurse Skills
    4. Assistant Skills
    5. Janitor Skills
    6. Common Skills
    7. Staff Traits
    8. Staff Attire
  4. Countryside Region
    1. Level 1: Hogsport
    2. Level 2: Lower Bullocks
    3. Level 3: Flottering
  5. Cold Region
    1. Level 4: Mitton University
    2. Level 5: Tumble
    3. Level 6: Flemington
    4. Level 6: Flemington - Case Study - 2 Stars to 3 Stars
    5. Level 6: Flemington - 3-Star Winning Layout
  6. Industrial Region
    1. Level 7: Smogley
    2. Level 7: Smogley - Case Study - From Failing 1 Star to Succesful 3 Star
    3. Level 7: Smogley - 3 Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 8: Melt Downs
    5. Level 8: Melt Downs - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 9: Duckworth-Upon-Bilge
    7. Level 9: Duckworth-upon-Bilge - 3-Star Winning Layout
  7. Tropical Region
    1. Level 10: Sweaty Palms
    2. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - Case Study - A Failing Hospital (When to Give Up)
    3. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - 3-Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 11: Grockle Bay
    5. Level 11: Grockle Bay - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 12: Blighton
    7. Level 12: Blighton - 3-Star Winning Layout
  8. Urban Region
    1. Level 13: Rotting Hill
    2. Level 13: Rotting Hill - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. Level 14: Pelican Wharf
    4. Level 14: Pelican Wharf - 3-Star Winning Layout
    5. Level 15: Croquembouche
    6. Level 15: Croquembouche - 3-Star Winning Layout
  9. Sandbox
  10. Interior Designer
  11. (Snowfall) Pointy Mountain Region
    1. (Snowfall) Level 16: Underlook Hotel
    2. (Snowfall) Level 17: Swelbard
    3. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle
    4. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle - 3-Star Layout
    5. (Snowfall) New Items
    6. (Snowfall) New Rooms
    7. (Snowfall) New Illnesses
    8. (Snowfall) Other New Things
  12. (Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region
    1. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef
    2. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. (Pebberley Island) Level 20: Overgrowth
    4. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain
    5. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain - Case Study - Working Successfully with Waves
    6. (Pebberley Island) New Items
    7. (Pebberley Island) New Rooms
    8. (Pebberley Island) New Illnesses
  13. (Close Encounters) Desert Region
    1. (Close Encounters) - Level 22: Goldpan
    2. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls
    3. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls - Anatomy of a 3-Star Wave-Smashing Hospital
    4. (Close Encounters) - Level 24: Chasm 24
    5. (Close Encounters) - New Items
    6. (Close Encounters) - New Rooms
    7. (Close Encounters) - New Illnesses
  14. (Superbug Initiative) - The Superbug Initiative
    1. (Superbug Initiative) - Research Projects
    2. (Superbug Initiative) - Project-Unlocked Items
  15. Building a Better Hospital
    1. GP Queues
    2. Hospital Level Snowballing
    3. Expansion Strategy
    4. Examples in Efficiency
    5. Room Prestige
    6. The Great Patient Purge
  16. Training
  17. Marketing
  18. Common 2-Star Challenges
    1. Money Troubles
  19. Common 3-Star Challenges
    1. You want HOW Much in Hospital Value?
    2. Attractiveness Rating
    3. Bump that Cure Rate Up!
    4. Staff Morale? Are You Kidding Me?
  20. Staff Challenges
  21. Illnesses
    1. List of Illnesses
    2. Chance of Cure
    3. Rogue Monobrows
  22. Epidemics
  23. Emergencies
  24. Disasters
  25. Rooms
  26. Item Listing
    1. Kudosh Item Listing
    2. (Special) Item Listing
    3. (Retro Items Pack) DLC Item Listing
  27. Research Projects
  28. VIP Visits
  29. End of Year Awards
  30. Steam Achievement Guide
  31. Two Point Humor
  32. Contact the Author
    1. Legal Bla Bla Bla

(Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region

(Pebberley Island) Level 20: Overgrowth

In-Game Description: Coexist with nature in an ancient, semi-sentient jungle.

Awards Available:
Rising Star, Employer of the Year, No Deaths, Best Teaching Hospital, Patients' Choice Award, Most Prestigious Hospital, Best Research Hospital, Hospital of the Year

Disasters Seen: Frog Storms, Solar Storms

Emergencies Seen: Psychiatry Emergencies (Psychiatry)

Online Challenges Available:
Value Challenge - Compete against other organisations to win the most valuable hospital award. (Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)
Cure Rate Challenge - Compete against other organisations to get the highest cure rate.(Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)
Research Challenge - Compete against other organisations to do the most research.(Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)

Unlocks in this level:
Rooms: Escape Room
New Illnesses: Budgie Struggler, Camel Toe, Limb Empathy, Neurological Imbalance, Wanderust,
All Illnesses Seen:
A-8-bitten, Animal Magnetism, Beach Wall, Budgie Struggler, Blank Look, Buccanear, Camel Toe, Cauliflower Ears, Desserted, False Tan, Football Crazy, Grey Anatomy, Heat Wave, Hermitism, Jellied Feels, Jest Infection, Jet Leg, Knobbly Knee, Lemon Soul, Lightheadedness, Limb Empathy, Limpette, Logic Problem, Loose Jowels, Neurological Imbalance, Oozmosis, Painapple, Pandemic, Placid Reflux, Sandy Crack, Shock Horror, Tooth Mutiny, Turtle Head, Trumidity, Vested Insects, Wanderust, Wild Spore
Most Frequently Seen Illnesses: Animal Magnetism, Hermitism, Oozmosis, Sandy Crack, Wanderust
New Levels: Topless Mountain
Star Rewards: Wanderust Poster (1 Star), Pink Bird Decor Object (1 Star), Egg Chair (2 Stars), Torch - Escape Room Decor Object (3 Stars)

Initial Blurb:
Welcome to Overgrowth. It's hard to believe, but a community used to live at the heart of this jungle before it got angry with them and, you know, 'over grew'. People who had lived here for millennia were forced to leave their home, and live down the road a bit.

The plants here are pretty judgemental, for vegetation, but might respond positively if you care for the people and restore balance to the area. When we arrived we found incomprehensible word and number sequences written into the bark of some of the trees. Try as we may, we just couldn't make any sense of "Cure 10 Patients", you should probably take a look. Good luck, and remember, the trees are watching!

New Game Concepts:
Dynamic Building
In this level, you are not confined to a building. You are free to build any room of any size however you'd like without the constraint of a hospital building, so long as it is within the larger boundary zone.

Pick Your Own Goals
(Kind of) - There are a total of 33 plots or so in this level in a hodge-podge layout. To unlock each plot, rather than the traditional buying it, you have to select the plot and activate its goal. Achieving the goal unlocks the plot without having to pay any money. You can have up to three goals going at any time. Some only start when you unlock it (Train 15 staff members), while others count from when the game has started (Build 2 Cafe or Build 7 GP's Office). This allows you to tailor the game a bit to how you like it, however, the goals start easy and get harder as you get further into the level. You do not need to unlock all the plots, just the majority, to get three stars.

Blank Layout:

Plot Objectives:

  • Plot 2 - Cure 10 Patients
  • Plot 3 - Earn $250,000
  • Plot 4 - Hospital Value of $500,000
  • Plot 5 - Thermal Comfort of 90%
  • Plot 6 - Complete 2 Marketing Campaigns
  • Plot 7 - Cure 50 Patients
  • Plot 8 - Upgrade 10 Machines
  • Plot 10 - Reputation of 85%
  • Plot 11 - Train 10 Staff
  • Plot 12 - Sacrifice 30 Patients (Have 30 Patients Die)
  • Plot 13 - Hospital Attractiveness of 75%
  • Plot 14 - Capture 12 Ghosts
  • Plot 15 - Hire 15 Doctors
  • Plot 16 - Generate 1000 Research Points
  • Plot 17 - Diagnose 30 Patients
  • Plot 18 - Build 7 GP's Offices
  • Plot 19 - Cure a Patient in Escape Room
  • Plot 23 - Promote 18 Staff
  • Plot 25 - Train 25 Staff
  • Plot 26 - Own 25 Plots
  • Plot 27 - Get Balance to $700,000
  • Plot 28 - Hospital Value of $2,000,000
  • Plot 29 - Promote 30 Staff
  • Plot 32 - Cure 10 Patients, Cure Rate of 80%
  • Plot 33 - Sweep up 60 bits of litter

Winning 3-Star Layout

In this level, well, you really have free range of how to build your hospital. It's really just a giant area sub-divided into smaller plots. This is the bottom half of the map.

And the top half of the map.

A closer look at the chaos. You'll see I instinctively cluster GPs' Offices, block like diagnosis rooms, and try to keep administrative areas further away.

Level Notes

  • By far the best level in the DLC, in my opinion. Very fun, a lot of attention to artwork, and the challenge of unlocking plots rather than buying them is a fun break from the monotony of awkwardly shaped hospital buildings. However, at first, you still have very awkwardly-sized plots to deal with, but it becomes much easier as you expand and get more plots. I never found the level to be impossible or nerve-wracking.
  • You have to manually start each challenge you want to attempt, and can only select up to 3 at a time. While the game does keep track of how many doctors you've hired, and certain kinds of rooms you built, it's on you to select goals. It's very possible you can unlock a goal as soon as you click on it if you've already met the criteria.
  • The level's signature room, the Escape Room, is pretty cool. Enjoy a deep breather on this level, because man, the next one, Topless Mountain, will be a huge pain, and it will definitely take you a long time clear it!

Star Goals

1 Star Hospital

  • Own 10 Plots (any combination)

Additional Rewards: $10,000, 100 Kudosh, Unlocks Topless Mountain, Wanderust Poster, Pink Bird Decor Object

2 Star Hospital

  • Own 18 Plots (any combination)

Additional Rewards: $20,000, 150 Kudosh, Egg Chair Object

3 Star Hospital

  • Own 25 Plots (any combination)