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by CityBuilderAK47

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by CityBuilderAK47

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 09/19/19

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Theme Hospital vs. Two Point Hospital
    2. Additional Resources
    3. Where Your Save Files Are Stored
    4. Updates / Additional Content
  2. Before You Build: What Makes An Effective Layout?
    1. 11 Tips for Hospital Success
    2. The Patient Process
    3. Patient Happiness
    4. The 9 General Rules of Hospital Layout
    5. Kudosh & Recommend Items
  3. Before You Build: Staffing
    1. Staff Happiness & Staff Threats
    2. Doctor Skills
    3. Nurse Skills
    4. Assistant Skills
    5. Janitor Skills
    6. Common Skills
    7. Staff Traits
    8. Staff Attire
  4. Countryside Region
    1. Level 1: Hogsport
    2. Level 2: Lower Bullocks
    3. Level 3: Flottering
  5. Cold Region
    1. Level 4: Mitton University
    2. Level 5: Tumble
    3. Level 6: Flemington
    4. Level 6: Flemington - Case Study - 2 Stars to 3 Stars
    5. Level 6: Flemington - 3-Star Winning Layout
  6. Industrial Region
    1. Level 7: Smogley
    2. Level 7: Smogley - Case Study - From Failing 1 Star to Succesful 3 Star
    3. Level 7: Smogley - 3 Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 8: Melt Downs
    5. Level 8: Melt Downs - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 9: Duckworth-Upon-Bilge
    7. Level 9: Duckworth-upon-Bilge - 3-Star Winning Layout
  7. Tropical Region
    1. Level 10: Sweaty Palms
    2. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - Case Study - A Failing Hospital (When to Give Up)
    3. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - 3-Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 11: Grockle Bay
    5. Level 11: Grockle Bay - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 12: Blighton
    7. Level 12: Blighton - 3-Star Winning Layout
  8. Urban Region
    1. Level 13: Rotting Hill
    2. Level 13: Rotting Hill - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. Level 14: Pelican Wharf
    4. Level 14: Pelican Wharf - 3-Star Winning Layout
    5. Level 15: Croquembouche
    6. Level 15: Croquembouche - 3-Star Winning Layout
  9. Sandbox
  10. Interior Designer
  11. (Snowfall) Pointy Mountain Region
    1. (Snowfall) Level 16: Underlook Hotel
    2. (Snowfall) Level 17: Swelbard
    3. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle
    4. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle - 3-Star Layout
    5. (Snowfall) New Items
    6. (Snowfall) New Rooms
    7. (Snowfall) New Illnesses
    8. (Snowfall) Other New Things
  12. (Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region
    1. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef
    2. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. (Pebberley Island) Level 20: Overgrowth
    4. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain
    5. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain - Case Study - Working Successfully with Waves
    6. (Pebberley Island) New Items
    7. (Pebberley Island) New Rooms
    8. (Pebberley Island) New Illnesses
  13. (Close Encounters) Desert Region
    1. (Close Encounters) - Level 22: Goldpan
    2. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls
    3. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls - Anatomy of a 3-Star Wave-Smashing Hospital
    4. (Close Encounters) - Level 24: Chasm 24
    5. (Close Encounters) - New Items
    6. (Close Encounters) - New Rooms
    7. (Close Encounters) - New Illnesses
  14. (Superbug Initiative) - The Superbug Initiative
    1. (Superbug Initiative) - Research Projects
    2. (Superbug Initiative) - Project-Unlocked Items
  15. Building a Better Hospital
    1. GP Queues
    2. Hospital Level Snowballing
    3. Expansion Strategy
    4. Examples in Efficiency
    5. Room Prestige
    6. The Great Patient Purge
  16. Training
  17. Marketing
  18. Common 2-Star Challenges
    1. Money Troubles
  19. Common 3-Star Challenges
    1. You want HOW Much in Hospital Value?
    2. Attractiveness Rating
    3. Bump that Cure Rate Up!
    4. Staff Morale? Are You Kidding Me?
  20. Staff Challenges
  21. Illnesses
    1. List of Illnesses
    2. Chance of Cure
    3. Rogue Monobrows
  22. Epidemics
  23. Emergencies
  24. Disasters
  25. Rooms
  26. Item Listing
    1. Kudosh Item Listing
    2. (Special) Item Listing
    3. (Retro Items Pack) DLC Item Listing
  27. Research Projects
  28. VIP Visits
  29. End of Year Awards
  30. Steam Achievement Guide
  31. Two Point Humor
  32. Contact the Author
    1. Legal Bla Bla Bla

(Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region

(Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef

* Accessing this map and the other Pebberley Island region maps requires that you have gotten at least 1 Star in Level 6, Flemington. *

In-Game Description:
The most densely populated area of the island is hot, sticky and prone to extreme weather.

Awards Available: Rising Star, Employer of the Year, No Deaths, Best Teaching Hospital, Patients' Choice Award, Most Prestigious Hospital, Best Research Hospital, Hospital of the Year

Disasters Seen: Frog Storms, Electrical Storms, Solar Storms, Water Tornadoes

Emergencies Seen: Psychiatry Emergencies (Psychiatry)

Online Challenges Available:
Cure Rate Challenge - Compete against other organisations to get the highest cure rate.(Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)
Training Challenge - Compete against other organisations to train the most employees.(Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)
Days Since Last Death Challenge - Compete against other organisations to go the longest time without a[sic] losing a patient. (Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)

Unlocks in this level:
Rooms: Indentification
New Illnesses: Beach Wall, Blank Look, Brain Farts, Buccanear, Cauliflower Ears, Desserted, False Tan, Fool's Mould, Football Crazy, Headcrabedness, Heat Wave, Hermitism, Jet Leg, Knobbly Knee, Lemon Soul, Limpette, Logic Problem, Loose Jowels, Oozmosis, Painapple, Placid Reflux, Sandy Crack, Tooth Mutiny, Trumidity, Vested Insects, Wild Spore
All Illnesses Seen:
8-bitten,Animal Magnetism, Beach Wall, Blank Look, Brain Farts, Buccanear, Cauliflower Ears, Desserted, False Tan, Fool's Mould, Football Crazy, Grey Anatomy, Headcrabedness, Heat Wave,Hermitism, Jest Infection, Jet Leg, Knobbly Knee, Lemon Soul,Litter Bug, Lightheadedness, Limpette, Logic Problem, Loose Jowels, Oozmosis, Painapple, Pandemic, Placid Reflux, Sandy Crack, Tooth Mutiny, Turtle Head, Trumidity, Vested Insects, Wild Spore
Most Frequently Seen Illnesses: Blank Look, Football Crazy, Hermitism, Jest Infection,Sandy Crack,
New Levels: Overgrowth
Star Rewards: Blank Look Poster (1 Star), Dolphountain (1 Star), Bottled Ship (2 Stars - Room Decor Object), Prototype Faces (3 Stars - Indentification Decor Object),

Starting Blurb:
Welcome to Pebberley Reef. Wigbery "Wiggy" Silverbottom has funded this hospital on the coast of Pebberley Island. Currently, we're not exactly what you would term 'official'. We'll need to clean the place up a bit before the island's medical authorities are willing to recognise this as a hospital and give us a medical licence.

Wiggy's using the hospital to make good on all those times he's offered someone a job without thinking it through' for some reason he though it'd be a good idea for them to work as our janitorial staff. We won't have access to a pool of highly trained medical janitors. Instead, we'll be able to hire other, random, totally inexperienced people. We'll need to get training, or maybe just hire loads of them, as Pebberley receives some of the most erratic and unique weather in the County.

New Game Concepts:
VIP Patients
Instead of the usual emergency, you'll have to make sure a special patient is bumped to the top of queues everywhere they go to ensure they get prompt treatment. Not that hard to do, but you'll definitely fail this challenge if you don't pay attention to them at all.

Frog Storms
The Biblical plague? Yes. The Biblical plague. A rainstorm of frogs rains down upon your hospital, leaving its in its place frogs that are not only litter, but also make people dizzy and vomit on sight. Cue the onslaught of vomit waves.

Solar Storms
Disasters which target areas of your hospital, can create Scorch Marks that need to be extinguished, and can even injure your patients to the point they are forced out of the hospital (They are shown rage quitting, only described as "Injured") - this can easily create a mass exodus of dozens of patients and destroy your cure rate. There really isn't much you can do about them, just be aware that they can do that.

Water Tornadoes
Disasters which spawn funnels that pop up randomly in the hospital and leave a decent amount of water that has to be mopped up for your janitors.

Blank Layout:

Winning 3-Star Layout

has its own page

Plots available:

Plot 2 (south of Plot 2) - Challenge: Cure 25 Patients
Plot 3 (west of Plot 1) - Challenge: Complete 4 Marketing Campaigns
Plot 4 (southwest of Plot 1) - Challenge: Diagnose 50 Patients
Plot 5 (east of Plot 5) - Challenge: Staff Morale of 85%
Plot 6 (south of Plot 5) - Cure Rate of 90%, Cure 15 Patients
Plot 7 (east of Plot 5) - Earn $500,000
Plot 8 (east of Plot 6) - Train 15 Staff
Plot 9 (south of Plot 6) - Generate 3000 Research Points
Plot 10 (south of Plot 2) - Expose 30 Aliens Infiltrators
Plot 11 (north of Plots 5 and 13) - ???
Plot 12 (north of Plot 1) - Cure 12 Patients with Flat-Packed
Plot 13 (north of Plot 5) - ???
Plot 14 (north of Plot 7) - ??

Level Notes

  • Hmm...starting levels with a whole lot of junk just seems to be a recurring challenge now. This level is fairly straightforward, but as hinted, you will definitely need to hire plenty of janitors, not just for the initial clean-up but also for a nonstop array of disasters, including the brand new solar storms and frog storms (yes, I'm serious. Frog storms.). As with other previous levels that hint about junk, janitors, and disasters, an army of Maintenance-qualified janitors will be necessary to do the job well and keep up with it all. And like other previous levels, absolutely all Janitors will start with no qualifications, so you must pick and choose the best traits and train them up yourself.
  • You will unlock this level's signature disease and cure room (Blank Face, cured by the Indentification Room) immediately once you have the Medical Licence.
  • The region's VIP, Wiggy Silverbottom, makes frequent appearances through the whole region. A good hospital showing will net you $5,000, 8 REP, and K10.
  • Cure Rate will once again be a factor, so make sure you're following the usual steps to make sure the number stays high (upgrading all machines, training staff to at least the third-level qualification that suits the room, etc.)
  • Keep in mind that the cool Carnivorous Plant will not actually eat your staff and patients, however, it's more than just a decorative object - staff will interact with it. It's a friendly fellow, actually. But it doesn't give any boost to stats and is a long animation, so just keep that in mind. (Thanks to Arnizipal for pointing this out)
  • Solar storms, one of the new disasters will set random tiles of your hospital on fire, so you'll want to be sure to keep fire extinguishers all over the corridors. The weather is pretty crazy in this level too!
  • Not much else to say, aside from the very frequent disasters this is another typical Two Point Hospital level.

Starting Goals

Medical Licence

  • Sweep up 100 bits of litter
  • Hire 3 Janitors

Unlock: Indentification Room

Star Goals

1 Star Hospital

  • Cure Rate of 70%
  • Train 12 Janitors
  • Cure 10 Patients with Blank Look
  • Water 40 Plants

Additional Rewards: $10,000, 100 Kudosh, Unlocks Overgrowth, Blank Look Poster, Dolphountain Object

2 Star Hospital

  • Cure Rate of 80%
  • Hire 12 Janitors
  • Hospital Attractiveness of 75%
  • Upgrade 15 Machines

Additional Rewards: $20,000, 150 Kudosh, Bottled Ship Object

3 Star Hospital

  • Cure Rate of 90%
  • Train 20 Jantiors
  • Sweep up 150 bits of litter
  • Hospital Value of $2,000,000

Additional Rewards: $30,000, 200 Kudosh, Prototypes Faces (Indentification Room Decor Object_