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by CityBuilderAK47

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by CityBuilderAK47

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 09/19/19

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Theme Hospital vs. Two Point Hospital
    2. Additional Resources
    3. Where Your Save Files Are Stored
    4. Updates / Additional Content
  2. Before You Build: What Makes An Effective Layout?
    1. 11 Tips for Hospital Success
    2. The Patient Process
    3. Patient Happiness
    4. The 9 General Rules of Hospital Layout
    5. Kudosh & Recommend Items
  3. Before You Build: Staffing
    1. Staff Happiness & Staff Threats
    2. Doctor Skills
    3. Nurse Skills
    4. Assistant Skills
    5. Janitor Skills
    6. Common Skills
    7. Staff Traits
    8. Staff Attire
  4. Countryside Region
    1. Level 1: Hogsport
    2. Level 2: Lower Bullocks
    3. Level 3: Flottering
  5. Cold Region
    1. Level 4: Mitton University
    2. Level 5: Tumble
    3. Level 6: Flemington
    4. Level 6: Flemington - Case Study - 2 Stars to 3 Stars
    5. Level 6: Flemington - 3-Star Winning Layout
  6. Industrial Region
    1. Level 7: Smogley
    2. Level 7: Smogley - Case Study - From Failing 1 Star to Succesful 3 Star
    3. Level 7: Smogley - 3 Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 8: Melt Downs
    5. Level 8: Melt Downs - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 9: Duckworth-Upon-Bilge
    7. Level 9: Duckworth-upon-Bilge - 3-Star Winning Layout
  7. Tropical Region
    1. Level 10: Sweaty Palms
    2. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - Case Study - A Failing Hospital (When to Give Up)
    3. Level 10: Sweaty Palms - 3-Star Winning Layout
    4. Level 11: Grockle Bay
    5. Level 11: Grockle Bay - 3-Star Winning Layout
    6. Level 12: Blighton
    7. Level 12: Blighton - 3-Star Winning Layout
  8. Urban Region
    1. Level 13: Rotting Hill
    2. Level 13: Rotting Hill - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. Level 14: Pelican Wharf
    4. Level 14: Pelican Wharf - 3-Star Winning Layout
    5. Level 15: Croquembouche
    6. Level 15: Croquembouche - 3-Star Winning Layout
  9. Sandbox
  10. Interior Designer
  11. (Snowfall) Pointy Mountain Region
    1. (Snowfall) Level 16: Underlook Hotel
    2. (Snowfall) Level 17: Swelbard
    3. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle
    4. (Snowfall) Level 18: Roquefort Castle - 3-Star Layout
    5. (Snowfall) New Items
    6. (Snowfall) New Rooms
    7. (Snowfall) New Illnesses
    8. (Snowfall) Other New Things
  12. (Pebberley Island) Pebberley Island Region
    1. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef
    2. (Pebberley Island) Level 19: Pebberley Reef - 3-Star Winning Layout
    3. (Pebberley Island) Level 20: Overgrowth
    4. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain
    5. (Pebberley Island) Level 21: Topless Mountain - Case Study - Working Successfully with Waves
    6. (Pebberley Island) New Items
    7. (Pebberley Island) New Rooms
    8. (Pebberley Island) New Illnesses
  13. (Close Encounters) Desert Region
    1. (Close Encounters) - Level 22: Goldpan
    2. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls
    3. (Close Encounters) - Level 23: Camouflage Falls - Anatomy of a 3-Star Wave-Smashing Hospital
    4. (Close Encounters) - Level 24: Chasm 24
    5. (Close Encounters) - New Items
    6. (Close Encounters) - New Rooms
    7. (Close Encounters) - New Illnesses
  14. (Superbug Initiative) - The Superbug Initiative
    1. (Superbug Initiative) - Research Projects
    2. (Superbug Initiative) - Project-Unlocked Items
  15. Building a Better Hospital
    1. GP Queues
    2. Hospital Level Snowballing
    3. Expansion Strategy
    4. Examples in Efficiency
    5. Room Prestige
    6. The Great Patient Purge
  16. Training
  17. Marketing
  18. Common 2-Star Challenges
    1. Money Troubles
  19. Common 3-Star Challenges
    1. You want HOW Much in Hospital Value?
    2. Attractiveness Rating
    3. Bump that Cure Rate Up!
    4. Staff Morale? Are You Kidding Me?
  20. Staff Challenges
  21. Illnesses
    1. List of Illnesses
    2. Chance of Cure
    3. Rogue Monobrows
  22. Epidemics
  23. Emergencies
  24. Disasters
  25. Rooms
  26. Item Listing
    1. Kudosh Item Listing
    2. (Special) Item Listing
    3. (Retro Items Pack) DLC Item Listing
  27. Research Projects
  28. VIP Visits
  29. End of Year Awards
  30. Steam Achievement Guide
  31. Two Point Humor
  32. Contact the Author
    1. Legal Bla Bla Bla

Countryside Region

Level 3: Flottering

In-Game Description: Learn about staff development and training

Awards Available:
Doctor of the Year, Nurse of the Year, Janitor of the Year, Assistant of the Year, Employer of the Year, No Deaths, Most Prestigious Hospital, Patients' Choice Award

Disasters Seen:
Disasters do not appear in the Countryside region.

Online Challenges Available:

Training Challenge - Compete against other organisations to train the most staff (Length: 180 days, Reward:K20)
Promotion Challenge - Compete against other organisations to promote the most staff (Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)
Cure Challenge - Compete against other organisations to cure the most patients (Length: 180 days, Reward: K20)

Unlocks in this level:
Rooms: Training Room, Clown Clinic
New Illnesses: Jest Infection, Mime Crisis, Lycanthropy,
Illnesses Seen:
Bed Face, Boggled Mind, Freudian Lips, Jest Infection, Lycanthropy, Mime Crisis, Misery Guts, Mock Star, Monobrow, Pandemic, Verbal Diarrhoea
Most Frequently Seen Illnesses: Bed Face, Jest Infection, Monobrow, Pandemic, Verbal Diarrhoea
Additional Levels Unlocked after Getting 1 Star:
Mitton University, Tumble
Star Rewards: Reception Room (1 Star), Clown Poster (1 Star), Dehumorifier II (2 Stars), Heart Racer II (2 Stars), Dehumorifier III (3 Stars), Heart Racer III (3 Stars)

Blank Layout:

Plots for Sale:

Plot 2 (Northeast of Plot 1 with manor) - $50,000, Days to Build: 16, Plot Size: 1032 m2
Plot 3 (Playground west of Plot 1) - $40,000, Days to Build: 16, Plot Size: 808 m2
Plot 4 (Rowhomes East of Plot 1) - $30,000, Days to Build: 16, Plot Size: 608 m2
Plot 5 (Park area northwest of Plot 1) - $50,000, Days to Build: 16, Plot Size: 1056 m2

My Layout (Current 3-Star Winning Level)

Level Notes
- As with the previous level, it's worth sticking around to play this level out rather than rushing ahead to the next region (although it's very tempting).

- Pay attention to the training section and be sure to read up extra on it here.

- I have to admit that Jest Infection (the clown disease), is by far one of my favorites of the game. The Clown Clinic also is one of the few rooms to have decorative extra objects you can buy with Kudosh.

- You'll get some emergencies too in this level. I remember Ward patients being frequent as well as the occasional "Circus Incident" (lol). For the Ward emergencies, be sure to have some of your nurses trained in Ward Management! Also, if you have the space, it won't hurt to build another Ward. I've found in general that 2-3 nurses to about 8-10 beds is about the most efficient size. However, you probably won't need that many this early in the game.

- With a relatively high amount of Monobrow patients, this is a good level to shoot Monobeasts, so go ahead and give it a try here. You can even go for a Steam achievement if you manage to shoot 10 in a row.

Starting Goals

Staff Development
To get the most out of our staff, we'll need to train and promote them. When someone has gained enough experience on the job, and had some training, they will be ready for promotion. By promoting them, their skills increase and they are able to learn a new qualification. They might also want a pay rise.

Firstly though, we'll need a training licence. The Two Point Health Ministry has promised to grant us a license if we can demonstrate our commitment to staff well being here in Flottering.


  • Get Hospital Level to 4
  • Hire 7 Staff
  • Staff Morale of 55%

Unlock: Training Licence/Training Room
When Complete: "Great news, the Two Point Health Ministry has granted us a training licence! This will allow us to train staff in all of our hospitals.

Building a Training Room allows you to run a training course. Staff with a free training slot can go on a course to learn a new qualification."

"Flottering has had a bit of a problem recently...clowns. They're everywhere! Apparently they keep escaping from the travelling circus. Their high jinks can be a real nuisance. We'll need some new equipment to deal with them.

The Orb Foundation have a patented method for recalibrating the minds of clowns, supporting their rehabilitation back into society. They have offered to supply us with the necessary equipment, if we can demonstrate our ability to 'mould' our own staff. Sounds a bit sinister to me, but who am I to judge?"


  • Train a Staff member (1)

Unlock: Clown Clinic

To start a training course, click on the lectern, or drop a suitable member of staff into the room. Staff will also request training when they're ready.

In the training screen, select the qualification you want to learn, assign a trainer, and select the staff you wish to send on this course. When you're ready, click the start button.

When picking a trainer, you can use your own staff, choosing one of their qualifications to teach. Or you can pay extra to bring in a guest trainer."

Star Goals
1 Star Hospital

  • Train 3 Staff
  • Promote 3 Staff

Additional Rewards: $10,000, 100 Kudosh

2 Star Hospital

  • Train 6 Staff
  • Promote 6 Staff
  • Get Hospital Level to 9

Additional Rewards: $20,000, 150 Kudosh

3 Star Hospital

  • Train 10 Staff
  • Promote 10 Staff

Additional Rewards: $30,000, 200 Kudosh

  • Get Hospital Level to 12
  • Staff Morale of 75%