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Guide and Walkthrough by A I e x

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/21/2011
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This guide is written with the sole intent of being as complete and thorough a walkthrough as possible. Everything you need to know to get through the game, find all the secrets, and pound every boss along the way is in here. What the guide does not include is full appendices and lists for every item and character. For all that information, you can consult either GameFAQs.com, or my personal favourite:


Starting a New Game

How you choose to design your character makes very little difference, it is simply a template for the kind of character you wish to build. You should focus only on the stats of the initial build, the names of the "classes" are irrelevant. I also suggest you choose the "Master Key" as your starting item, each other item can be found fairly easily in the game, and the Master Key will grant you early access to some interesting areas.

Now before you begin, how about a few points I wish I had known when I started a new game?

  • You can slide down ladders with the roll/dodge button
  • Almost any attack in this game can be blocked with enough stamina and a good enough shield
  • You can riposte enemy attacks with the secondary left trigger and counter, you can also perform powerful backstabs from behind
  • Upgrade your weapon as soon as you find a blacksmith, the benefits will be far more noticable than gaining a level or two
  • Learn magic or pyromancy regardless of what kind of character you play, there are spells that greatly benefit melee players too
  • Do not use Fire Keeper Souls from your inventory! Give them to a Fire Keeper.
  • You can summon player and NPC phantoms to help with bosses while in human form, but you also risk being invaded by other players in that form
  • Kindle fires often, especially ones you revisit. Huamnities are not difficult to get in large numbers if you really try, don't hesitate to use them.
  • Whenever you have enough souls to level, use them, unless you know for sure you are saving up for something else
  • Whenever you die on the way back to your bloodstain and lose hours and hours of progress, just take a deep breath, eject the game disc, and toss it into the nearest incinerator.

Now let's get to it.

Dungeon Cell KeyEstus Flask
Undead Asylum F2 East KeyBig Pilgrim's Key
Soul of a Lost Undead

When the game begins you'll find yourself inside of a locked cell. Pick up the DUNGEON CELL KEY and exit. If you're a beginner to the game I'd recommend reading each of the messages you pass written on the floor, these contain valuable tips to help you get used to the game. Follow the hallway around to a ladder and lib it. At the top you'll reach the first bonfire. Bonfires act as checkpoints where you can level up and restore your health flask, among other things. Doing so will respawn all non-boss enemies however.

Proceed through the door and you will encounter the first boss the Asylum Demon. At this point you are ill-equipped to fight him, so when he drops out of the sky quickly run left through the small door. Another bonfire waits in here.

In the next hallway you'll encounter your first enemy, as well as find a weapon and shield which are different depending on your starting class. Quickly pick up and equip these before eliminating the undead archer, then proceed through the fog.

Around the next corner, make a right and you'll come to asset of stairs. As you go up, be ready to roll off to the right as a large metal ball is pushed down toward you. This ball which crash open a hole in the wall to reveal an injured soldier who will produce you with both your ESTUS FLASK (your reusable healing flask)and the UNDEAD ASYLUM F2 EAST KEY. Now go down the stairs outside and unlock the shortcut leading back to the first bonfire, it may be a good idea to stop and rest.

Head back up the stairs and through the door. If you're a mage you'll find a catalyst here, which is a type of weapon that allows you to cast your magic. You can equip it in the same hand as your melee weapon and switch on the fly with the D pad. Around the corner you'll find a room with a locked door you cannot access yet, and another wall of fog leading back to the boss.

BOSS: Asylum Demon

You will begin the fight on a ledge above the boss. As soon as you do, equip your melee weapon and quickly drop off, pressing the light attack button in midair. If done correctly you will land a special attack on the boss for quite a lot of damage. If you are too slow he will destroy the ledge you are standing on (likely with you along with it).

Now that you've made a solid dent in his health, you have two options. You can run back up top and perform the manoeuvre again, or you can fight him at ground level. Once you get the hang of his attacks you'll realize the majority of them are aimed ahead of him, so for melee characters simply stay close, and continue running around behind him to make 2-handed attacks on his backside.

The attack you'll need to watch out for in this case is his jumping attack. When he lifts up into the air, simply roll back and keep your distance until he is on the ground again, this should allow you to avoid being hit, then you can move in to repeat the above.

For magic users, simply keep as much distances you can and spam your default spell. His attacks have limited range, so as long as you continue to circle the outside while you cast, you should have no trouble.

For defeating the boss you receive the BIG PILGRIM'S KEY.

Use the key on the large door in this room and make your way out. As you go up the stairs, you'll find a hidden path on your left leading down to a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. These items stay in your inventory even after death, and can be redeemed for souls anytime, you will find them very valuable.

At the top of the stairs, there is a cutscene, and the game begins.

HumanityFirebomb (x6)
Soul of a Lost UndeadHomeward Bone (x6)
TalismanMorning Star
Cracked Red Eye Orb (x4)Lloyd's Talisman (x4)
Soul of a Lost UndeadSoul of a Lost Undead
Large Should of a Lost UndeadLarge Soul of a Lost Undead
Caduceus Round ShieldSoul of a Nameless Soldier
Transient Curse (x2)Estoc
Fire Keeper SoulSoul of a Lost Undead
Ring of SacrificeSoul of a Lost Undead
Soul of a Lost Undead

Between the boss and the Soul of a Lost Undead, you should have just enough souls for two levels when you rest at the bonfire here. Each level requires more souls than the previous one. Souls can be lost upon death, but once you've levelled up you cannot lost what you've gained, so always be careful about carrying around too many souls at once.

The stats you upgrade should depend on the kind of character you want to play. Look elsewhere in this guide for examples and suggestions for how to build a character and distribute your stats.

Immediately behind you on the corpse on the well you'll find a HUMANITY. These items have multiple uses through the game, though at this point its best held onto. Start by heading up the stairs toward the ruins and staying to the right side. Through a couple doors you'll find a corpse with FIREBOMB (x6) on it. Back a little and through the next door over you'll meet a man who gives you a COPPER COIN. He also asks you to join a covenant, a concept which is explained in more detail elsewhere in this guide. For now the best advice is that joining covenants can have some nice rewards, and there is no punishment for leaving, so it is advisable to join each new covenant you find until you have a reason to stick with one. Once you have joined his covenant you can purchase miracles from him, useful for faith-based characters.

You can also learn a "gesture" from this man which can be performed by hitting the select button. Their use is primarily restricted for online play.

Climb up to the top of the stairs behind the man to find another SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Go halfway back down the stairs and to the right to find two small doors. Fall down either of them and go through the hall where you will drop down in front of a number of chests containing HOMEWARD BONE (x6), TALISMAN, MORNING STAR, and CRACKED RED EYE ORB (x4). The path out of here also leads to a chest with LLOYD'S TALISMAN (x4).

When you drop down you will most likely aggro a few skeletons, these enemies are likely a bit too difficult to face at this point in the game. To lose their pursuit simply run left and follow the path through the ruins toward the bonfire. Resting there will reset the enemies.

From the bonfire, head up the stairs toward the ruins again into the large room with the water. Take the left exit and make a sharp left again, around a thin path along the cliff here leads to a corpse behind the wall and a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Turn around and go back to the door. There is a set of stairs leading up above the water room that takes you around the other side to another SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD.

Now a bit of optional loot if you want. You can try and go through the entire graveyard if you wish, but I'll just mention the easy stuff for now. As you enter the graveyard, if you drop down on your left you'll find a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Keep running down the path to another item, a second LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. From here, make a sharp left and around this corner near the cliff surrounded by graves is a CADUCEUS ROUND SHIELD which provides good defines against magic attacks. This is all I suggest for now, but if you wish you can keep exploring, though there's nothing too exciting to find here. I'll cover the rest of it when we return later in the guide.

Back at the starting bonfire, the undead souls should give your more than enough for one more level before we head out to the first area. Before we do however, there is one more optional bonus that I highly recommend you collect:

Optional: Before you even start into the first dungeon you have a fairly easy opportunity to upgrade the power of your Estus Flask. There is a set of stairs leading down a few steps away from the bonfire behind the tree. Follow these stairs down, down, down to an elevator which goes even further down. Exit this elevator and go left. Drop down to find a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Keep hugging the left side down a couple more sets of stairs. Just before you reach the thin bridge over the water you can turn around to find a large urn with a corpse in it. Break it open to get TRANSIENT CURSE (x2), and further behind that is a corpse with an ESTOC on it. (Save the Transient Curses for later in the game, to use them now would be a waste).

Now, as for the secret, all you need to do is run across the two bridges here. On the other side you'll encounter some ghosts which you can't even damage at this point. Just run/roll by them while holding your shield. Your goal is to make an immediate right when you come off the second bridge and follow the stone wall around the corner. When the wall ends, do almost a full U turn and head back along the wall on the other side. It's difficult to see, but this is a very thin rock path, so run very straight and ignore the ghosts that pop up. If you make it to the glowing white item on the other side you will find a FIRE KEEPER SOUL, this is what you've been looking for (whatever you do DO NOT USE IT YET).

Making it back is more difficult than making it here. If you don't have too many souls I suggest you don't bother trying to come back if you die. The item is all you need.

Now that you have the Fire Keeper Soul, simply go down the stairs near the bonfire again. At the bottom of the first set of stairs there is a small cage built into the wall with a woman who will not speak, but she will use the Fire Keeper Soul to upgrade your flask for you. You will find this is a very handy upgrade to have so early.

Now you're ready to begin! From the bonfire head up past the well and up a large set of stairs. This area is populated by enemies. Once you've defeated them you can collect the SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD from the corpse on the cliff. Now, just before you go up the last set of stairs there is a small grassy ledge that leads around the opposite side of the pillar. You can actually drop down from here onto the stone support of the bridge below and run across to that shiny object in the distance which turns out to be a RING OF SACRIFICE. Back at the other end you can jump back to safety.

The last thing to do is climb all the way to the top of the stairs. Here you'll find another SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Through the door and left, past a diseased rat, is another SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. You can't open the gate at the other end, so proceed through the other door to reach the Undead Burg.

Large Soul of a Lost UndeadSoul of a Lost Undead
Soul of a Lost UndeadResidence Key
Throwing Knife (x10)Wooden Shield
Black Firebomb (x5)Soul of a Lost Undead
Gold Pine Resin (x3)Blue Tearstone Ring
Titanite Chunk

At the top of the stairs as you enter you'll notice a number of barrels. Destroy the barrels to the right of the small steps to reveal a hole in the wall where you can drop down onto a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Drop down from here, kill the enemies, and you'll notice a door into the building you just dropped down from. Check inside to find a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Go back down the stairs and around the only path you can take. After beating up some zombies collect the RUBBISH and go up the ladder. At the top there's a corpse with another HUMANITY and a hole in the wall leading back to the entrance.

Head toward the door with the fog and go through it. Below the stairs in this room is a SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Go up the stairs and out the door, but move slowly, and do run out too far (you'll see why). Continue across the bridge and up the stairs ahead of you to reach a bonfire on your right. Level up as you see fit, but I recommend you save 1000 souls. You'll see why in a few seconds.

Continue across the bridge and to the right. Kill a couple of shield wielding enemies here and then break all the boxes on the left side to reveal a hidden staircase. Kill any enemies you find downstairs, then go out the closest door to the bottom of the stairs to find the game's first merchant. The one item I recommend you buy is the RESIDENCE KEY, you should be able to afford it by using a few of those Souls of Lost Undead. The Master Key will work on some doors, but there's at least one you can only open with this key. The Repairbox is also handy, but it's easier to afford later when you'll need it more.

(Also note that once you have the Residence Key, you don't really need this guy for anything else, so if you don't care about losing him forever, you can kill him to get an Uchigatana, a DEX scaling weapon and one of the most powerful katanas in the game. Also, if you want to try and get the Drake Sword early, you may want to purchase a Short Bow and arrows here).

Now descend the stairs in the previous room and go up the big ladder to find THROWING KNIFE (x10). Drop back down from here to a familiar area and head forward. Before you go up the stairs, open the door on the right to reach a WOODEN SHIELD. Now return to the bonfire and rest.

From the bonfire, run quickly across the bridge to avoid firebombs falling from above. Ignore the locked door and go outside to find a doorway and a set of stairs going up. Go through the door to reach a room with a treasure chest containing BLACK FIREBOMB (x5). Now leave and go up the stairs. After killing the enemies climb the ladder behind you to reach ha SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Back down again there's a door here that can only be opened with the Residence Key or Master Key. It leads to a chest containing GOLD PINE RESIN (x3). Now go back out the door you came in.

Climb the tower here and eliminate the annoying archer. Down the stairs from the tower are three relatively power undead, you'll want to be careful and take your time with them. Down a set of stairs from here is a MUCH more powerful enemy, totally optional and I wouldn't suggest fighting him unless you're experienced or well geared. If you do take him on, good blocking/dodging skills are essential, and may want to lure him up the stairs to a more open area. One idea is to try throwing Firebombs after moving backward to avoid an attack so that he's vulnerable. If killing him doesn't seem like an option to you, you can always lure him out and run behind him. The knight will usually drop a Titanite Chunk and/or a Black Knight Sword. Behind where he was standing you'll find the BLUE TEARSTONE RING which increases DEF when you have low health.

Be cautious before continuing upstairs, there's another undead soldier waiting to toss a flaming barrel at you. Dodge it, and continue up. Through the door ahead of you (which you can open with the Master Key) is a much more difficult knight than the one you just faced, and it leads down into a new area which again, will be too difficult for you at this point. I won't cover fighting the knight now, only to say that again the best strategy is to bide your time and get behind him for timed backstabs. He drops a ring that increases equip load I believe, which is handy.

Anyway, head up the spiral stairs to the top. Roll through the barrels and if you're lucky you may free a crystal lizard, which you must catch and kill quickly before it disappears. If you do, the lizard will always drop some kind of Titanite. When you are ready for a the boss, go through the fog.


Before the boss even appears, climb the ladder on your right and eliminate the two enemies up top. Remember where this ladder is because it will be very useful during this fight. When you are ready to begin, climb down and run toward the opposite end. Get ready to turn around and return the second you see the boss' health bar.

Make sure you have your melee weapon equipped and climb up the ladder. Turn around immediately, and if you see the boss below waiting for you, run off the edge and hit the light attack button! Same strategy you used for the first boss, if you do it right, you'll land right on his head and do massive damage. Now here's where it gets tricky:

You can do one of two things, you can keep fighting him now or try and turn around and do the same thing again. Remember that when you get up the ladder you have to be quick about your drop attack, more than 10 seconds and he'll jump right up there with you.

For a melee character keep rolling around behind him and hitting him with 2H swings. When you see him reach back with an attack, you want to dodge to the side as soon as you see his weapon about half way toward hitting you. Too early a dodge and he'll correct his swing and smack right on top of you.

For a mage, after dropping on him get on the opposed side and start backtracking toward the other end while casting spells. When you reach the other end and he catches up to you, wait till he jumps and lands, then get in close and dodge his close range attack. Doing so should put you on the other side of him to continue the same strategy moving the other way.

Remember you also have Firebombs and Gold Pine Resin for extra damage if you're having difficulty.

Lastly, this boss has a habit of simply falling off the edge like an idiot sometimes. It's difficult to get him to do it intentionally, but you can high five yourself if you get lucky and he does. Of course you won't get the weapon he sometimes drops, but there are much better weapons you'll be getting before long anyway.

Now keep going through the door on the other side. Break the boxes at the top of the stairs to get a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Continue down the stairs and make a right at the bottom. Talk to the knight there and say yes to his questions to get a WHITE SIGN SOAPSTONE that allows you to summon people.

Now make sure you don't have anything too heavy equipped so you can run fast and roll. You'll see a large bridge back in the direction you came from with undead soldiers on it. Start sprinting with your shield up while hugging the right wall. Along the way a huge dragon is going to fly in blasting fire, your goal is to either A: make it to the stairs half way down on the right first, or B: survive his first fire blast and make it there anyway. You certainly won't survive a second, so you need to move quick.

At the bottom of the stairs you'll find two doors, you want the one that leads down a set of stairs to a ladder. Kick this ladder down to create a shortcut back to the previous bonfire and rest.

One thing I recommend here is that since you probably have a couple of Humanities in your inventory, you "kindle" this bonfire. If you are in undead form it will require two. Use one Humanity to revert to human form, then use another and offer it to the fire. Now this fire will be forever kindled and give you 10 Estus every time you rest here rather than five.

Optional: This will detail getting a very powerful sword early in the game, the Drake Sword. You will need a bow and about 50 - 60 standard arrows if your DEX is at the minimum to use the short bow (12). The Short Bow and arrows can be purchased from the vendor for 1000 souls and 10 souls each respectively, although bows can be found elsewhere too.

Once you have these climb the ladder in the bonfire room and go out the door onto the underside of the bridge. On the right side you can see the red dragon's tail hanging down. Stay on the side close to the door and pull out your bow. Shoot one arrow to hit its tail and wait for it to fly close to you. When it does, shoot another arrow straight into the tail hanging down in front of you when it's much closer. Repeat this process about 25 - 35 times and you will suddenly find the Drake Sword added to your inventory. This is a very powerful sword that requires 16 STR and 10 DEX to wield.

From the bonfire, climb the ladder and go out the door onto the underside of the bridge. When you cross the small ledge toward the opening into the next area, be very careful to dodge the attacks of the rats in there. Even the shield wont block their poison, and being poisoned at this point in the gamer will likely kill you.

After killing the rats, climb the ladder. There's another difficult knight enemy at the top of this tower that will net you a TITANITE CHUNK if you can manage to defeat him.

Alluring Skull (x4)Mystery Key
Large Soul of a Lost UndeadKnight Shield
Titanite ShardFire Keeper Soul
HumanityLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Gargoyle Tail AxeSunlight Medal

The beginning areas of the Undeaad Parish are dangerous, so move slowly and try to pull the enemies one at a time. The armoured boar is your biggest threat, but he's not too difficult to defeat. His thrust attack is easily dodged, giving you a chance to move around behind him. The only part of his body that isn't armoured is his rear end, so if you can manage to line yourself up perfectly behind him, you can jam a sword up his ass for a huge chunk of damage.

Another option if you like is to climb the stairs on the left, eliminate the archers and pick up the ALLURING SKULL (x4). Dropping one of those down below will distract the boar and let you get in a nice drop attack.

Take the stairs down below the gate and be very weary of the enemies in here, although weak they have a tendency to gang up in large numbers. Up the stairs before you climb the ladder you'll find a corpse with a MYSTERY KEY on it. Climb the ladder, kill the two ghouls, and then turn around. You can walk across a thin beam here to reach a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Now make your way up and out through the fog door.

At the end of the bridge make a right and you'll approach an enemy with its back turned. If you walk slowly up to him it's very easy to do a backstab and often take him out in a single hit. He's guarding a KNIGHT SHIELD. Backtrack a little and go up the stairs in the other direction. This will lead you past a number of enemies to a more open area. Don't take the left turn past the next red-caped knight, instead keep going toward the cathedral. Once you kill the three undead out front your safe. Ignore the cathedral for now and instead head down the path opposite its door. This will lead you straight to the next bonfire. Be sure not just to light it, but to rest as well (this is also a very handy bonfire to kindle).

Further down the stairs you'll encounter a blacksmith. The blacksmith can reinforce your weapons and armour which is VERY handy, even at this point in the game. If you're still using basic weapons, try saving up some souls and buying Titanite Shards from him to reinforce your weapons, you'll really see the damage start ramping up quickly.

Outside the bottom door there's a large crippled lightning demon! He'll fire lightning at a range and swing his large staff when you get close. He's fairly easy to take out from a distance with a mage, but if you're going to try and kill him up close you'll want to stay behind as much as possible and roll to avoid the big swings he does. Killing him will net you 1000 souls and a DEMON TITANITE, though it may be best to come back a little later if you feel he's too difficult at this point. Behind the miniboss is the exit to the Darkroot Garden, but it's still a little early to go there.

When you're ready to move on head back upstairs from the bonfire (or take a second to investigate the path away from the bonfire toward the large gate, though there's nothing you can do here until later aside from speak to the knight). Now head back out toward the cathedral.

When you enter the cathedral from this side, one of the first enemies you'll encounter is a huge knight wielding a mace and a large tower shield. He looks a lot more menacing than he is, his attacks hit hard but he's pitifully slow. You can easily stay close and sidestep around him, when he goes in for a pounding attack, use that opportunity to pound his back a few times. You'll get a TITANITE SHARD out of it.

Back inside here the knight was waiting by the altar is a second FIRE KEEPER SOUL. Furthermore you're just steps away from an elevator leading down to the Firelink Shrine that once used, becomes a permanent shortcut between the shrine and this cathedral. Now would be a great time to go back and upgrade your flask at the woman below the Firelink bonfire.

Back on the main floor of the cathedral, there are three more red-caped knights to take out before going out the front door. If these enemies are too difficult, you can backtrack a little in the direction you came toward the cathedral to find a small shortcut that leads to the front of it. Here you will find a HALBERD, a BASEMENT KEY and a switch to open the large gate and create another shortcut.

When you are ready to approach the boss, take the stairs up near the elevator and get ready to take on an army of undead minions and their sorcerer leader (once killed the sorcerer does not respawn). Make a left, then another left here and follow that hall past the knight around a corner to a corpse in a barrel with a HUMANITY. There's a breakable wooden barrier on the corner you just past, smash it open and climb to the top to reach ha cell you can open with your Mystery Key and free the knight imprisoned knight inside. Note: Lautrec will eventually betray you and kill the fire keeper in Firelink Shrine, so you can kill him now if you wish, however you will also have an opportunity to get revenge on him in a special battle later and revive the fire keeper, so it's actually worth it to leave him alone. You'll end up with a few extra items if you let him live, but if you don't want to go through the trouble, you can kill him now.

Head back down the hallway and explore the opposite corner of the second floor, there's a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. You are now ready to fight the boss. I suggest you try the boss at least once, and if you find him difficult, try using a Humanity to revive to human form. While in human for a summon sign will appear in front of the fog and allow you to summon Solaire to help you, he makes this fight MUCH MUCH easier. Anyway, you'll find the boss up a couple of ladders at the top of the cathedral.


I may as well spare you the spoiler to save you the hardship and say that once you have the boss half dead, another one with 50% health flies out of the sky to join the battle. This is essentially the only reason the fight is hard, and that's why summoning Solaire while in human form just before you enter the door is invaluable help.

Regardless, you can take your time with the first gargoyle. A decent shield like the Knight Shield will block all of his attacks 100% with the exception of his fire breath. Use this as a means to slowly get closer to him, and once you've managed to sidestep around behind, put your weapon in both hands and start pounding his back a couple of times before re-equipping the shield and starting the process over.

This fight is fairly easy for a mage, just spam Soul Arrow or your best pry spell from as far away as you can while either strafing to avoid his attacks, or letting Solaire take the attention.

The real trick to winning this battle is noticing when the first gargoyle is close to 50% health. When this happens go for an all-out offensive, get behind him and pound him with 2H attacks. Don't even think about the second gargoyle unless you know he's right behind you. The instant the first one is dead the battle is essentially won, but as long as there are two flying around it's almost impossible to reliably block their attacks, things just get too unwieldy.

A final note: focusing your attacks on the tail of the gargoyles will crop them off and force them to drop the GARGOYLE TAIL AXE, which is a fun weapon that is more of a novelty than truly useful. If you don't get it don't worry, you'll fight gargoyles as regular enemy spawn later in the game and have the chance again. The boss drops a SUNLIGHT MEDAL when defeated.

Now all you have left to do is climb up the tower and ring the first bell! Congratulations. This is also a good time to mention if you haven't realized yet that you can press the roll button while on a ladder to descend very quickly. Handy little trick.

On your way back down you'll find a vendor who sells a few decent items.

At this point you might want to backtrack a little to catch up on things here and there, level up or upgrade your gear. When you're ready to progress again, your next destination is the end of the red dragon bridge where you first met Solaire. Here there is a door that was locked to you before, but now can be opened with the Basement Key.

Sorcerer (Armour Set)Sorcerer's Catalyst
Twin HumanitiesMail Breaker
Black Leather (Armour Set)Thief Mask
Target ShieldLarge Soul of a Lost Undead
Key to Depths

Note that if you find this area or boss too difficult, try skipping ahead to the Darkroot Garden, you'll find quite a few items and souls in that area and it's an optional area now, but can be undertaken fairly easily at this point.

After sliding down the big ladder through the locked door, you'll come to a couple sets of stairs at the bottom. Immediately take the stairs up and unlock the shortcut to the bonfire in the Undead Burg, you will find this path is likely much easier to take when you die rather than risking your life on the red dragon bridge.

Head down into the lower burg and take out the dogs racing around at the bottom. Turn around as soon as you hit the bottom and head in the opposite direction. If you stay along the wall you'll come across a door with someone trapped inside. This is the door that can only be unlocked with the Residence Key I told you to buy earlier, the Master Key won't do it. Inside you will find Griggs who, once rescued, will be found at the Firelink Shrine and able to teach you new sorcery. The corpse in the barrel also has a full set of SORCERER HAT, SORCERER CLOAK, SORCERER GAUNTLETS, SORCERER BOOTS and SORCERER'S CATALYST.

Continue past the door, and after clearing some torch-wielding zombies you'll find TWIN HUMANITIES which gives you two Humanity instead of one. This is a dead end, so turn around and continue down into the slums. Move slowly, you'll notice that many houses have a surprise ninja ambush waiting inside. These enemies have counter and grab attacks, so be very careful and time your strikes to attack after they've missed with one of theirs.

Be sure to check the houses after you've killed them, one of the first hides a MAIL BREAKER. Another further down has a full set of BLACK LEATHER ARMOR, BLACK LEATHER GLOVES, BLACK LEATHER BOOTS, THIEF MASK and TARGET SHIELD. A corpse in a barrel opposite that house holds a LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD.

Just before the fog, make a right and go down the stairs. At the end of this alley you'll find another LARGE SOUL OF A LOST UNDEAD. Now ignore the locked door and go up the stairs. This leads to a merchant and a shortcut back to the Firelink Shrine. It's a good idea to rest at the bonfire there because it provides the quickest and easiest return trip to the boss (who will likely kill you at least a couple of times). You can also pick up some new sorcery from Griggs. Magic Weapon for example, works great for a huge damage boost (although don't bother if you're using the Drake Sword, it doesn't work).

When you're ready, head back up from the bottom of the Undead Burg lower area to the fog door again. Prepare for a boss fight inside.


I would consider the Capra Demon not the hardest, but possibly the most annoying boss in the game. Everything about this fight is designed to cheap you out and kill you before you know what's what. For starters the room is incredibly tiny so the camera gets wonky at every turn, and second, he starts the fight with two demon dogs that are constantly leaping at you and throwing off your guard while trying to avoid the boss' powerful attacks. Yikes.

Alright, after beating this guy three times now and countless deaths along the way, I've finally got a system that works (although I can't promise it will work for you). In fact it wasn't until I started ignoring strategies against this boss that I started to perform better. Here's how I suggest you do it:

Every time I start the fight I begin by running ahead and to the right toward the boss, then leaping as he goes into his huge downward smash (which he always does). Done correctly and jumping toward the tree you will dodge it every time. Now you can try and pick off one of the dogs quickly here, but I suggest running immediately up the stairs and waiting for the dogs to come to you. The only problem with this is that you won't get any consistency out of them. Sometimes they run up quick, other times the boss will be up in your face before the dogs even figure out where you are. The best strategy in this fight is to think quick.

So to start you'll basically be running up the stairs, trying to kill the dogs, then jumping down and running back to the fog door, repeating this until the dogs are dead. If you have a lot of endurance you can block most of this boss' attacks, but I found them much easier to dodge than block. You'll find they're all pretty slow, so you have plenty of time to dodge right as he swings (and a backward roll is the best way to avoid his leaping downward smash).

When you finally have the dogs down, you will see this crazy unpredictable boss isn't so crazy and unpredictable after all, in fact it's not too difficult to simply hover close to him and roll to avoid each of his attacks as they happen. The trick comes in actually killing him. You can get in a couple of quick hits after his 1-2 single slash combo, if you want to try and slow and methodical way, but it's not the only way.

The best way to kill him is as follows: run up to the top of the stairs and wait for him to follow. When he gets close, drop off the ledge and wait until he drops down on top of you. When he does, this is your chance. Roll away and quickly run back up the stairs. You only need to go about 2/3 of the way up to be in a good position for a dropping power attack that should take off a huge chunk of his health and stun him just long enough to go up and do it again. Voila. Cheap but effective.

Killing the boss will net you the KEY TO DEPTHS.

Now that you have the key, make your way to the button of the Undead Burg where the locked door was. This will lead you right down into the Depths.

Large Soul of a Nameless SoldierLarge Ember
Soul of a Nameless SoldierGreataxe
Sewer Chamber KeySoul of a Nameless Soldier
HumanitySoul of a Nameless Soldier
Soul of a Nameless SoldierLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
HumanityHeavy Crossbow
Heavy Bolt (x11)Blighttown Key
Hard Leather (Armour Set)Standard Helm

Turn around at the bottom of the stairs to find a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER on a corpse in the corner. Continue down the stairs at the opposite end and eliminate all the undead here. Now, if you're a mage or an archer, you can try and pick off the butcher down in the room below. Doing so will pull him up toward where you are, so be careful. There's a second one hiding way on on a beam in the opposite corner of the room, you can see him and get sights on him from the area with all the tables. Once the two of them are dead you're relatively safe to drop down and deal with the regular dogs and zombies.

Once they're cleared, head over to where the first butcher was standing by the table. There is a chest here containing the LARGE EMBER which increases the limit you can upgrade your basic gear from +5 to +10, very useful. Give it to the blacksmith below the bonfire at the cathedral. Secondly, on the opposite side there is an open doorway to a large empty room full of barrels. Roll through the one in the corner and free the man trapped inside, he's another friend to join you at Firelink.

Now when you're ready to proceed, there is a closed door in the only remaining unexplored corner of the previous room. Be very careful as you descend into the water, there are creatures on the ceiling that will drop on your head and suck the life out of you. Either shoot them down or lure them down by passing slowly toward them. One is waiting above the corpse in the first room containing a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER.

Slowly make your way through the next hall, waiting for the slimes to drop (they're relatively difficult to kill unless you have fire type damage). You'll be happy if you have the Master Key here, you can use it on the door at the end of the hall to reach a bonfire (if you don't you'll have to progress a little further to find the specific key below).

When you're ready to continue, head down the stairs beside the door to the bonfire and through the hallway at the bottom. On your right is a clump of about five rats to take care of. This is actually one of the best places in the game to farm the Humanity item. Rats have a relatively high drop rate of Humanity, and there's that bonfire very close by to run back and rest/reset them. If you're planning on trying to collect Humanities, you may wish to wait until later in the game, you'll find a a ring that increases item drop rate in a dungeon called Sen's Fortress).

Collect the GREATAXE here and turn around. There's a big box at the next corner with a rat hiding inside waiting to ambush you, and more rats down the stairs ahead of that. Pick up the SEWER CHAMBER KEY off the corpse through the bars, and if you don't have the Master Key, go back and use it to unlock the bonfire. Further down is a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER and a fog door.

Kill the enemies here and make a left down the small stairs. Hidden at the end is a corpse with a LARGE TITANITE SHARD on it. The next section has trap doors and can get a little confusing so listen careful. When you enter the tunnel make an immediate right then an immediate left. Collect the SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Now, if you continue forward there's a miniboss, but though it will sound counter-intuitive but I recommend you go back and rest/save at the bonfire again. There is a special shortcut that leads right back to where you just were.

Backtrack a bit more to where the first butcher was standing, next to the chest that had the Great Ember in it. Beside that chest behind some boxes you can break is a hidden shortcut. When you drop down you'll find yourself above the giant rat. You can walk over to the other side and collect the SPIDER SHIELD from the corpse, which prevents against poison, and is actually one of the better shields in the game.

Now equip your strongest weapon and position yourself over the rat. A single drop attack may bring this guy down in a single hit, and if not, you're in a great position to polish him off with a couple of extra attacks which he's still trying to figure out what happened. Pick up the HUMANITY that he drops and the SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER in the corner. Now run to the end and drop down the waterfall.

At the fork here, make a left. Follow this around and up some stairs to a hallway with a SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER in it. Be very weary of these frog-like enemies. They inflict curse on your character, which not only kills you instantly, but also requires you to go back and purchase an item from that vendor in the cathedral tower for 3000 souls to cure it. Not pleasant.

Anyway, keep carefully trekking through here and make a left at the fork (lots more frog-creatures here). At the bottom you'll find a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Turn around and follow the tunnel here to find the RING OF THE EVIL EYE. Go back up the stairs to where you reached a fork in the road, turn left and cross the thin walkway to the door. Get ready to jump over a hole at the top and collect the HUMANITY from the corpse behind the bars.

Now that you've got everything, return to where you dropped down from the waterfall and head in the other direction (toward the big rats). After climbing the stairs go straight ahead to find a door that leads u pa large staircase to a closed door at the top. This will open up a shortcut right back to the bonfire, and is a good opportunity to rest before the boss.

When you're ready, return to the bottom and head toward the large door at the opposite end. It's locked now, but there's a vendor sitting nearby you may want to talk to. After that, look along the same wall for a door leading up another staircase. Make a right and go down the first stairs you come to. Ignore the second set of stairs and instead go past them to find a HEAVY CROSSBOW and HEAVY BOLT (x11) on a corpse. Now you're ready to descend the last stairs approaching the boss.


Following the pan of the Capra Demon is what is undoubtedly one of the easiest main bosses in the game, although you might think otherwise until you recognize his relatively simple pattern. It's very possible to defeat this boss without even getting hit, something I was forced to do after being cursed and left without enough health to withstand even one blow.

With a mage the strategy is even easier, but it works with any type of character. The trick is having as much mobility as possible (ideally less than 25% equip load for the maximum speed running & rolling) and spending the whole battle running to get to the side of the boss. Once you're beside him and a reasonable distance away, it's virtually impossible for him to hit you.

So stay beside the boss as much as possible and wait for him to do his "charge" attack where he essentially runs in a single direction then stops. Sometimes he stops for a LONG time. Like enough time to get two or three full attack combos in. This is your chance to do your damage. After awhile the boss will lean backward, usually indicating he's about to leap in the air. Just before this happens, START ROLLING/RUNNING AWAY. If you're quick you'll be far enough away from his landing point every time. What to do next? Get beside him and repeat the process.

Two quick final notes for exceptions you may encounter: he does have a side tail swipe attack, but if this hits you it usually means you were waiting too close to his side. And second, watch out very carefully for an attack where he charges up well in advance, and unleashes a big wad of goo in every direction. This attack will DESTROY YOUR WEAPON DURABILITY and is a huge pain in the ass. A fast character can outrun it without much difficulty, but again, the fight is predictable enough that if it does hit you, it's probably your own fault.

After the battle you'll collect the BLIGHTTOWN KEY and a cool 25,000 souls. There's also a corpse lying around the battlefield with a full set of HARD LEATHER ARMOR, HARD LEATHER BOOTS, HARD LEATHER GAUNTLETS and a STANDARD HELM. Now it's time to get the hell out of here and back to the Firelink Shrine. When you're ready, take the elevator through the cathedral and back to the blacksmith. The entrance to the Darkroot Garden is below.

Large Soul of a Nameless SoldierLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
PartizanElite Knight (Armour Set)
Wolf RingSoul of a Proud Knight
Soul of the Moonlight ButterflyWatchtower Basement Key
Divine Ember

Be sure to kill all the plant enemies in this area, they have a very high drop rate of moss clumps which cure poisons and bleeds. Follow the path along (ignoring a fork to the right) until you see a bright glowing door in the distance. At this point turn around and you'll notice a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER behind a large rock behind you. The door itself can be opened with an item sold by the blacksmith for 20,000 souls, but it's not necessary to get in there at the moment, so we'll move on for now.

Around the next corner before the fog door you'll see an item on a corpse to the right. Before picking up the item go in and slash the three shrubs that area actually hidden enemies in the ground, this way you can take them down one at a time rather than being ambushed by all three when you pick up the LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Now prepare yourself for the area through the fog door.

The large knights in this area are extremely tough, especially for a melee character. They will cast a magic spell that makes you open encumbered, so it's very important to get behind them and stay behind them if you want to survive. Don't feel bad if you simply have to run and avoid the fights. Items in this area include a PARTIZAN in a small path directly to your left when you enter (guarded by a venomous snake on the tree) and a body in the back right corner surrounded by knights that holds the ELITE KNIGHT HELM, ELITE KNIGHT ARMOR, ELITE KNIGHT GAUNTLETS and ELITE KNIGHT LEGGINGS.

Before you continue any further, if you make an immediate right as soon as you enter this area, a few steps in front of you is a living tree, that looks much like other trees, but you can identify it by its moving roots. Slash the tree a few times to reveal a hidden path. Stay right past the next tree and go up a steep path. You'll have to take down one of the large nights head-on, but behind him you'll find a WOLF RING. Back down at the bottom follow the ledge along to find a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. At this point you are ready to return back through the secret path.

With all the items collected, head back to the bonfire and rest if you need to, otherwise proceed forward through the large stone arch at the other end of the wide open forested area, and up the stairs to the boss.


Note: There is a summon sign under the stairs on the way up to this fight for witch Beatrice to help you in this fight. You may not need her since the boss isn't too difficult, but you must summon her here to be able to summon her again later for a much more difficult boss, so it may be worth your time.

Equip the Caduceus Round Shield that you found in the graveyard by the Firelink Shrine, it has very strong magic defines and will make it easier to reduce damage from the attacks you are unable to avoid.

This is another relatively easy boss coming off of the Gaping Dragon, mages will find it a cakewalk simply waiting for the right opportunity between its slow attacks to fire off a Soul Arrow or ranged pyromancy. The melee characters will have to be a bit more patient.

Stay around mid-range from the boss with your shield up. Its primary attack is a blast of magic spikes that will do very little damage if you have the Caduceus shield up, although if you can time a roll or sidestep it's even better to dodge them. The slow homing magic ball is the one you'll want to dodge for sure. Wait until it's no more than a couple feet in front of your face before rolling to the side, an early roll will end just as badly as a late roll. Luckily the attack is very slow so you've got some time.

After about 7-8 different attacks, which also includes a large laser beam that is tougher to avoid (but can be, again with a roll) and an aerial bomb blast as he passes overhead (very easy to avoid, just stand back when it flies above you), the boss will eventually move down within melee range and just sit there. For almost 30 seconds. A decently equipped character will be able to pound more than 50% of the boss' health here, requiring only one more attack volley from the boss before the next respite finishes him off.

Just remember that right before it returns to the air, it charges up a magic explosion, so do a couple of rolls backward before this happens.

Your reward from the boss is a few thousand souls as well as the SOUL OF THE MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY. This item can either be consumed for a pathetic 1200 souls, or used with the help of a blacksmith to create a special shield capable of firing magic blasts. Note that all boss souls always have a special use besides just consuming for more souls, so check their specific use elsewhere in this guide and make sure it's nothing you want before consuming them yourself, because once they're gone, you won't have another chance at those rewards until New Game+.

Now with the boss defeated, head up to the top of the tower at the opposite end and collect the WATCHTOWER BASEMENT KEY and the DIVINE EMBER. Now it's back to the bonfire to rest and redeem your souls.

You may remember that as you enter the Darkroot Garden, just past the first plant monster there is a somewhat hidden path that branches off to the right. This time you want to take that path, then around a sharp corner to a path that leads down the side of a cliff.

Leather (Armour Set)Longbow
Feather Arrow (x16)Large Soul of an Undead Soldier
Dusk Crown RingDragon Scale
Havel's RingUndead Asylum F2 West Key (in Firelink)

Keep going down and down until you reach a bit of a platform overlooking a corpse with an item on it. You can easily drop down on top to collect the LEATHER ARMOR, LEATHER GLOVES, LEATHER BOOTS, LONGBOW and FEATHER ARROW (x16). Drop down again and head back in the opposite direction. On your way down prepare to fight a powerful knight. When defeated he drops a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK. There's also a GRASS CREST SHIELD ON THE CORPSE AT THE BOTTOM. At the other end of this lowest path is a cave leading to a bonfire. At the other end of this cave is an elevator that takes you down to the Valley of the Drakes, an area which is likely too difficult at this point in the game. Turn around and head back.

Go back up the path and proceed straight along it until eventually you reach a wide open area populated by crystal demons. You also need to be very careful of the enormous hydra way in the distance. It will fire magic water blasts almost all the way to the end of this area, although one benefit of this is that the blasts tend to low through all the crystal demons here, netting you a lot of souls in the process if you can survive.

To defeat the hydra miniboss, your best tactic is to get down into the water, until you get there you will always be vulnerable. Once down in the water as close to the hydra as possible, it will start relying solely on melee attacks, which with a decent shield, can be blocked, and if you find a sweet spot to stand can be avoided entirely. Try looking out for helpful messages on the ground to indicate good spots to stand. Once you're in a good spot, just wait between hydra attacks and slice the heads as they come down, or cast magic while you're there. For defeating the hydra you get the DUSK CROWN RING and a DRAGON SCALE.

If you've managed to defeat the hydra, good on you, if not, don't worry, I won't be covering the next area until a little later in the game. If you want to proceed further beyond the hydra then skip ahead to the Darkroot Garden (Revisited) section which will detail the shortcut past the hydra and up into the area that was beyond the sealed door in the Darkroot Garden.

For now, you'll want to head back to the opposite end of the hydra and the top corner of this area to where you'll find a door that can be opened with the Master Key or the Watchtower Basement Key you just got. Inside is the knight I mentioned from earlier in the game, he's very easy to kill if you slowly sidestep around him while waiting for his attack. This gives ample time to move in for a powerful backstab. Defeating this knight will net you HAVEL'S RING, which increases your maximum equipment load.

This would be a good time to investigate an optional area of the game, especially since it provides you with a handy item before traveling to Blighttown. To get there all you need to do is return to the Firelink Shrine. We'll be traveling back to where you started the game, the Undead Asylum.

Getting there is a relatively simple affair. All you need to do is hop in the elevator that takes you from the Firelink Shrine to the cathedral in the Undead Parish, but just as it starts to go up you will hop out of it onto the platform above where you stepped in. Walk around the cracked stone here onto a grassy cliff. From here you can see a sloping stone structure that reaches a stone pillar just below you that looks as if you could make it easily with a jump. I actually prefer a simple roll, but whatever works, it shouldn't be hard to get onto the pillar.

The pillar leads you up a stone staircase above a corpse on the roof. Drop down and pick up the UNDEAD ASYLUM F2 WEST KEY. Now drop down and take the elevator up again to reach the same point you were at before dropping to collect the key. This time climb the stairs all the way to the top and curl up into a ball in the bird's nest, after a few seconds the crow will take you to the asylum