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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS3) HTML 11/21/11 A I e x 1.00 169K
FAQ/Walkthrough (X360) HTML 10/27/11 TheWhiteRice 1.00 132K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS3) 05/13/13 haarlem1982 3.1 258K
FAQ/Walkthrough (X360) 11/02/11 mrjhwar 1.1 116K

Character FAQs

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ (PS3) HTML 10/06/13 jehonaker 1.0 50K
Boss FAQ (X360) 10/29/13 8bitPunk 1.2 48K
Character Build Guide (PS3) 11/24/12 melchaios 1.0 140K
Melee Guide (PS3) 11/09/11 The_Krazed 2.0 22K
Multiplayer Guide (PS3) 02/10/12 forcesofodin 1.1.2 43K

Maps and Charts

Weapon Upgrade Path (PS3) 10/25/11 Nuir 1.02 163K

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