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Start of shift (Male)
Complete the male cop origin
Start of shift (female)
Complete the female cop origin
First round (male)
Complete the male bartender origin
First round (female)
Complete the female bartender origin
The curtain rises (male)
Complete the male actor origin
The curtain rises (female)
Complete the female actor origin
Defeat a foe with firsthand knowledge
Food tames the beast
Why take the risk?
A new home
A new world. A new life.
As you were
Perhaps it was meant to be this way...
Nice shot
Enter the Eddings house using Vicki
Well thrown
Enter the Eddings house using Mandana
Welcome Logan
Welcome Logan to the party
Needlessly unlock the same door in two different ways
Calamari for a year!
Well skewered, Mandana
Welcome Vicki
Welcome Vicki to the party
Alley Bestower
Disperse the Staten Island ghost
Boys night
Finish three missions with an all male party
Girl powered
Embark on three missions with an all female party
The whole truth
Get to the truth of what happened
Never Forget
Visit a special location on a certain day
Wall Street Bestower
Disperse the ghost on Wall Street
Fire and Spirits
Embark on four missions with Eli and Logan
Lead and Flame
Head out four times with Eli and Vicki
Sword and Bullets
Select Mandana and Vicki four times for missions
Steel and Souls
Start four missions with Mandana and Logan
Keep Eli and Mandana together for six missions
Maximum Fire Power
Choose Eli six times for missions
All Jinn
Choose Mandana six times for missions
Effective Detective
Choose Vicki four times for missions
Full of Spirit
Choose Logan four times for missions
Calli returns to her former position
Muse Refused
There's a new muse in town
Not a-mused
No muse in Brooklyn tonight...
Nice try
It is done
A deal has been struck
All's Fae in Love and War
Better safe than sorry
Dragon savior
Free of torment at last
Dragon slayer
Kevin now has a second chance
Brooklyn Bestower
Free the Brooklyn ghost
Full Party
Reach the final end with your full crew in tow
Free at last
A New World
We'll do it right this time
The Fall
The only way to be sure
Resistance is futile
Finish a jailbreak without getting chided by a ghost
Listen to us
Leave commentary mode on for the entire game, from the opening menu to the closing credits.
No Help Needed
Never ask your friends for a hint
Maintain the status quo
Nobody has to die tonight
The bond is broken
A villain escapes her punishment
Tree hugger
Show sympathy for one of nature's creatures
Petrified forest
There's a new statue in the North Grove
Nature killer
No mercy for the trees
Solo confrontation
Reach the final confrontation alone

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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