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The Warden of the Underground Prison
Defeat Belial.
The Ice Witch
Defeat Niflheim.
The Lizard King
Defeat Tunak.
The Little Devil Lord
Defeat Envyrok.
The Fused Machine
Defeat Slime maker.
The Prisoner of the Dark Sword
Defeat Lasley.
Chapter 1
Talk with Arsha.
Chapter 2
Defeat and seal Kaminela.
Eat 13 foods in one adventure.
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Chapter 2.5
Bring lasting peace to the town.
Horerica's Best Customer
Eat more than 20 types of food from the food shop.
Rebuild Complete!
Request Yulford to build more than 9 times.
The Lead Actor
Defeat Kaminela wearing 4 different costumes.
The Incarnation of Greed
Unlock more than 10 set effects.
Clear the Trials
Defeat Erta Ale.
Overflowing Blessings
Fill all the jewels of the Altar.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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