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by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 02/19/2018

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) AKA (Zoel Giradel) This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allowed for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, and www.neoseeker.com; other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any questions, tips or concerns, my contact is at Chaomin@gmail.com and be sure to put "Tokyo Xanadu" in the subject title so I can find your email quicker.

Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

PayPal Donation
If you want to make a small contribution to this guide, you can send it to my Paypal account at "Chaomin@gmail.com" or using the Donate button on the top. Any amount is very much appreciated and will be used as a source for future guides.

FAQ Version

2015 - October 230.01Initial Guide
2017 - January 210.17Completed Vita Guide
2017 - December 120.20Updated Guide based on PS4 Version.
2017 - December 18 - January 150.21 - 0.24(Revised guide up to Chapter 6)
2017 - February 190.25 (Revised guide up to Chapter 7)

This guide is based on the PS4 version of Tokyo Xanadu. If you're using this guide for the Vita version, you will find some discrepancy between this guide and the Vita version. The PS4 Version has additional content and revised gameplay balance.

About Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu is an action RPG originally made for the PlayStation Vita by Nihon Falcom. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is an enhanced port that contains new content such as a higher difficulty and new story elements. Players that have played their previous games will learn that Tokyo Xanadu borrows many elements from their existing franchise like the Trails series and their Ys franchise.

Disclaimer: This guide is currently being revised to cover the additional content of the PS4 version. The Guide is only revised up to Chapter 6. Everything else is still based on the Vita version at the moment.