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    A Commissar's SolutionKill an enslaved unit.
    A Little Knowledge ...Research a technology.
    A Test of MetalWin as the Necrons.
    Airstrip OneDevelop a city to 25 loyalty or more.
    An Ethereal's SolutionFree an enslaved unit.
    An STC?!Research all technologies with any one faction.
    Another Green WorldWin as the Orks.
    BeardyWin a solo game with every faction.
    Breaking GroundConstruct a building.
    C'tan Opener (secret)Kill a C'tan.
    Devil May Cry (secret)Destroy a Catachan Devil Lair.
    Dictum AdministratumStart an Astra Militarum city edict.
    Entry To Eternal WarFinish a multiplayer game with another human player.
    FalxWin a solo game on very hard difficulty or higher.
    GladiusWin a solo game on ultra hard difficulty or higher.
    I Need A HeroRecruit a hero.
    Immortal KombatKill a unit of Guardsmen with a unit of Immortals from range 2.
    In The Shadow of DeathKill a unit of Neophyte Hybrids while they are shrouded.
    Innocence Is No DefenceExecute a coward.
    Intergalactic HeadbuttFinish the Ork story.
    Know It Vaul (secret)Explore 20 ruins.
    Land GrabAcquire a tile.
    Life, But Not As We Know ItEliminate all native life on Gladius.
    Nothing But A Hound DogKill some Kroot Hounds.
    Nothing Stops The Storm TroopersEnter difficult terrain with a unit of Tempestus Scions.
    Planting The FlagCapture an outpost.
    Primal RageEliminate a faction.
    Prime MoverExplore the whole map.
    PugioWin a solo game on medium difficulty or higher.
    Pyrrhic VictoryFinish the Space Marine story.
    Roadside PicnicWin as the Tyranids.
    Rogue Trader (secret)Buy an item from a Jokaero Trader Encampment.
    Roughneck (secret)Kill 1000 Tyranids.
    Safe From The Old OnesFinish the Necron story.
    Second FoundationFound a second city.
    SicaWin a solo game on hard difficulty or higher.
    Skulls For The Skull ThroneKill the Lord of Skulls.
    Snazzy DigsAttack with Flash Gitz without moving.
    SpathaWin a solo game on impossible difficulty.
    Special DeliveryDeploy a Space Marine chapter tactic.
    Super TrooperAttain the highest level with a unit.
    Taxi!Disembark a unit from a Land Raider.
    Teching No PrisonersFinish the Astra Militarum story.
    The DoomFinish the Tyranid story.
    The Emperor ProtectsWin as the Space Marines.
    The Living StoneIan got you to capture an artefact.
    The Players That Team TogetherStart a multiplayer game with a team of human players against a team of AI opponents.
    The Walls Came Tumblin' DownDestroy an enemy city.
    There Are Only WarriorsProduce a unit.
    Top ClearanceClear a tile.
    WAAAGH!Reach maximum Waaagh!.
    Wake Up, SleepyheadsUse rapid rise.
    We Can Rebuild HimReclaim a unit.
    We Have Tanks On Our SideWin as the Astra Militarum.
    Where It All StartsFound a city.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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