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With 100 levels that will either make or break players, 0000 is an unforgiving 1-bit low-fi platformer that will challenge players, whilst pleasing their ears with a spectacular soundtrack for players to groove to.

But if 100 challenging levels isn't enough, thanks to a level editor mode, there are even more levels for players to play as they will be able to create their own challenging levels, or download and play challenging levels designed by someone else, which means even if you complete the main campaign, there will still be levels to play, long after the game's release!

A fast paced difficult, but fair gaming experience.
100 challenging levels.
A multiplayer feature called Race Mode, where players can go head to head against a friend to see who is the true master of the 1-bit platformer genre.
A Level editor mode that allows players to create and share their own levels, as well as download those made by others.
Cross-platform sharing.
Online Leaderboards.
Randomly selected levels that trigger after every death and level completion.
Low-fi graphics complimented with an awesome electronic music soundtrack by Levi Bond