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by C.LE

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Version: 1.29 | Updated: 11/06/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2018 | Highest Rated Guide


This section isn't strictly about how to beat the megabosses (if you use your favorite search engine you could find some altogether very specific metagaming and strategies for the various megabosses). Instead, this section is talking about the various characteristics and strengths/weaknesses of the megabosses so that you can try to develop your own strategies about these megabosses, or atleast understand why certain metagaming strategies work.

Megabosses are definitely the hardest fights in the game and should only be attempted at level 20. You should expect to spend lots of consumables (high-level scrolls and/or expensive potions and grenades) to succeed, on top of using the very best, fully enchanted equipment you have. (After all, if not for these fights, what on earth are you saving all that for?) You should even be prepared to respec your party members or switch them out if it means being able to better focus on a specific strategy. To wit, playing through and completing the Forgotten Sanctum DLC is highly recommended, because doing so will fill you up on high-level scrolls, potions, and lots of superb gear to sell to help pay for enchanting things up to legendary.

Note that for all megabosses, a chanter with powerful summons is a superstar, especially a troubadour (due to Brisk Recitation), thanks to the fact that chanter resources (phrases) regenerate unconditionally over the course of a fight. So when in doubt, you can't go wrong with bringing a high-level chanter along. This is such generally good advice that to avoid redundancy will just be mentioned once here.

An upgraded Marux Amanth and a few other instakill effects are also useful for megaboss fights because they can shorten the time you spend fighting them because a successful hit at Near Death with these effects can instantly end them. Marux Amanth is generally the best because when dual-wielded you get two attempts to hit, and you only need to hit deflection.

Your reward for killing any megaboss is pretty minor, and the reward is really the satisfaction of having completed a very hard challenge. You get a niche trinket and also a special item that lets you upgrade a legendary item to mythic. Not nothing, but not something you'd go out of your way just to get.