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by C.LE

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Version: 1.15 | Updated: 02/26/19



Danger: If you enable Galawain's Challenge, Belranga counts as a beast and all her hatchlings count as two different set of beasts, so Belranga will get a randomly generated buff, her spiderlings will share the same but separately randomly generated buff, and her normal spiders will get a third separately generated buff. Depending on what buffs you end up getting Belranga's difficulty can be amped up significantly, possibly to borderline impossible. Probably the worst combination would be Bullish on both sets of hatchlings (interrupt and push on hit) and Unstoppable on Belranga (immunity to interrupts and afflictions). It's definitely doable with some buffs (I've done Belranga with Galawain's Challenge), but the TL;DR is that if you enable Galawain's Challenge you have to make peace with the possibility that Belranga will be a (mega)boss you may never be able to defeat in the current run.

Belranga is a gigantic spider with extremely high defenses (~180 deflection, 200+ other defenses on PotD). In the fight, there are a bunch of spider burrows. The major conceit of this fight is that Belranga will periodically summon hatchlings from these burrows, one per burrow, either a Crystal-Eater Spiderling or a Crystal-Eater Spider. Every time one of these spiders is killed, Belranga gets a stacking permanent effect that increases her accuracy and damage by +1 and +1%, but also reduces all her defenses by -1. Because Belranga's defenses start so unreachably high, the point is to kill enough of her hatchlings to bring Belranga's defenses down enough to be able to do some damage to her, while balancing out the fact that doing so makes her much more lethal.

On top of this, Belranga comes with a few critically important attacks that you need to have some sort of preparatory defense for:

  • Her default ranged attack can petrify in an area of effect. It is keyworded as poison, so Antidote or anti-poison effects can prevent it.
  • A screaming attack that affects a wide area around her that gives her several layers of concentration, gives Aware to all her hatchlings, Frightened to all your characters, and can instantly (at least on PotD) destroy allies that are around ~Bloodied or worse ("destroy" means can't be resurrected). Note that "cannot die" effects (Potion of the Final Stand, Barring Death's Door, etc) will prevent a character from being annihilated by this effect.
  • A special melee attack that she uses below a certain health threshold that will injure targets (remember: accumulate four injuries and you are destroyed). The only real defense against this is to stock a lot of Luminous Adra potions on melee characters or keep Belranga crowd-controlled or interrupted when you finally move in to attack her.

On top of this is all the effects that Crystal Eater spiders themselves provide, which include the ability to immobilize foes, do their own poisoning (which can petrify), etc. Needless to say Antidotes or other anti-poison effects go far in this fight.

Belranga is particularly vulnerable to crush and corrode. In addition, her specific defenses are limited: she is merely resistant to body, perception, resolve afflictions. So while most forms of hard crowd-control won't work on her, she can still be paralyzed (by hitting her with a petrify effect that gets resisted down to paralyze) and she can be charmed/dominated. Resolve resistance does mean that if you Terrify her she still gets Frightened, which will block at least her screaming attack. Her main defense against these effects are her extremely high initial defenses.

At least on PotD Belranga's ranged attack has 15 PEN and does piercing damage and her melee attack has 13 PEN and does piercing damage; both are important considerations if you're thinking about accumulating enough AR to be able to tank her attacks by virtue of forcing her into underpenetration.

You should probably kill 80+ hatchlings before focusing much attention against Belranga (Belranga and her hatchlings will do some of the work for you because they recklessly use their aoe attacks and end up killing each other). Belranga is dangerous in melee so using choke points, summons, or other hatchlings to block her from melee range during this period of time is a good idea. After sufficiently lowering her defenses, interrupts, hard crowd-control, and chanter summons can keep her danger constrained while you focus attention on her. Incidentally killing her hatchlings with aoe or other effects in the process is a good idea if you have ways of keeping Belranga locked down, as that will continue to reduce her defenses and make her more susceptible to your attacks; at 115+ dead hatchlings her deflection becomes paltry and she is trivially vulnerable to crits. At a certain point (~100+ dead hatchlings) she can even be vulnerable to a reckless, charmed, or dominated hatchling using their Petrify poison attack (resisted down to Paralyze) since, oddly enough, Belranga has no special defense or immunity to poison.

You can also destroy the various spider burrows: they have a surprisingly huge amount of health, but doing so will prevent hatchlings from spawning from that burrow for the rest of the fight. Because you need to kill hatchlings to be able to even really affect Belranga, destroying all the burrows early on is a terrible idea, but when you finally move in to focus on Belranga taking out a burrow or two to relieve some of the focus on you may be worth the time.

Do note that once you kill Belranga you still need to kill the remaining hatchlings before the fight ends, so make sure to keep some resources in reserve to do so because there would be nothing worse than to finally defeat Belranga only to die to the last few Crystal-Eater Spiders.