Unlock all questions in 10 Cases.
Unlock all questions in 25 Cases.
Unlock all questions in all Cases.
Good eating deserves good drinking
Everyone knows about your... intimate relationship with a bottle of wine.
Win 10 times in the whole shebang.
Contain 10 riots on the map.
Peace and love
Contain 20 riots on the map.
Rebellious nature
Disobey the Jury 10 times.
Anarchy in Paris
Disobey the Jury 20 times.
Body of steel
Death avoids you.
Crowned head
Do you have an attachment to the crown.. citizen? You saved the king from death.
Kill 10 enemy agents.
Man bites man
Kill 30 enemy agents.
Blood on your hands
Perhaps it really was your fault?
Golden idol
Reach maximum reputation.
The last march
You fight for France until the last soldier.
Educational procedures
At least you're trying.
A quick sting
Pass the verdict without performing the Case.
Perfectly fill in a report 5 times.
Nothing will remain hidden
Perfectly fill in a report 20 times.
Bloody god
Behead 20 people.
No turning back
Perfectly play-out 1 intrigue.
All debts are paid
Perfectly play-out all intrigues.
Create your own seal.
During negotiations, you only use the best arguments.
Save 350 000 runaways.
The last shall be the first
Defend a section with only levy in mass.
The Fortress of Paris
Survive 10 turns in battle.
Revolutionary army
Play a battle with a team of 4 different units.
A shield for the weakest
You sacrifice soldiers to save the civilians.
Force of habit
Win the battle by using only one tactics.
Complete Act I.
Complete Act II.
Complete Act III.
Family is the most important
Mantain positive relationship with your family for 10 days.
A bargain at twice the price
Spend 100 influence points.
Family bonds
Just this once, you didn't let him down.
Marriage counseling
Let it go.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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