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by Adjneki

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Guide and Walkthrough by Adjneki

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/2018

Meet the game

Ash of Gods

(Based on GOG version v1.2.45, should be the same for Stream etc.)

(Seems stands for the other editions as well - I'm not mentioning achievements.)

Welcome! Warning: This walkthrough contains spoilers!

This game is much like Banner Saga, another nice tactical role-play game. Finishing the game might require several days, so good luck!



Hopper Rouley - Available from start.

Unlockable: Adna, Ake, Alus, Amma, Andra, Atraakh the Reaper, Bolla, Brann Vichti, Brett,Chila, Coronzon, Dorpkhal the Reaper, Drooket, Dume, Fisk, Flitt, Foshta, Gleda Brenin, Hederling, Helm, Hode, Kendi, Khama, Krieger, Lon, Lo Pheng, Mabok, Mabok the Cannibal, Mact Brenin, Mushom, Nakoma, Orkan, Padagang, Pelko Soturi, Philia, Ramlin, Rask, 2xReet (different portraits), Ruor, Shannet, Sheck, Skoor, Sopp, Stakhet Vichti, Stein, Swarty, Teek, Tenner, Thorn, Treeg, Trobbel, Vai, Vegen.


The Battle of Drowy Deep. - available from start.

Unlockable: 2xAmma's Transformation (different texts), Blance's Death, Childao's Journey, Hode's Coronation, Krieger's Transformation, Mact Brenin's Death, Sopp Murders Treeg, Stein murders Treeg, Strange Woman, Tenner Murders Treeg.


1. Story: auto-battle system on, stronger characters, extra resources (~triple stats, 640 Strixes, 6k gold etc.)

2. Classic: offers somewhat acceptable battles and the story.

3. Iron Man: one save slot for all (rather hard battles).

You may not use this article without written permission from the author. This document needs improvements (not 100%).

Last update info: Added more bad ending info, another options if you play the end game with Lo Pheng; added passive skills; some more spoiler info. Thanks to FreyaMaluk for the feedback.

Special thanks to my family, Katalin and Emma.