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by Adjneki

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Guide and Walkthrough by Adjneki

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/2018

Chapter I


What does one need to meet old age in peace? Only to avoid a major disaster...

[ Albius ]

You'll switch to Gleda Brenin and Thorn Brenin (daughter and father, fyi).

Baron Trobbel (Burgomaster) approach you and will ask if you are looking for a gift for Liki.

  1. Yes, how did you know?
  2. No, we're just strolling.
  3. Are you choosing a sacrifice for the feast?

1st: Not like you know who Liki is, you realize she is the captain’s - your - wife. Trobbel is relative of the king.

3rd: Maybe his death would do the citizens a favour. You hope the paper rope will tear, just as it did last year.

2nd: You don't want to chit-chat, Burgomaster looks bewildered.

(SPOILER/?/: I guess you shall be polite, so he'll be as well once you meet his ghost in the desert.)

TUTORIAL: About your choices will have far-reaching consequences.

Well, i didn't know who "Mact" is, so just choose that, why not...

Important decision (couldn't figure out big effect on this choice):

  1. We could give her jewellery.
  2. We could give her clothing.
  3. If only Mact came to visit... (choice)

3rd: From your choice you realize "Mact" is your brother (and busy on the borders, so must be a kind of guard or soldier).

1st: Then you shall check out Rask's shop.

2nd: Then you shall check out Padagan's stall.

After this, you'll find yourself in the town's market where you can interact with Gleda, Padagang (textile merchant) and/or Rask (jewels and antiques). Hence i guess Gleda shall give advice on the present, I've clicked her icon. Note: You can't visit both of these shops.


Well, she is suggesting health for her aching heart. The Temple of Divine Retribution might help, but you are in a market.

Since there's no effect on chat choices, choose any (I've chosen the mother was fencing as well).

  1. Mother used to fence when she was younger! (chose)
  2. I am a better fighter than anyone who has signed up!

1st: Gleda wanna win the fencing tournament in her mother's honor.

2nd: You - Thorn - are irritated. You mention her regiment buddies: Sopp, Brett and Hode.

Gleda is frowning either way in the end.

SPOILER: You may only choose Padagang's Stall or Rask, only - aka. not both of them and Padagang is suggested.

Padagang's Stall:

You'll find there the money changer's wife:

  1. Greet the woman politely. (chose /BEST/)
  2. Mock her.

1st: She nods and disappears among the merchants' stalls.

2nd: You joke about her husband's greediness, walks off toward the town gates, muttering under her breath...

SPOILER: If you are making a bad joke, her husband won't show his wares to you when you encounter him later.

Padagang will be unhappy, as you just lost him a client:

  1. You are right. Stout as a fortress, she is. (chose)
  2. Not every fortress is worth besieging.
  3. This fortress is too strong for you to take.
  4. I would happily chat with you, but I need to buy a gift.

1st: But buys larger fabric.

1.1. You can't make a day's worth of sales with me.

1.2. Is there anything for a girl of smaller proportions? (chose)

1.2: Gleda will suggest looking for a shawl or handkerchief.

3rd: You may be right and luckily she came without her husband. Story telling here.

3.1. I hope that you will help us fight the northerners. (chose)

3.2. I fear that you will join the ranks of your kin.

3.1: He'll remember who wronged him and who showed him kindness.

3.2: He just might. Why shall he sacrifice himself if the former ally didn't aid his kin?

2nd: Your words ring true. But as you've rid of one client, perhaps you'd like to pick something for yourself.

2.1. Gleda brought me here, let her pick. (chose)

2.2. Help me pick a gift for my wife.

2.1: Gleda - interjecting - wants the best shawl or handkerchief.

4th: Asking what are you looking for.

Either way you'll hear your son became a baronet. Choices:

  1. Good cheer turned out to be more powerful than the healer's gimmicks. (chose)
  2. News of her son gave her more strength than any menhir could.

1st: He is mentioning a healer from Ursus.

2nd: He thinks you just need to find the right sacred stone. He suggests visiting the Water Menhir in the Vandil Forest.

Important decision:

  1. I'll take the wool shawl.
  2. I'll take the silk handkerchief. (chose /BEST/)
  3. Show us the wool.
  4. Show us the silk. (chose /BEST/)

4th: Shows you a handkerchief with a Thread of Life silver strand woven into it. It is said it protects the wearer from evil magic. (SPOILER: You can use it to save Krieger from madness, so he can stay alive at the Triple Menhir.)

3rd: He asks for Gleda's ring. He can pull the wool through the ring.

2nd: You pay for it and pass it to Gleda.

1st: Same as 2nd.

Padagang is mentioning a pretty lady he spotted just earlier, who went straight into the Town Hall.


Check out Rask (old friend, you know him since "Odah" /whatever that means, sorry/, but you saw him 3 years ago). Gleda is speaking to herself (manuscript hunting).

  1. What makes you think I'm looking for something for Liki?
  2. You guessed right. Will you help me pick something nice?

2nd: You are such great buddies he suspects you are looking for a gift for Liki.

1st: Who else would you by shopping for?

1.1. Perhaps I'm looking for a gift for my daughter. (chose)

1.2. You are right. I'm looking for a gift for my wife.

1.1: Then you would go to the smithy, everyone in Albius is impressed by Gleda's passion.


  • The Garnet necklace is your wife's favourite.
  • Knowledge about a healer named Unda, who can be found in Ursus.
  1. What stones were you talking about? (chose)
  2. A lady healer from Ursus? Yes, I've heard rumours.
  3. Let's talk about the gift.

Info (any choice above):

  • Magical stones: Strix (your insignia gives protection).
  1. I've never encountered magic...
  2. Tell me how your amulet works.
  3. Magic is pretty useless.
  4. I don't want to waste time on this.

1st: Rask names the price of a stone: 100 gold coins.

2nd: Bit more info on Strixes and the above outcome.

I saw no reason to check out the other ones.

Important decision:

  1. I would consider the strix. (chose)
  2. Something silver, perhaps.

SPOILER: Well, Strixes will help you to live longer without injuries, while choosing silver provides a +2 Energy trinket (usable by woman, only).

1st: I, as Gleda (weird to act like two), chose the strix. Rask will give it to you actually for free by saying you'll return it if it is useless for the family (in the next year...). Strixes received: 20.

2nd: Rasks takes out a ruby-encrusted tiara. Selling it for 1 gold coin. Item received: Silver Tiara.

Bell ringing sound from the town hall.

  1. This doesn't sound like our bell ringer...
  2. Why is the town hall bell ringing?

1st/2nd: Rask seems to be fleeing, putting everything to a sack. Hurriedly he wills say you mad a good choice (strix is better).

I guess he smelled out something and know why the bells are ringing, suggests leaving to Opacum fortress.

Baron Trobbel lying on the ground, dying.

Everyone seems to be dead and you see a weird man (Dorpkhal the Reaper).

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want? (choice /BEST/)

2nd: Nothing. The Burgomaster has mad this decision on everyone's behalf. ("Cocking" his head)

Speaking about a ritual, tribute to the memory.

1st: Won't explain.

Important decision:

  1. I beg you, leave my daughter alone. (chose)
  2. Please, don't... (/BEST/)
  3. No, I'm going to live a bit longer. (worse)

1st: As a result, it will say it needs none of you, yet. Strixes lost: 8.

2nd: Examines you, then points at your pendant and will say "Don't lost it. You'll need it." (nothing happens) OR grabs it and the pendant shrinks (Strixes lost: 8).

3rd: Your heart clenches in your chest as it clenches its fist. Thorn Brenin has a minor injury. The Reaping is growing stronger. It grabs your captain's insignia, the strix in the pendant shrinks. Strixes lost: 8.

Dorpkhak the Reaper: "The Reaping will start with your family... Thorn Brenin".

SPOILER: If you have chose the "What do you want" option earlier, you can keep your insignia with the strixes, otherwise you'll lose the strixes (8).

You are running to your home and Gleda will show you some cards.

  1. Take a look at the cards.
  2. Store the cards in your bag.

Both leads to the same effect, you'll receive 5 starting cards.

You'll encounter 3 thugs (Bandit).

TUTORIAL: About character selection. If you have more characters, you can select turn orders.

TUTORIAL: About using cards. You can click the icon at the bottom left to use a card. The cards got a number which shows you in which round they'll become available for usage (e.g. "II" means in your 1st selected hero's 2nd turn). You can only use the cards once (in one battle).

TUTORIAL: About wounds (injury). Red skulls will be shown on your character portrait about the number of wounds it has sustained. The hero stats are lowered - lowered amount is up to the number of wounds. The character can die from 4 wounds! Note: If you are traveling without Strixes, you'll receive injuries from the Reaping.

TUTORIAL: About hints. You might have noticed that question mark at the bottom right, it will give you some basic info any time.

TUTORIAL: Well, not by the game scripts, but you'll encounter your very first positioning, so you might need an advice. Time is sticking away, watch out (turns icon in the top middle). I've seen some obstacles and moved my shield user captain behind it, then his daughter behind the captain (who knows.)

You can check out the bandits' moving range by clicking on them - unfortunately, you can't see their skills and the ranges for that.

SPOILER note: Since Thorn may meet new companions later, you shall improve his level. It's just a trick, so once someone wanna join you, it can do so with a higher level.

[ New enemies: Attack, health, energy ]

  • Bone Crusher: 3/25/12
  • Farm Laborer 3/40/5
  • Robber: 4/20/15

[ New skills ]

  • Brutal Blow (Bonecrusher): Deals 3 damage (100% Attack) to Health and reduces Attack of an enemy unit by 1. Requires 1 Energy (30% of Attack), cd 2.
  • Dirty Trick (Bonecrusher, Farm Laborer): Gives an extra turn when you kill an enemy. Passive
  • Furious Strike (Bonecrusher): Deals 3 damage (100% of Attack) and increases your Attack by 1.
  • Insult (Bonecrusher): Reduces Running distance and Walking distance by 1 to a random enemy unit. Does not end turn. Req.: 1 Energy(20% of Attack), cd 2.
  • Speed-up (Robber): Increases your Walking distance by 2 and Running distance by 1. Does not end turn. Req.: 1 Energy (20% of Attack), cd 3.
  • Stun (Robber): Deals 4 damage (100% of Attack) and stuns target. Req: 5 Energy.
  • Sweeping Blow (Farm Laborer): Deals 3 damage (70% Attack) to Health and to Energy.
  • Taunt (Robber): Reduces Energy by 4 (100% of Attack) to a random enemy unit and increases your Energy by 1 (20% of Attack). Req: 2 Health (30% of Attack), cd 2.
  • Wounding Blow (Farm Laborer): Deals 5 damage (150% Attack) to Health and to Energy. Requires 2 Energy (50% of Attack), CD 2.

Reward: 0 Strixes, 1000 Gold and some XP per hero (seems kill counts more, Gleda received 5, Thorn 3 xp /the kill taker would receive 6, the other 3 xp/). (Joking: Just mentioning you got 1k gold from a cheap fight and you had hard times on the 100 gold coins earlier with Rask...)

No good news at home, everyone got mad and killed each others. SPOILER: 1-1-3 seems to lead to the box with some gold (i'm not 100% sure on this).

  1. Liki... How could this happen?
  2. Tenner! What happened here? (chose)
  3. Gleda... Oh, Gle... be strong.

2nd: Tenner will tell.

1st: Gleda is sobbing.

3rd: Gleda is crying.

  1. No, Liki... Please, no... (available if you chose the 2nd-3rd)
  2. Gleda, give me a hand. (chose)
  3. Tenner, saddle the horses. (available if you chose the 2nd)

1st: Gleda will ask what you shall do now.

3rd: At least your are alive and you shall leave the town. End chat.

2nd: You order her to cover Quina's body with a blanket from the bed (no longer sobbing).

You get a story either way: Count Vichti and his son, Brann, always said it would end this way.

  1. Oh, Liki... This shouldn't have happened. (chose)
  2. The count said many things.
  3. Don't you dare mention their names!

1st: Gleda will ask Tenner to saddle the horses.

3rd: Seems Tenner if frightened.

2nd: Gleda will say this is not the time for old grudges.

Chance: You order Gleda to pack mother's jewellery box and take the money from the nook in your room. Gold received: 500.

SPOILER: 1-1-3 will ensure it for sure (maybe others after 1-1 choices, too).

You'll notice a black-blue mark (like an ulcer) on your wife's neck. Gleda tell the manuscripts mention special stones, called Strixes. You add your insignia to your daughter.

You can interact with the Gate, Gleda (Cart) and Tenner (House).


  1. Ask him whether he hopes to survive.
  2. Tell Tenner he has been an excellent servant. (GOOD)
  3. Ask him about his intentions. (chose /not so good/)

3rd: Tenner will write a letter about you couldn't protect your wife an he his family.

Important decision:

3.1. Leave. (chose)

3.2. Strike the servant. (BAD)

3.1: "I'd punch you, but Like would have disapproved."

3.2: You punch him and he is bleeding. You've killed Tenner! (SPOILER: You might meet with his ghost later in the desert.)

2nd: He will say you've been a model husband for Liki.

1st: Why would he want to live?


  1. Help Gleda fasten the package. (chose /GOOD/)
  2. Take the scroll and throw it aside.

1st: Will say a thanks for your help. SPOILER: Just noticed if you keep these, you can trigger a merchant event if you are out of Strixes, where you can sell these for Strixes.

2nd: "You're right. It's such a trifle".


There'll be Captain Krieger, who got Fisk - the guard from the northern gate - and plus four lads. He will leave soldiers at your stable. He'll also ask where Tenner is if you've killed him.

Now you can interact with the Shed and Stable.


You'll find Brett there.

  1. All you can do is curl up in terror.
  2. What can you do against a Reaper? (chose /BAD/)

2nd: Loyalty decreased: Brett.

1st: Maybe it's meant to be like this... Nothing happens.


You'll find there Sopp and Hode.

  1. Why are you staring at the gate?
  2. Why the sour look?
  3. How are you holding up? (chose /seems any of these can be enough/)
  4. All right, enough talk.

Sopp will had chat with Krieger. Then chose 1st, then 2nd.

Sopp will mentioned you shall move to Ursus, as its walls are higher and the Jeranan army is nearby with the king and more food.

You decision is: Get out of town and ride to the nearest menhir.

Th good news is, you'll receive a "Loyalty increased: Sopp" either way (even just by choosing the enough talk).

Now you can click on the GATE to have another conversations for goal.

Speaking about Trobbel is dead (the Burgomaster).

Options (you can choose from more):

  1. What is this sign on the gate? (chose)
  2. Check the backs of everyone's necks. The plague leaves a distinctive mark. (BEST)
  3. You said something about going berserk, Krieger?
  4. It's time to get out of town. Get on your mounts!

1st: No clue, you'll receive the story about what happened. Krieger starting to yell and you'll make someone happy, someone sad:

1.1. Krieger, let it go! (chose /BEST, as you can improve Krieger's Loyalty later/)

1.2. Hush, Flitt. (BAD. SPOILER: Would die at the first Ense fight.)

1.1: Loyalty decreased: Krieger, Loyalty increased: Flitt.

1.2: Loyalty decreased: Flitt, Loyalty increased: Krieger.

2nd: They already checked themselves. Loyalty increased: Fisk.

2.1. I wonder whether you're drunk or just stupid... (BAD)

2.2. Perhaps I'm not making myself clear... (chose)

2.2: Actually he got a strix from his mother.

2.1: You ask him about the Strix. Loyalty decreases: Fisk. He got a strix on his pin.

3rd: People went berserk.

4th is leaving option, but Krieger will mention a merchant, Rask.

Now you need to get through the town to open the gate:

  1. Why are these madmen so organized?
  2. Why did the monster seal the gate?
  3. Shall we try to break through? (chose /BEST/)
  4. Enough thinking. Time for action!

3rd: Krieger won't lead an attack against his mates. Loyalty increased: Krieger (Note: This might happens here or not, might be up to the chat at your house).

1st: Loyalty increased: Krieger (Again, i guess this requires earlier increase on Krieger on the coward event). Small brainstorming between Gleda and Flitt, choices:

1.1. You discussed the Reaping with Rask? (chose)

1.2. You never told me you'd met him.

1.1: Sometimes. Reaping happened twice.

1.2: Visited the shop couple of times. Maybe he just wanted to scare her off.

2nd: A bit more info on Flitt and his father (royal scribe).

4th, as time for action. Loyalty increased: Krieger chance. You'll need to split armies. Krieger would prefer staying together.

SPOILER: To increase Krieger's Loyalty, you must ask the 3rd question before you choose the 4th.

Day 0, 10% morale, 130 Strixes, 3000 Gold.

TUTORIAL: Again, not by the game, just giving you hints. This is the very first location where you can pick characters, cards, items and can view your stuffs.

[ Getting info on a char ]

Not so well programmed - you think -, as you need to leave your cursor over a character, then click the spying glass on the bottom left (below portraits). You need to avoid hoovering your cursor over other heroes...? Nah, you can click that campfire icon between the Gold amount and Settings icon!

Anyway, once you open the character info sheet, you can use the left and right arrows to choose a hero for investigation. On this screen you'll see several info which might be interesting to you. I'll share it to left and right part:

Left part:

- Party's morale: It will be shown below your heroes and you can see it can effect stats (on normal level this means 0%)

- Character selection: As mentioned above.

- Name, class and level: On the top left.

- Hero bio info: Lore about the character.

Right part:

- Skills: It'll open your skills tab where you can assign earned skill points.

- Experience: Gained experience / required to level up.

- Character skills: Self explanatory. Hold your cursor over them to check out their effect.

- Injuries: If any.

- Stats: Attack, Health, Energy, Walking, Running. If they are effected, they'll have different colours.

- Loyalty is something unique what you won't see on your main hero, Thorn Brenin. You'll see this value below your main stats and got effect on your Attack, Health and Energy stats:

Average: no effect, +0%.

High: +10% to stats.

Low: -10% to stats.

You can go back to the main selection screen by the arrow at the top left. Let's share this screen to six parts.

1. Basic information line at the top will gives you info about spent Days, team Morale, Strixes and Gold amount. You can also see a camping torch to the right (not much of a function, acts like inspecting a party member).

2. Pick party: Use drag&drop to select heroes.

3. Cards: These are your cards for the upcoming battles. Later you can either receive them as battle loot rewards or can purchase them from a shop/merchant.

4. Party & Deck: In the middle you can see your available heroes and cards.

5. Items: On the right you'll see the available items (you ain't got any in this early battle, unless you picked a silver trinket from Rask).

6. Once you are ok with your team choice, click "FIGHT!" at the bottom.

Alright. You're not quite sure why, but you got ~142 Strixes, ~2500-3000 Gold and low starting morale (10%). As Krieger mentioned earlier, he don't wanna fight his mates, so I haven't used him for this battle (seems this got no impact on the game, so you can include him anyway).

I've chosen 2xArchers, 1xSpearman and 1xAssasin (and let Brenins in party for XP for leveling chance).

Notes on classes:

- Warriors can be excellent tanks later. Common tactic: Send them ahead with a defense boost, then switch to a counter-attack boost.

- Archers can do a lot more damage now and later, plus they got high range.

- Spearman can do high damage, but got kinda' weak defense (glass-cannon effect). However, it can hit more enemies in a line once you can level him up (unlock that skill first). Note: favourite target of the enemy.

- Assassin... well, you must heart stories about them.

- Thorn: He is not an awesome damage dealer, but can cast defense boost on your tank and push away enemies.

- Gleda: She is nice with her damage, but might not as awesome as others.

Again, you'll see some obstacles (not selectable). You can use this to your advantage, place your Archers behind them.

[ New enemies ]

  • Berkanan Guard:7/20/13.
  • Berkanan Sentinel: 7/20/13.

[ New skills ]

  • Call to Defense (Berkanans): Increases Defense by 1 (in effect until next turn) to all party members. Doesn't end turn.
  • Onslaught (Berkanans): Deals 11 damage (150% of Attack) and pushes back an enemy unit by 2 tiles.
  • Parry (Berkanans): Deals 7 damage (100% of Attack) and increases your Defense by 3 (30% of Attack, in effect until next turn).
  • Respite (Farm laborer): Increases your Energy by 14 (200% of Attack). Requires 2 Health (20% of Attack), 2 cd.

Note: If you think you messed up things, you can click on the menu (coghwheel at top) and click on "Play battle again".

Soon as you finish the battle, you'll still need to open the gates (mom's silver?)

Reward: 500 Gold, a Golden Earring (+1 Energy) item and xp after kills.

TUTORIAL: You'll run into the MAP feature. Use the Hint button to get basic help.

Let's go around on the features:

  • Current goal: It will show the current goal (might not give you brief description about the to-do, seems to be a reminder).
  • Camping: There you can heal the wounds - not quite the same as at the earlier battle. You can click on it to interact with people and use Squad Management (this is the same as at the battle management).
  • Bar at top: Already mentioned earlier at the battle feature, so i won't explain it again.
  • Reaping grade: The higher the grade is, the higher the difficulty is (starts on 1).
  • Settings: As always - if actions make it available -, you can look for this cogwheel to reach the menu.
  • Moving around the map: You can move around by dragging your map; Use +/- signs to zoom in/out and can centre the map on your party.
  • Available routes: You shall decide which way you wanna go.
  • Info on selection: You can either select a location or click a route for more info before embarking.
  • Strixes: The bigger your caravan is, the more Strixes you will need to travel or to heal. Below you can see that a normal route part will require 22 pcs. The cost will be increased by every new party members. As you can hardly find Strixes, you shall either use all available event kinds or buy all Strix items from the shops you encounter on your way. There are some items which can lower the amount of required Strixes, but you’ll get them a lot later and those can only provide -1 requirements/item.

You can choose between three routes:

  1. Stone Bridge (22 Strixes).
  2. Northern Road (44 Strixes, BAD).
  3. Coal-Burners' Track (22 Strixes, GOOD).

You can click on the different routes before clicking Continue to get some highlights. As my aim is to get to Ursus, I've chosen the 1st path. However, you can have the current goal as "save your daughter and visit the nearest menhir", so you might want to go towards Dynford Village (mentioning it below).


- You'll find no bridge on the 2nd route, so you must turn back and choose another route (wasting day and strixes).

- You can save a new hero if you can reach the menhir within 3 days (3rd route).

Day 0, morale 10%, Strixes ~130, Gold ~3000 (likely amounts, up to your previous choices). Taking the "Stone Bridge" for 22 Strixes.

[ Gebonan Tower ]

Day 1. You see slaughtered guards. You can either interact with the Corpses or by the Tower or move onward.

Corpses: The victim's faces and ears have been cut off. Krieger will recognise them from the uniform. These are those 12 guards who were pursuing Rask. You'll found Rask's ax there. You can decide what to do with the bodies:

  1. Search the corpses. (chose /BAD/)
  2. Bury the guards.
  3. Leave them as they are.

1st: Krieger will be disappointed. Outcome: 100 Gold, Loyalty decreased on Krieger.

2nd-3rd: Would take too long, therefore, you just leave them there, but turning all faced down with Krieger's help.

Now you can also interact the Southern and Western roads for Rask, but i decided to check out the Tower.

Tower: It'll be closed. Choices:

  1. Walk around the tower. (chose)
  2. Try to break open the door.
  3. Waste no more time and leave.
  4. Climb in through the window.

1st: You'll discover vertical slits where you can peek inside:

1.1. Peek inside. (chose)

1.2. Return to the door.

1.1: It is rather dark inside but you could find the Jeranans in blood.

1.2: Leads to the previous options.

2nd: You couldn't break through.

4th: You need to send someone up to the eroded tower wall. Choices:

1. Send Flitt. (GOOD)

2. Send Hode. (seems to be good as well)

3. Send Brett. (BAD)

4. Send Gleda.

5. Admit it's a bad idea and leave the tower.

2nd: I chose Hode - as he is an assassin. He could use his daggers and went inside, also impressed Gleda meanwhile.

1st: You could find a captain insignia. Strixes received: +20.

4th: Nah, you abandon the idea.

3rd: He falls back, but alive. You can still choose others. Brett has a minor injury.

1st: He could climb up and went inside the window.

5th: You are frustrated that you couldn't intercept Rask, you tell your worries to Krieger.

Inside you'll find the Jeranan guards, all dead. You can:

  1. Search the bodies. (chose /GOOD/)
  2. Leave.

1st: You find the body of a captain and his insignia on him. Srixes received: 20.

Now you can either move onward or the check one of the roads.

Western: No hoof prints.

Southern: You found some tracks. Soldiers from Odalah or Jerana would've stopped, so other visitors to Berkana can only mean trouble.

Krieger thinks Rask left for Gebona, but you got nothing to do there. You decide to go to Dynford village for a menhir.

As you can't go backward, you got the following choices:

  1. Secret Path (44 Strixes)
  2. Mountain Pathway (44 Strixes)

I had 140 Strixes before the choice and went to Mountain Pathway. I mention this to give you a warning about how important Strixes are: Taking a route will require certain amount of Strixes to defend yourself against the Reaping. Also, you can see the time is ticking away (days). Will mention "Secret Path" below.

Day 2. Random event. I was on my 2nd Day when I've encountered Muellase's wagon (money changer from Albius):

  1. Drive past.
  2. Say hello. (chose)

2nd: If you met his wife, he is irritated.

1st: You leave the wagon far behind.

If irritated:

  1. Get closer regardless. (chose /BAD/)
  2. Decide not to get involved.
  3. Rob the money changer.

1st: His guards draw their weapon, your party can't understand your move. You gotta move on and leave alone the wagon. Morale -10%.

If you haven't mocked his wife (aka. greeted politely), he'll tell you he moved out before the ringing event to reach Ursus:

  1. Rob the money changer.
  2. Inform the money changer of the value of strixes. (BAD)
  3. Look at the merchandise. (chose)

3rd: Opens shop.

2nd: He doesn't believe in the Reaping or in the strixes, still he decides to raise the prices.

  1. Say goodbye.
  2. Rob the money changer.
  3. Examine the goods anyway. (chose)

3rd: Opens shop. Leather Purse, Cracked Emerald, Merchant's Bracelet (got 20 Strixes, 1560 if you informed him about Strix prices, 1300 without), 2xParalysis (card parts), 2xMiraculous Healing, 2xEnergy Rush. Closing the shop gets you back to the above choices, i sad good bye.

TUTORIAL: About merchants, not in game tutorial. It's not quite difficult to understand this screen. You can see the offered valuables at the top line, your items in the bottom line. Unfortunately, part of the item description is truncated, but as you have to confirm Purchase, you can select the item and click on Purchase for the full info. You can buy simple items which got boosting benefits or part of the cards (description will tell you how many parts you need). It is possible you won't be able to collect all cards in your full game play.

I saw no reason to rob the money changer - as that could lead to a battle, but i guess also to Loyalty change -, so i just said good bye after purchase.

On day 2 you'll receive a story info (wherever you are): The Frisians invaded Berkana. Hordes of northerners are already marching across the lands of the Five Kingdom.

You can continue your journey through the Mountain Pathway (another 22 Strixes) to get to the Abandoned Camp.

[ Abandoned Camp ]

Day 3, morale Low (10%). Brett will notice something, one of your soldiers - at least the uniform looks like:

  1. Turn to the body. (chose)
  2. Move on.

Krieger rushes to the body:

  1. Bury Land. (GOOD /check below/)
  2. Examine the corpse. (chose /GOOD/)
  3. Leave. (BAD)

2nd: You'll find a small purse and realize he was struck from behind, then you'll still have the above choices, so I've chosen "Bury Land" (no effect). Gold received: 100.

3rd: No one is happy to leave Land's body unburied, Krieger's eyes are daggers: -10% morale. Gold received: 100.

1st: Morale improved by 10% (20%).

You can camp or move onward through the Old Road (44 Strixes). I've decided to have a camp and chat with the folks.


  1. I don't recognise you, Krieger. (chose)
  2. You shouldn't forget about the regiment.
  3. Do you remember the incident with the king of Odalah?
  4. You'd better go to sleep, Krieger...

1st: She doesn't like his wife too much.

1.1 I must remind you how you saved the boy. (chose)

1.2. No, Krieger. I'm talking about something else.

1.2: One sobers up when he's caught in a bind?

2nd: Reaction bout the happenings in Albius.

2.1 Whatever happened next - you did everything right. (chose)

2.1 There's no way to change the past, Krieger.

2.1: He can get drunk, but he will be sober again.


3.1 Yes, it wasn't a normal day. It was like a small Reaping...

3.2 You were promoted to Captain because of that day. (chose)

3.1: That's true.

4th: Then said him to have a sleep (no effect now). Also, just realized my party morale is decreased by another 10% (20%) - might happened earlier.


  1. Aren't you the son of some nobleman?
  2. Where did you get your training, apart from the Albius regiment? (chose)
  3. Have any surprises in store for me?

2nd: No real effect. Some polite chat. You can ask the other two questions or click "I guess that's all i wanted to know".

1st: He never knew his father.

3rd: Gleda is both your strength and weakness (you are smiling in the end).

You can close the chat window, so Brett can ask whether you think you can survive the Reaping.

Flitt: You can ask him about scribes.

  1. So, what to they have to say about Frisia? (chose)
  2. Why didn't you stay in Odah?
  3. What are your plans for after the Reaping, Flitt?
  4. You should put the reading aside and rest.

1st: Story about three Kingdoms and Temple of Divine Wrath with "nearly" infinite power.

1.1. I heard that there are no true kings in Frisia...

1.2. I don't understand. What does "almost infinite" even mean?

1.3. Why do you study Frisia? (chose)

1.3: Hence the upcoming war. Then you can ask from the above options.

1.1: Yes, for the last 700 years.

1.2: Right.. can be only limited by the power of gods.

2nd: He wanted to be a warrior scribe (his father was a royal scribe in Odah). He will tell you his father sailed with you to the Veil:

2.1. That's why I had the feeling that we've met before! (chose)

2.2. Stop talking nonsense, lad!

2.2: His father was like him and had the same name.

2.1: He resemble him. Only he was a ginger.

3rd: He is smiling but sad, as he is not a hero to survive it.

3.1. You're wrong, Flitt.

3.2. It's all in the hands of the gods, Flitt. (chose)

3.2: Whatever you say, he'll accept it (calmly).

3.1: What is it then?

Then you can tell him to rest, he'll mention he will try to write down your stories.

If you bought some items, you can assign them to your heroes (drag&drop), then click "Continue your journey" at the bottom.

Too bad, but you can't move straight towards Ursus, so you must use this offered Old Road.

Brett will spot some Albius guards on the road and hails them. You are unsure about their hurrying behaviour:

  1. Prepare to fight.
  2. Run away.
  3. Shake off your suspicions and bide your time. (chose /BAD/)

3rd: The first rider knocked Krieger off from his feet. Received: Krieger has a minor injury.

The watchmen' faces are twisted with rage and lunge at you (no one pay attention to Krieger, but he won't be available for the fight).

1st: Watchmen got rage as well, but Krieger got no problems.

[ New enemies ]

  • Berkanan swordsman: 5/40/36

[ New skills ]

  • Furious Strike (Berkanan swordsman): Deals 5 damage (100% of Attack) and increases your Attack by 1.
  • Onslaught (same): Deals 8 damage (150% of Attack) and stuns target, pushes back an enemy unit by 2 tiles.
  • Retaliation (same): Increases your Counter Attack by 5 (100% of Attack, in effect until next turn). Doesn't end turn.

As i had two Archers, i moved them to bottom left corner where i saw a nice obstacle for them. I guess you shall take out the swordsman somehow (hence the stun skill), but you'll confront all the guards first.

The enemy will also have a card to increase attack, watch out. Their skills can spread +1 Attacks upon death, watch out 2.

Reward: 10 Strixes, 1300 Gold, Strix Shard (Energy +1) and XP. A small signed showed me Gleda leveled up (an arrow on her portrait).

You shall camp and use the blinking level up arrow to assign skill points and to heal party (remember if Krieger got injury). Unfortunately, 22 Strixes required to heal the party (and also to move onward on the Old Road), which also takes away a day. Another solution is to heal Krieger once you got a fight.

Gebonan Watchtower - starting from Secret Path:

Day 2. Random event. You spot Muellase. Note that Frisians will invade on the 2nd day either way.

Yo need to take the "Secret Path" again for another 22 Strixes to reach Dynford Village.

Albius - starting from Northern Road:

You are taking the "Northern Road" (44 Strixes) to reach the "Dynford Village". If you haven't done it so, you can interact with some members in camp.

[ Dead Spring ]

Day 1. The bridge has been washed away in a spring floor, no way forward. You gotta turn back and spend another 22 Strixes (and another day).

[ Albius ]

Day 2. Frisians invaded Berkana.

You take the "Coal-Burners' Track" for 22 Strixes (i showed you the other path above).

[ Watchtower ]

Day 3. The road curves, you can see the tower from a distance, but you can also see a ransacked cart and a murdered family. Krieger will be angry. You notice you were only a few minutes late and decide to pursue kill the bastards.

Tip: You can hide archers behind obstacles, so you shall bring them into this fight.

Reward: 50 Strixes, 1000 Gold, Rubbed-off Rune, 1xCure card shard drop and XP.

Seems no one is at the tower, you wanna check this out. Krieger says Stein should be here.

You can interact with the Watchtower (requires previous chat with others) or Tower Outskirts; or you can take your lave.


Blood on the rocks and the gate is broken... from inside. If someone was killed, that must be the toll collector, the 2nd watchman or Stein.

  1. And what do you think, Fisk?
  2. What say you, Krieger? Where to?
  3. I think that's enough talk.

2nd: Look for a sacred stone. Fisk suggests the opposite, as all the ppl will go to the menhir.

1st: He wanna hide...

3rd: We shall scan the outskirts.

Tower Outskirt:

You send Hode, Brett and Flitt to explore the area. Sopp wanna go with Hode and will shield him for a reason. They'll find Stein, who is available for interaction.


Krieger must stop Stein, as he wanna engrave the same mark:

  1. Calm down, Krieger. I don't think Stein meant any harm.
  2. Krieger's right, Stein. Don't touch the gate.
  3. Screw the gate. Let's get out of here, quickly.

2nd: Loyalty increased: Krieger. Stein will say we are already cursed.

1st: Loyalty decreased: Krieger.

3rd: You jump over the below choices and info (until Krieger got some words).

Ramlin fall, fortunately, didn't out of the window. A weird creature drew the marks:

  1. Didn't you hear us calling you?
  2. Where's the second watchman? And the toll collector?
  3. How did you manage to break the seal?
  4. Grab your stuff and come with us.

3rd: Accidentally, Ramlin got scared and knocked out the rotten gate. Ramlin attacked him right after, toll collector went crazy.

2nd: He had to kill the toll collector. Ramlin must flee towards his home, Dynford.

1st: He didn't care who was calling, his neck was burning and collected ice.

He'll mention Rask went this way and a dozen guards were chasing him.

4th: He doesn't want to abandon his post and will say you shall go back to yours as well. Krieger got some words:

  1. Get off it, Krieger. Everyone has his own truth.
  2. Don't forget Krieger is a captain of the guard, Stein. (chose)

2nd: Or Captain Coward. He should be sorting out the mess in town.

1st: Loyalty decreased: Krieger.

You can interact with Ramlin, the 2nd guard.


You ask Krieger who he is and he'll tell some infos.

You can leave, then Krieger calls you over telling he fears the sergeant is going to blame you for the murder of the toll collector. Even mentioning it might be safer to kill him:

1. Go back and kill Stein.

2. Forget about this suggestion. (chose)

2nd: Not killing innocents.

1st: (I haven't chose, i just don't wanna, sorry :P)

SPOILER: By gathering this info, you may (random event) use it later to convince Ramlin to tell stories to your party for morale boost.


- Dry Riverbead (22).

- Miller's Track (22).

I chose 1st one here to get to "Serpent Creek". Check below for the Miller's Track route.

[ Serpent Creek ]

Day 4. Random event. One of the pack horses breaks the reins and bolts away. (described already, use search). If you went after the horse, you lost a day, but gained more gold. Be it that way, so you're on Day 5 atm.

Only "Highland Plateau" is available for you for 22 Strixes. It'll take you to "Dynford Village".

Random event 2 (happened in easy mode). You come across a blood-curdling scene, there's a plundered cart which is surrounded by dead bodies:

  1. Move on.
  2. Bury the dead.
  3. Look for survivors. (chose)

3rd: You could find one gravely wounded man. You dress his wound, then a company of guards rides into sight. They promise to treat the wounded man. Your companions are happy: +10% morale (20%).

[ Dead Spring ] (taking Millers' Track)

Day 4. Random event. You spot Muellase, the wandering merchant from Albius (let's hope you were kind to his wife). Mentioned this event earlier.

The "Northern Road" can take you to "Dynford Village".

Back to "Dynford Village":

[ Dynford Villagge ]

Day ~3-5. You'll notice a tired rider, Ramlin (Krieger will know him). You'll have a chat with him after his horse collapses:

(1. Why did you abandon your post at the tower? /Seems it is available if you couldn't visit Tower next to Stein?/)

  1. Did you notice anything strange on your way?
  2. How did you ever manage to ride for so long?
  3. Well, we have to set out.

(1st: He will say both the toll collector and Stein went mad.)

1st: Lots of footprints, mysterous horsemen.

2nd: His grandma is one of the Vandils.

2.1 Can you buck us up? (chose)

2.2 So, are you a sorcerer or not?

2.1: Not yet.

2.2: He wouldn't call it sorcery.

You can take your leave. Ramlin will drop by his grandma then return to Stein.

You'll pass by a silent village. Flitt bets on the sacred stone, as it is holiday, as likely villagers spot.

Later on you'll see something smoking in the nearby and scavengers circle over it. Well, something terrible is ahead. You'll notice a pregnant woman under the pile of corpses:

  1. Leave her be. (BAD)
  2. Put her out of her misery. (BAD)
  3. Try to help. (chose /BEST/)

3rd: You could pull her out but you need to take her with you to the menhir.

2nd: You ask her to close her eyes if she wanna die. She did. You'll feel your companions' questioning eyes upon you. Morale decreased by 10% (0-10%).

1st: Many of your mates are closing their eyes as they pass the corpses. -10% morale.

You'll get on a bridge and will see the menhir soaked with blood and a main being forced onto the stone. Flitt thinks the weird figures are Enses abominations.


- If you've let Krieger call him all kind of bad things at your house, he'll rush forward alone. Flitt is dead!

- Gleda will look after the wounded girl (she won't be available in your roster) if you wanted to save her.

I was at Day 5 (one of my run :S), same 20% morale, 82 Strixes and some golds.

Weird enough, but now i could see the enemies' skills.

[ New enemies ]

  • Ense swordman: 7/32/24.
  • Ense sorcerer: 5/18/30

[ New skills ]

  • Attack (Ense swordsman): Deals 7 damage (100% of Attack).
  • Bloodlust (Ense swordsman): Increases your Health by 7 (90% of Attack) when you kill an enemy. Passive.
  • Cure (Ense sorcerer): Increases Health of a party member by 6 (120% of Attack). Req.: 3 Energy (50% of Attack).
  • Deadly Jab (Ense swordsman): Deals 14 damage (200% of Attack) to everyone on the line. Req.: 6 Health (80% of Attack), 3 Energy (30% of Attack), 2 cd.
  • Magic Block (Ense sorcerer): Takes your opponent's party 1 round back in time when this character dies. Passive.
  • Magic Channeling (Ense sorcerer): Increases your Energy by 5 when an enemy uses a card. Passive.
  • Mass Defense: Increases Defense by 3 (in effect until next turn) to all party members. Req.: 5 Energy.
  • Mental Strike (Ense swordsman): Deals 7 damage (100% of Attack) and reduces Attack of an enemy unit by 1. Req.: 4 Health (50% of Attack), cd 2.
  • Offering (Ense sorcerer): Increases Energy of a party member by 6 (120% of Attack). Req.: 5 Health (100% of Attack).
  • Retaliation (Ense swordsman): Increases your Counter Attack by 7 (100% of Attack, in effect until next turn). Doesn't end turn. Req.: 3 Energy (30% of Attack), cd 2.
  • Whiplash (Ense sorcerer): Deals 5 damage (100% of Attack) to everyone on the line.


I reduced the health of the sorcerer asap (so it couldn't cast so many times).

The enemy can attack from 4 step range. Also, they can hit more enemies at once in line (avoid being behind each others).

The sorcerer will buff the swordsman's health near it.

Tip: Use your 2 fighters on the front, buff with Thorn, use Ho behind the other fighter, archers behind.

Reward: 75 Strixes, 1500 Gold, Cure card shard and XP. I could level up all my heroes except Krieger (as he couldn't fight earlier).

You found Ramlin on the bridge where Gleda is trying to calm him down. You can interact with the followings:

- Some blood on the ground (event based on Day 5)

- Menhir (event based on Day 5)

- Ramlin

- Survivor (event based on Day 3)

Note: You can either interact with the Survivor on Day 3, or with the menhir and the blood (your 5th day).


He'll tell you asap to avoid coming closer, the Enses corrupted the sacred stone. He is a wandering monk called Vai:

  1. Why did they leave you alive? (chose)
  2. How did the watch manage to miss a whole mob of enemies and captives?
  3. Show me your neck. Are there any marks?
  4. You've already told me what I needed to know.

1st: Telling you some villagers had to dig a mass grave before they've killed them.

2nd: There were too many of them.

3rd: He'll tell you something about Strixes, they can fight against corruption. Some more story about his discovery.

4th: Loyalty increased: Vai (just have a chat with him). You shall find another menhir and Vai would like to join - at least until meeting the Ursus temple's abbot. Strixes received: 5.

Ramlin: He will want come with you and will offer his amulet (received from his grandma). You can:

  1. Take the locket.
  2. Refuse to take the locket. (chose)

2nd: Loyalty increased: Ramlin. He'll also want to pass you some cards. You can get more infos on the cards:

2.1 Do you even realize what this is? (Cards are Qimran.)

2.2 What use are your cards?

2.3 Why are some of them broken?

2.4 Thank you, but we really need to go now.

1st: Strix in the amulet. Hands over cards with shaking hands.

2.1-2.3: You'll get some info on those. Take your leave then he will warn you:

  1. Don't tell me what to do, lad.
  2. I expect you to do more than just gape. (chose)

2nd: Loyalty increased: Ramlin.

1st: You'll keep your sword close by.

Strixes received: +5.

Soon enough you'll see the baby, but its mother is dead (if you saved the pregnant woman earlier).

You can interact with the Watchtower and the Grave (or once you've checked on the menhir).


Fisk will have small quarrel with you, but you'll leave the menhir as is. You'll have two more interactions available: Watchtower and Grave.

Blood on the floor:

At least now you know the mysterious horsemen are Enses, some of them left before you arrived.


Nothing to do here, but Gleda will be angry a bit as you left her behind with the pregnant woman. You can call someone as a witness:

  1. Call Sopp as a witness. (chose)
  2. Call Brett as a witness.
  3. Call Hode as witness.

1st: He will tell you taught Gleda well.

3rd: He will say Gleda is one of the best.

2nd: Say to Gleda she is better than most.


You can still interact with the Watchtower (you can level up your heroes, no camping) or take your leave.