Guardian Tiger and Leopard Cat?

  1. So i ended up seeing the sex scene with Leopard Cat, and i'm too impatient to have the ability to play the game myself.

    My question is simple: why is it Leopard Cat's sex scene is with Guardian Tiger instead of Liao? Please don't hesitate to spoil his storyline, i really don't care about spoilers. I just want to know why Liao isn't doing it with him, or if that actually is Liao, or a dream sequence, whatever the case may be. Thank you very much!

    User Info: Gligroxle

    Gligroxle - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. to tell the truth it is Liao and Guardian Tiger.Guardian Tiger possess Liao´s body and make sex as a punishment but Liao is concious of this and fell all the thing.when he finish,Guardian Tiger leave Liao´s body and Liao is the one who make all of the scene

    I hope that helped you

    User Info: WolfKuugo

    WolfKuugo - 2 years ago 1   0

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