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Don't Get Buried In Your End Zone!
The football game where everything you ever wanted to do to the other team is legal and where you're penalized for leaving body parts on the field. The other team is out for your blood, and they've got the weaponry to get it. Of course, your team has plenty of smashdowns to prove it's no bunch of saints, either. Meanwhile, the football has its own ideas about the game... In Grave Yardage, when the opposing coach calls your defensive line "a bunch of monsters," he means it.
If you think astroturf is hard, try playing on land mines. This league makes the NFL look like the PTA.
Real football, complete with bombs, blitzes, cheerleaders, kickoffs and in-your-face sacks.
Replace your dead and dying with your fresh and furious. Pick from ogres, trolls, goblins, zombies, ghouls, and more.
Choose from a large selection of plays such as "Kill Them All," "Twilight Zone" and "Elvis Lives." Or create your own.
Play ball with the meanest bunch of monsters that ever graced a gridiron.
Head For The Grave Yardage.

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