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And Now...the Main Event.
On the STAR RANK BOXING circuit, simple slugging means a lot--but not everything.
Sure, you've got to have pop in your punches. But you also need finesse, lightning-fast reflexes and overall toughness--mental and physical. Because it's a long climb to the top.
And there are no pushovers in the Star Ranks.
You create each fighter. Fight in any of three different divisions--welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight. You can create up to 5 fighters in each class, name them for your favorite boxing superstars--or anyone you want.
1- And 2-player action. Take on a friend in 2-player exhibition action. Or take your shot at the title, going up against computer boxers in the grueling but exhilerating journey up through the Star Ranks.
Pick your fights--carefully. Before each fight, the Tale of the Tape tells you how you rank within the division--how you stack up against the current champ and the four other contenders. Will you climb methodically to the top, or do you dare to try to leapfrog into the limelight?
In camp, you must tailor a training regimen to your fighter's needs--and to your next opponent. There's more than one way to a winning balance of talent and training.
The knockout works both ways. The ring is where it all comes together--or falls apart. Will you move up in the ranks or go down for the count? Better have a plan for the bout when the bell rings--when the punches start flying, you may not have time to think.
STAR RANK BOXING II. It's not always pretty. But it's an art--the art of boxing.

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