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by chris-williams

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Guide and Walkthrough by chris-williams

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/11/2016

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. General Strategies
  2. Prologue - Awake At Last
  3. Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin
    1. Wellspring Woods
  4. Chapter 2 - Foretold by Prophecy
    1. Cornelia
  5. Chapter 3 - Old Acquaintances
    1. Cornelia Region
    2. Nether Nebula
  6. Chapter 4 - A Legendary Warrior
    1. The Watchplains
  7. Chapter 5 - The Champion Who Saved Grymoire
    1. Pyreglow Forest
    2. Forest Clearing
  8. Chapter 6 - Solace from the Ice
    1. Icicle Ridge
  9. Chapter 7 - The Thane and the Knave
  10. Chapter 8 - Buccaneer Blues
    1. Saronia Docks
  11. Chapter 9 - The Low Seas
    1. The Low Seas
  12. Chapter 10 - Too Warm a Welcome
    1. The Dragon Scars
    2. Babil Region
  13. Chapter 11 - Crimson and Azure
    1. Valley Seven
  14. Chapter 12 - Ribble Jiggle Panic
    1. The Windswept Mire
  15. Chapter 13 - Castle in the Desert
    1. The Phantom Sands
  16. Chapter 14 - Lost Powers
    1. Underground Prison
  17. Chapter 15 - The Mako Reactor and the Black Mages
    1. Underground Prison (Part 2)
    2. Mako Reactor 0
  18. Chapter 16 - Clash on Big Bridge
    1. Phantom Sands (Part 2)
    2. Big Bridge
  19. Chapter 17 - Naught but Nightmares
    1. Tometown of the Ancients
    2. The Train Graveyard
  20. Chapter 18 - The Fell Spell and the Quacho Queen
    1. Besaid
    2. The Sunken Temple
  21. Chapter 19 - The Other Nine Wood Hills
    1. The Crystal Tower
  22. Chapter 20 The Crimson Prophecy's End
    1. The Ultima Gate
    2. Balamb Garden
  23. Chapter 21 - Chaos in Grymoire
    1. The Airship
    2. The Five Cogna Lords
    3. Agarthir
    4. The Chainroad
    5. Castle Exnine
  24. Postscript - Turn Those Corners Up
    1. The Pleiad
    2. Vestiges of Life
    3. Final Cleanup
    4. Operation Salvation
  25. Post-Game
    1. Castle Exnine Secret Ordeal
    2. Ex Dungeons
    3. Ex Dungeon A
    4. Ex Dungeon B
    5. Ex Dungeon C
    6. Ex Dungeon D
  26. References
    1. Champion Medals
    2. Intervention Quests
    3. Townspeople Quests
    4. Colosseum
    5. Mirages
    6. Imprisming
    7. Abilities
    8. Mirajewels
    9. Ability Seeds
    10. Who's Who Checklist
  27. Copyright and Acknowledgements


World of Final Fantasy is a turn-based, mostly lighthearted JRPG that combines accessible gameplay for younger newcomers along with a lot of fan service and optional challenges for the hardcore. I'm guessing that one day, someone at Square Enix HQ said "Wouldn't it be cool if you could wear a Tonberry on your head?". And then someone agreed "Yeah, and the Chocochick from Final Fantasy XIII on top of that". Because that basically sums up the core mechanic: you capture monsters, stack them on top of yourself, combining each one's strengths and weaknesses, and then fight other monsters using a proper ATB gauge.

There's a story, but it's kinda lightweight. It's not the worst "amnesiac teenager" story that I've ever played through, but it's still a story where the principal characters are teenagers with amnesia. I'm not sure whether it's down to the original Japanese or the localization, but the writing and especially the humour leaves a certain amount to be desired. The writing may be indifferent, but the gameplay (bar some some dreadful mini-games) is delightful. Equally delightful are the art and sound design. Who'd have thought that baby Behemoths could be so cute?

The game is divided into multiple chapters and so is this walkthrough. In each one I'll tell you where to go and what to do without revealing spoilers. You'll also find encounter tables giving you the stats of every enemy in the area. In case it's not obvious, you have the enemy name followed by its HP. Next come its elemental strengths and weaknesses: fire, ice, thunder, wind, water, earth, light and dark. The next eight columns are the ailment resistances / vulnerabilities: poison, confusion, sleep, blindness, oblivion, berserk, slow and instant death. The final column is what you have to do to capture that creature (in game, this is called "imprisming"). After the walkthroughs for the main game are walkthroughs for the game's side quests (called "Intervention Quests" in-game). After this come the enemy details and general strategies for the Colosseum bouts where you can try your chances against a variety of tough enemies. Finally, there's a lengthy reference section with statistics for every monster (or mirage) that you can capture, imprism metthods, mirage abilities and item locations.

General Strategies

The game teaches you the basics, so I won't do that here. If you've played a Final Fantasy game before, you'll be right at home anyway. Generally, magical attacks are more powerful than physical ones, so you should try and cover as many elemental vulnerabilities as possible. Thunder is the best element to specialise in, since many enemies are vulnerable and comparatively few are resistant. Many enemies are vulnerable to fire and water but many are also resistant. Very few enemies are resistant to light magic. Ice and wind are not so useful while specialising in earth magic is a bad idea since few enemies are vulnerable but many are resistant.

Besides targeting enemy elemental weaknesses, you also need to have the capability of toppling enemy stacks. Enemies stacked three deep tend to be very dangerous, and you cannot imprism enemies that are part of a stack. Basic attacks will do this eventually, but attacks with specific stack-toppling capabilities will do it quicker. You don't need to make your stack busting mirages your regular ones since you can carry six "spares" with you. Except in certain circumstances, I don't bother to target enemy ailment vulnerabilities since the best enemy status is "dead". If I need to inflict an ailment to imprism a mirage, I'll use an item. Being affected by ailment statuses yourself ranges from mildly annoying (blindness) to extremely dangerous (confusion). Cure the latter ASAP.

When choosing mirages, favour magic and strength in that order. Defence isn't so important, since you should try to outdamage your enemies rather than outlast them. There isn't really such a thing as a "tank" role in this game. You'll just end up with a rather crummy stack that struggles to kill enemies. Agility is very important since it determines how frequently your turn comes round. You want at least one agile mirage in each stack.

Don't use abilities that duplicate the effects of common items. For example, why waste your AP casting Balance (or worse, Balancega) when you can simply toss a Wobblestopper? Or Raise when you find more Phoenix Downs than you can use? The exception is healing, since you'll soon outgrow the common potion types.

Be careful about compounding weaknesses. For example, you might like the idea of a stack consisting of Shiva⭑, Reynn and Bablizz. While your magic stat would be through the roof, enemies' fire attacks and dark attacks would be lethal. Better to pair Bablizz with, say, an Ahriman.

I say which mirages I think are good and which ones I think are crummy, but feel free to ignore me. If you want to pair a Goblin with a Moogle, more power to you! The game isn't so difficult that it's unbeatable if you make bad strategic decisions. But you can make it easier by using the better mirages. In case you're interested what mirages I used for this walkthrough, I had Reynn paired with a Zaphr and a Baby Paleberry. This gave me powerful thunder magic coupled with light magic and the very useful Strategic AP Hike passive. Lann was paired with an Affrite and a White Nakk. This gave extremely high strength and magic coupled with powerful casting from the Affrite and stack busting attacks from both mirages. Both stacks had access to the useful "take out the trash" attacks - Blaze, Ice Storm and Thunderbolt. Although Affrite and the Paleberry are quite slow, Zaphr and the White Nakk are very agile. My backup mirages were a Mimic (Armor Piercer and Death), a Black Chocochick (Flee and Subdue), a Floating Eye (Flutter), a Holy Dragon (Smash) and a Behemonster (for killing stuff). I added water and air attacks to the spare slots of Afrite and Zaphr respectively. I also liked the other dragons, Undead Princess and Magitek Armor / Death Machine but wasn't quite able to fit them into my party.

Prologue - Awake At Last

When the opening cutscenes have finished, move to the set of doors labeled "North Promenade" and go through. Head up to the blue sign on the wall and go into "Nine Bean Coffee". Sit through more cutscenes, and then fight your first battle. This is pretty much unlosable. You're controlling Lann and Tama. Simply use the manual attack command when your turn comes around. You can use Tama's Foxfire ability for a few extra points of damage if you like. Be aware that you won't be seeing this particular enemy again for a long time.


Tama is your very first mirage. She's OK to be starting with but probably not one for long-term investment, particularly as you won't be able to evolve her into a more powerful form until the end of the game. After another cutscene, you'll head through the portal to Grymoire and the game proper will begin.

Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin

Lann and Reynn start of in Lilikin (small) form, but you can make them big by pressing L1 and circle/square. The same button combination will make them small again. Lann is stacked with Tama. At this point, you cannot change your stack setup.

Wellspring Woods

This is your starting "dungeon" and serves as a tutorial for the game's systems. Head up the path where a Chocochick is wandering back and forth and fight it. Your aim in this battle is to imprism it which you achieve by whacking it once then using the "Imprism" command when your turn comes around. When you're done, you'll be able to modify your stacks. Place the Chocochick on top of Reyyn. This isn't a great mirage but you'll soon be able to transfigure it into a better form so you may as well keep it for the time being. Head further up the path to find some kind of box thing blocking your path. This is a "Gimme Golem" . Examine the Golem to learn that it a requires a lusterleaf for you to be able to proceed. You are now able to modify your mirages' mirage boards. Unlock the "Stroll" ability for the Chocochick. You can unlock "Ram" if you like or hold out for "Cure". You can also unlock nodes on Tama's board since you have 4 SP to spend on her at this point. The Chocochick will now walk beside you. Examine the bush slightly below you and the Chocochick will reveal the LUSTERLEAF that you need. You'll find similar Treasure Troves in every dungeon that you explore and they'll generally give you a low value, moderately useful item. Now you can get past the Gimme Golem. You'll find these in the dungeons that you explore as well.

Continue up the path. To your left, you'll see a chest (1/2) containing 3 POTIONS. There are two trophies for unlocking chests: TREASURE HUNTER (for opening 100) and TREASURE LIBERATOR (for opening all chests). The game doesn't tell how many you've unlocked and how many you haven't, so the latter trophy is one of the harder and more annoying to acquire. This walkthrough will give you the location of every chest required for the trophy. Be aware of a nasty little gotcha, however. If you do not have room in your inventory for the contents of the chest, it will not count as unlocked and you will not be credited. Therefore, if you have more than 90 of some item, sell a bunch to get the number down. Head right and you'll see a clearing with another chest (2/2) containing a PHOENIX DOWN.

Head up the remaining path to see a black. smoky cube floating in the air. This is a MURKRIFT and you'll find one or more in most dungeons. There are trophies, SWEET REVENGE and ALL IN A DAY'S MURK, awarded for clearing them. This first Murkrift is a tutorial - you're supposed to get your backsides kicked so don't waste time attacking. Come back when you're around level 20 or so and you'll be able to manage this fight quite easily. After the Behemoth kills both of you, you'll wake up back in the Sylver Park area of Nine Wood Hills. This will happen any time you fall in battle except in certain boss fights. You'll also meet a new character: head to North Promenade to be introduced to Chocolatte who serves as an incredibly irritating merchant. You can't really afford very much at this point so go back to Plaza 99 to be introduced to Serafie, a pixie who helps you manage your mirages. You can only carry ten mirages at once so excess mirages need to be stored in the Prism Case. You can access this at save points and at portals. You can also access it in the field by using a very expensive (3000 gil) item called a Seraphone. You are given one at this point. You can use the case to swap mirages. You can also use it to transfigure them when you have unlocked additional forms. Serafie also gives you a Sylph prismarium, granting you the Sylph mirage. She's another mirage not really worth investing in because you won't unlock her promotion until the endgame. That said, she does have a useful ability called Tickle, which can be used to topple enemy stacks. Have a chat with Serafie, examine your Prism Case and then talk to her again to ask what she has on her head. This gave me an ETHER. Be sure to talk to Serafie whenever you're in town. She can give you a variety of items, including a useful one called a Mover that will grant all of your active mirages 1 SP. Return to Sylver Park and head back through the portal to Wellspring Woods.

You will now be subject to random encounters. The Mu is an OK mirage, although it's another one that you won't be able to fully develop until late game. I'd suggest you swap out Tama. Head past the Murkrift which now allows you to see what it contains and make your way to the exit. Enjoy the opening credits!


Chocochick1480-250250250-250025025-2525-25Use physical attacks
Mu152-250-2525025000000-25-25025Use physical attacks

Wellspring Woods Murkrift (1/19)

This level 26 Murkrift contains a single Behemoth. The first time here is scripted. The actual enemy stats are shown in the second row.

Behemoth (1st encounter)???002502500-50100100100100100100100100Unimprismable
Behemoth8300002502500-505050507550255050Reduce HP

Chapter 2 - Foretold by Prophecy


You'll find yourself near a bridge leading to a town in the distance. A train will arrive, followed by a cutscene in which you will be introduced to the Cactuar Conductor and obtain the SEMI-LIFETIME PASSES. The train will drop you off in your first town, Cornelia. You'll be thrown into a fight against two Goblins and a Goblin Guard. The Goblin Guard has a bad habit of blocking attempts to attack his pals, so take it out first. When you defeat all three, Lann will attempt to imprism one of them and find that the Goblins are currently under the control of another master, meaning that they cannot be imprismed at this point.

Goblin Guard21325000-2525-250-25-2502525-25250???

After a brief cutscene, you can explore the town and talk to the townsfolk. There's a chest (1/1) on the roof of a building containing OCCULT FAN, ISSUE 1. You need to be in Jiant form to access this. Head up to Castle Cornelia to be introduced to Princess Sarah who tells you about the problems besetting her realm.

When you regain control, head down to main square and talk to the soldier with the "?" icon. This will give you your first townsperson quest. See Townspeople Quests for more details. Go down the hill where you'll find a portal that will take you back to Nine Wood Hills. Right at the bottom of the steps is a save point. The intriguing area with the Chocobos is inaccessible, so don't bother trying! Head right and talk to the townsperson who will give you an ANTIDOTE. Head underneath the viaduct to exit to the Cornelia Region.

Chapter 3 - Old Acquaintances

Cornelia Region

Optional Boss: Princess Goblin

Completing the intervention quest Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo will make the goblin leader take up residence in the Cornelia Region. Simply talk to her and choose to fight. Be aware that this is a tough fight until your level is somewhere around the mid 40s. However, with some luck and save scumming, you can imprism her much earlier. Buy a bunch of Flash Bombs from Chocolatte and use them on the Princess. If you're lucky, you'll blind her (she has 25 blindness resistance). If you're luckier, you can imprism her before she kills you. If you do this around level 15, you'll get a massive XP boost. If you choose to fight her conventionally, you'll want armour-piercing attacks (such as Armor Piercer and Knife) because of her very high defence.

Princess Goblin⭑2683025-2525-25-2525-252510010010025100100100100Inflict blindness

Walk to the fork in the path. The left path leads nowhere (for now) so head right. You'll come across a chest (1/1) containing 3 POTIONS. now go across the rocks to the cave mouth which takes you to the next dungeon.

Nether Nebula

This is your first dungeon proper. There is a two-way portal near the entrance. Head up the path to a chest (1/9) containing a LIBRA MIRAJEWEL. Mirajewels can be equipped by Lann and Reynn to give them additional abilities or an improvement to their stats. You will unlock more slots by leveling up. There are also mirajewel slots that can be unlocked with items, but since you won't be able to get these until after you've beaten the game, I wouldn't worry about these for the moment.

Climb the ramps, go left, down and up more ramps and then up to an area transition into Cavern 2. Go up the ramp. You'll see a chest that you can't access for the moment so go to the next set of ramps. At the midway point is a chest (2/9) containing a SLEEKSTONE. Continue up the ramp to find a Gimme Golem blocking the way. It wants the sleekstone that you just picked up. Now head down the ramp. Don't go down the first ledge that you get to. Instead, continue along to a chest (3/9) containing 3 POTIONS. now select the "Descend" option at the nearby ledge to take you to the chest (4/9) that you couldn't access earlier. It contains a POTION. Now head up the ramp that leads to the exit to Cavern 3.

Here you'll find your first Puzzle Switch. These require you to stack a number of mirages on top of the them to fulfill a weight and elemental resistance requirement. This one requires weight 5 and earth resistance 50. A Copper Gnome suffices for this and opens a bridge to the next platform. Don't go up the ramp. Instead head up to the next Puzzle Switch. This requires weight 5 and earth resistance of 75, so stick a Mini Golem on top of a Copper Gnome. Cross the bridge that appears to open two chests (6/9) containing a PHOENIX DOWN and an EARTH HAMMER. The earth hammer will fulfill the townsperson quest from earlier or you can use it in an upcoming boss fight. Your choice. Now go back the way you came and go up the ramps to the area exit.

To the right of the entrance to Cavern 4 is a big rock blocking your way. This rock requires the Smash support ability to bypass which you don't have yet. Instead, go up the ramp to a save point. You'll see a "Threshold" ahead which Tama will explain the significance of. Basically, these are boss battle areas and it'll be a game over if you die. Save and head up to the boss area where you'll meet Ramuh, Ifrit and Shiva who claim to know you. You will have to choose to fight one of them to prove your worth. This battle will also reward you with a mirage that will prove to be one of the best you can get since it will have four evolutions and the most powerful elemental attacks: Zapt (thunder), Fritt (fire) and Bablizz (ice). Don't worry too much about which one you choose because you can pick up the other two mirages a little later when you are able to access the secret area. I would suggest Ramuh for two reasons:

  1. If you wish, you can cheese him with the earth hammer that you picked up
  2. In my opinion, Zapt > Fritt > Bablizz. There seem to be more enemies vulnerable to thunder magic than to ice.

I defeated Ramuh with the Throw Stone ability (he's weak to earth attacks), using Potions to heal. Whoever you fight, defeating them will give you 3 ARMA GEMS. You will spend these to unlock stuff in a little while. You'll also get a baby esper mirage which you should fit into the stack of your choice. After the cutscene, an exit portal back to Nine Wood Hills will open up. Before going back there, head back to cavern 3 and run around until you encounter a Floating Eye. This will allow both Reynn and Lann to have complete stacks. When you're done, head back through the portal.

Back in Nine Wood Hills. Head to the Twins' Room. Exiting their room will trigger a cutscene after which you can fast travel around Nine Wood Hills using the square button. Now use the portal in Sylver Park to return to Cornelia.

Nether Nebula Secret Area

You can access this area once you gain access to Smash and Flutter. Besides tougher versions of the enemies that you fight in other part of the dungeon, you'll also find all three baby espers as rare encounters, allowing you to imprism them. To minimize frustration, I suggest that you come here when you have a mirage with the No Escape ability, since Bablizz and co will escape if you fail to imprism them.

When you've reached a sufficiently high level (15 or so), smash the rock, fly across the gap and enter the Secret Cavern. Make your way down the winding path to a platform with two paths leading from it going right and left. Take the right path for a chest (7/9) containing a MEGA-POTION. Return to the platform, head left and follow the winding path to two chests (9/9) containing 2 MEGA-ETHERS and 2 MEGA-PHOENIXES.


Only one of the mirages that you can capture in the first area is worthy of investment. The Floating Eye is one of a handful of mirages with the Flutter support ability and has an extremely high magic stat. You will want to put 10 levels into the Copper Gnome mirage to unlock the Mythril Giant form. This will unlock the Smash support ability that will give you access to the secret area of this dungeon which not only contains some mirages that really are worth investing in, but also serves as an early level-up area since each fight grants 6000 XP or more.

Copper Gnome20300-50-25255000500-2525-50-25250Reduce HP
Copper Gnome Stack34100-50-50257500500-2525-1000500-
Floating Eye183000-2500-2550-255025-252525-25-25Leave only this mirage standing
Mandragora163-5000-252550002525025-2525-25-25Use physical attacks
Mini Golem138000-25025000000-5025250Use physical attacks
Bablizz1980-100100050000 -500 025000-250Use ice attacks
Copper Gnome71300-50-25255000500-2525-50-25250Reduce HP
Copper Gnome Stack120400-50-50257500500-2525-1000500-
Floating Eye630000-2500-2550-255025-252525-25-25Leave only this mirage standing
Fritt1662100-5000-500000 25000-2500Use fire attacks
Mandragora571-5000-252550002525025-2525-25-25Use physical attacks
Mini Golem491000-25025000000-5025250Use physical attacks
Zapt168300100050-1000 -500 000-250250Use thunder attacks

Chapter 4 - A Legendary Warrior

After the cutscene, you'll get your next task: destroy the goblin camp that has set up outside Saronia. Head down the hill to meet the Brigade Captain. Return to the Cornelia Region and then go up the hill towards the watchtowers.

The Watchplains

Note that you can't imprism the goblin-type enemies at this point, so don't try.

Just past the entrance you'll find a semi-hidden chest (1/9) against the rock wall containing 3 EYE DROPS (enemies in this area can blind you). Have a chat with the nearby guard who will give you some more EYE DROPS. Start making your way up. On the first level, head left onto the promontory for a chest (2/9) containing GIRL'S DIARY, ENTRY 1. Go up to the next level to see a goblin menacing a guard. Talk to the goblin to trigger a battle, then talk to the guard to receive 3 POTIONS. Head across the bridge and make your way around the rock until the camera turns to reveal a chest (3/9) containing 2 ETHERS. Now head upwards to the area exit.

In front of you is a path through some stockades and to your right are some steps leading up. Go through the stockades to be thrown into a fight with a trio of goblins then go into the opening that the goblins emerged from to find a chest (4/9) containing a CURE SEED. You can use seeds on blank slots in mirage boards by accessing them via the Prism Case. There's nothing more to see here so head back down and up the stairs. After two flights, you'll find a tepee that is the Treasure Trove for this dungeon. Head up the next flight to where a bunch of Red Caps are taunting the Brigade Captain for a fight against all four goblin types. When they're defeated climb the steps to the next platform. Walk around the fenced-off area to find a chest (5/9) containing 3 EYE DROPS. Head up the steps to the area exit.

Walk through the gate past the guard and turn left through the natural archway to find a chest (6/9) containing 2 PHOENIX DOWN. Return and go up the steps to the next platform where you'll see another goblin confronting a guard. Fight the goblins and goblin guard and then talk to the guard again to receive an ETHER. Go across the wooden bridge past the guards holding the goblin prisoners and up more steps to the save point. Walk left a short way through a gap in the fence to find a chest (7/9) containing 3 POTIONS. Head forward a short way for a cutscene where the Brigade Commander is transformed into the Warrior of Light. You'll then fight a boss battle against the Bahamutian Commander accompanied by a Giant Goblin. The Goblin is a tough physical attacker while the commander is more of an irritation. Just keep your healing up and this battle shouldn't prove too problematic. Victory will reward you with two more ARMA GEMS.

Don't leave through the exit portal yet. With the commander dead, you can now imprism all the goblin types, although you probably won't be able capture a Red Captain. You may need to use the Subdue ability to capture a Red Cap. Head back towards the stairs leading up and you'll be able to see a chest (8/9) containing 2 WOBBLESTOPPERS by a watchtower and a couple of trees. Now head to the area exit near the portal.

Watchplains Secret Area

Go down the stairs and across the wooden bridge. You'll find a Black Chocochick inside an enclosure. The Black Chocochick is worth a decent amount of XP and defeating it will reward you with the BLACK CHOCOCHICK MEMENTO. Mementoes are special items that are required to open up transfiguration to certain forms. If you are able to imprism it as well, you will be able to transfigure the Chocochick that you captured back in the Wellspring Woods without having to unlock the node on the mirage board first. To imprism it, use the Subdue ability if you have it (otherwise, unstack before attacking) and then chuck a potion at it. After the Black Chocochick is defeated, open the chest (9/9) containing 10 ETHERS that it was guarding. Return through the exit portal to Nine Wood Hills.


Goblins are rubbish mirages in all their forms and the Mandragoras here are no better than the ones in the Nether Nebula. Black Nakks and Babyhemoths, on the other hand are really good and should be incorporated into the stack of your main physical attacker as soon as you are able to.

Babyhemoth153002502500-50000250-2500Use physical attacks
Bahamutian Commander13500000000000000000-
Bahamutian Soldier2870000000000000000-
Black Chocochick327-500050050-1005070709570954595100Restore HP
Black Nakk20350-2500-500-2550-25-2500-2502525Use physical attacks
Giant Goblin286000000000100100100100100100100100Unimprismable
Goblin20925000-2525-250-25-2502525-25250Reduce HP
Goblin Guard28125000-2525-250-25-2502525-25250Bestow protect
Goblin Guard Stack468-2500-25075-25000050000-25-
Goblin Stack396-2500-25075-25000050000-25-
Mandragora187-5000-252550002525025-2525-25-25Use physical attacks
Red Cap24050000-5025-250-25-2502525-25250Deal a lot of damage at once
Red Captain25350000-5025-250-25-2502525-25250Inflict confusion

Cleaning Up

Fast travel to the North Promenade to be treated to a cutscene that opens up the Colosseum. The Colosseum allows you to try your mettle against various groups of enemies. The fights tend to be harder than those in the field, but you start with full HP and AP gauges. Winning fights will grant unique rewards. They will also allow you to capture mirages that you otherwise can't. At this stage, you can probably manage the first bout, FF Mascots 1 (for reference, I was level 8).

Return to Nine Wood Hills. If you want to capture a Red Captain, buy a couple of Loco Weeds from Chocolatte. Return to Cornelia.

Chapter 5 - The Champion Who Saved Grymoire

The cutscene will give you your next task of making contact with an anti-Bahamutian group, the League of S. You are also given the CORNELIAN LETTER. Before heading to the next area, return to Nine Wood Hills. A new location will have opened up: The Girl's Tearoom. From here, you can cash in Arma Gems to unlock Intervention Quests and Champion Medals. Intervention Quests are special side quests where you take the place of certain individuals in times of peril. Not only do these provide unique rewards, but they also unlock Who's Who entries and, ultimately, allow you to unlock the true ending of the game and its post-game content. Champion Medals allow you to summon the champions to launch a special, powerful attack by spending Champion Points. Currently, you can unlock a single Intervention Quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name and your first Champion Medal, The Warrior of Light. You need to equip Champion Medals before you can use them. Completing the first Intervention Quest will unlock a second, Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo which is probably too difficult for you to handle at this point. You won't have enough Arma Gems if you bought the Champion Medal anyway. Before leaving Nine Wood Hills, buy a couple of Lethean Chimes if you have the gill.

Return to Cornelia and get on the train to take you north to your next destination. The train will drop you off at the entrance to Pyreglow Forest. Ensure that you bring a mirage with the Sizzle ability, either Fritt from the Nether Nebula or a Black Nakk from the Watchplains. Otherwise, imprism a Cockatrice in this area.

Pyreglow Forest

Head up and left around the large branch. You'll see a chest (1/8) containing 2 REMEMB HERBS on a slight rise. Continue up and along to the left until you come to a chest (2/8) containing a PHOENIX DOWN and then backtrack to the area exit.

From the start of Branch 2, head down and left to find a branch blocked by vegetation. Use Sizzle to clear it and open the chest (3/8) containing a THUNDER SEED. Head back and then upto find a chest (4/8) containing 3 GOLD HOURGLASSES. Now head left along the main branch until you come to a platform with a Murkrift. Grab the chest (5/8) containing 2 WOBBLESTOPPERS on the branch, then investigate the Murkrift if you're so inclined. Head left to the area exit.

In the starting area of Branch 3, ignore the obvious dead end since there isn't a chest or anything else of interest. Instead head up the main branch to the next. If you investigate the dead end to your right, you'll find a Treasure Trove by the toadstools (I obtained an Ether). Now head left along the main branch to the next platform. The branch leading left goes nowhere, so head up and right. At the fork, take a diversion right to find a chest (6/8) containing a REMEDY. Now go back to the fork and go left to the area exit.

The first platform on Branch 4 that you come to has three paths leading from it. Take the left path to a dead end with a chest (7/8) containing an HP+ SEED. Return to the platform. The path leading up leads to some heavy growth that needs to be cleared with Sizzle and then the exit to the secret area. The path right leads to a save point and the dungeon exit.