Apple Annihilator
Defeat 100 Apples
Pear Punisher
Defeat 100 Pears
Melon Killer
Defeat 100 Watermelons
Dog Don't Bite
Defeat Gigamelon
Wild West
Defeat Cactusbot 00
No Sweet Tooth!
Defeat Cake Castle
Spider or Crab?
Defeat Blueberry Widow
First Juice
Clear normal difficulty
Use Alpha to clear dungeon
One-Punch Girl
Use PonPon to clear dungeon
Fruity Ninja
Use Tokoroa to clear dungeon
Use Emy to clear dungeon
Blood Brothers
Clear dungeon with 2 players
Coin Crazed
Pick up 10,000 Coins
Clear stage without spending any Gold
Curious Cat
Open 20 treasure chests
Mini Mistake
Die for the first time
Deathly Desires
Die 10 times
Save your teammate 10 times
Weaponized Ⅰ
Unlock 40 weapons
Weaponized Ⅱ
Unlock 80 weapons
Know Your Enemy
Unlock all monsters in your Compendium
Still Just a Pear
Defeat Pyrus Pear
Fruity Forebearer
Defeat Ancestral Tree
Shifting Stopped
Defeat Grapeshifter
Ain't No Stank!
Defeat King Durian
Banana Basher
Defeat Nanageist
Serpent Slayer
Defeat Cerbersalak
Sous Chef
Clear hard difficulty with 3★
Behind Enemy Lines
Clear hard difficulty with 6★
Use Bam 'n Boozle to clear dungeon
I'm a True Hero
Use Apple Man to clear dungeon
Happy Hunting
Use Charles to clear dungeon
Mecha Master
Use Mirai to clear dungeon
Clear hard difficulty with 10★
Done! Done!
Use Boborot to clear dungeon

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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