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It's a hit!
...It's bottom of the ninth on 52nd street...the count's 0 and 2...the pitcher winds, throws and...crack!...a long fly ball to Ralph's territory out in left field...Ralph is on the run--dodging tree trunks, sloshing through puddles, beating through bushes--then whipping the ball homeward, he recovers just in time to see Butch complete a sacrificial slide onto an old trash can lid that doubles as home plate...
In the big leagues they call that a "run." In Street Sports Baseball, it's known as survival.
A diamond in the rough
What this game lacks in big league glamor, it makes up for in local color. The diamond, for instance, is makeshift. The bases may be trash can lids, or perhaps old tires. And the team? Choose from 16 of the neighborhood's hot hitters and hacks. Each with his own level of skill in hitting, fielding, and throwing. With the right combination, your team could be the champions. With the wrong combination, the chumps...
- Play against a friend, or the computer.
- Choose your own amateur ball club. Each of the 16 players has his own personality. All have street smarts.
- Split screen view allows you to "home in" on a specific playing area while keeping an eye on the whole field.
- Obstacles on this sandlot bring new dimension to the traditional baseball game.

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