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A furious tide of violent drug cartels blankets the world in the year 2001. At the request of nations all over the world, the United States is asked to put an end to this juggernaut.
Their answer? Advanced Tactical Air Command...an elite paramilitary task force commanded by you! Your mission? To snuff out the international drug cartels once and for all!
Lead a squadron of fierce, high performance F-22 fighters into devastating assaults upon drug plantations, factories, and guerrilla camps. Develop strategies to break the tight grip drug bosses have on politicians, judges, and military establishments. And lead 250 undercover agents in perilous searches as you root out drug runners in the mountains, jungles, and cities around the world.
The drug cartels are cunning and violent. But with wise decision-making and an aggressive attack strategy, you can roll back the tide of drugs forever!
- Fly your own fighter or play from a strategy perspective and command the whole force.
- Match wits with the drug lords' highly-skilled mercenaries.
- Battle against the finest aircraft and missiles "drug money" can buy.
- Use spy satellites, reconnaissance flights, and special agents to compile dossiers on drug operations.

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