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by Eevee-Trainer

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Eevee-Trainer

Version: v1.21 | Updated: 11/01/17

Doki Doki Literature Club: FAQ/Walkthrough

Game Controls & Settings

Controlling the game is fairly simple - VNs aren't exactly exceptionally innovative in this way. 99% of your activity in this game is simply reading text onscreen.

  • Advance: By using the left-click, Enter, or the spacebar, you can advance through text on-screen.
  • Choices: In order to make a choice, you can simply left-click on it, or navigate to it with the arrow keys and press Enter.
  • Pull Up Menu: Press Escape.
  • Skip Text: Hold Ctrl, or use the button in the text box on-screen.
  • Hide Text: Right-clicking or pressing H will hide the textboxes to review the background imagery.
  • Toggle Windowed/Fullscreen: Press F
  • Take Screenshot: Press S
  • Hide Window: Alt+M on Windows, Command+M on Mac
  • Quit Game: Alt+F4 on Windows, Command+Q on Mac
  • Delete Selected File: Press the Delete key once said file is selected

The menu gives a number of choices:

  • Return: Resume gameplay
  • Save Game: Save game data.
  • Load Game: Load saved data.
  • Preferences: Adjust preferences for the game, including text speed, window display, timing for auto message following, volumes, and skipped text.
  • Main Menu: Return to the title screen.
  • Quit: Exit program.