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    A minute of silence for the princesThe youngest suffered a punishment worse than his older brother.
    Almighty GoddessYou entered the Temple as a simple warrior. You will exit sacred by the divine.
    An outcast amidst the chosen onesReach the Cloister of the Chosen. Be careful, you are not welcomed here.
    Blood sistersFate had you cross paths with princess Amaris on several occasions.
    Child murderPurge at least twenty of these children born of incest and morbid experiments in one session.
    Chosen by the divineGather ten blessings or more. God watches over you.
    David and GoliathDefeat a boss barehanded. The art of pugilism will hold no secrets for you anymore.
    Defeat ElemiahThe crow lady commands an army of royal assassins. Know they will want to avenge her.
    Defeat JezebelShe went mad seeing her dear and beloved made into a martyr.
    Defeat the AncientThe need to bring back her people led her to blasphemy.
    Defeat the ExecutionerGabe will probably be happy to know that the false leader has fallen off his throne.
    Defeat the First oneYou have sinned by bringing down one of your people, you have to redeem yourself.
    Defeat the RitualistThe night’s kingdom is a charming name demonologists use to mean Hell.
    Deus lo vultTime has come to bring the light.
    Ezechiel: a bloody baptismGilad dragged you into his blasphemy by wanting to free this innocent beast from its chains.
    Freeing a charming strangerThe Escapees are a very generous nomadic people. Jael will remember your help.
    Giant killerA divine wrath animates them. Purge at least twelve of these elite monsters in one session.
    Gott ist totIgnoring a God is the best way to defeat them. However, fighting sometimes cannot be avoided.
    GravelessMost of the dead were forgotten in this secret charnel ground during the third Revolution, the last one.
    He slipped through your fingers!This nosy creature collects shiny objects. Make sure to pounce on it next time!
    Help thy neighborGive a poultice to knight Kraumdeith, met in a lost room.
    Helping one’s familyRescuing Balamb was courageous. Keep saving your people if you can.
    Holy championUpgrade the faith bar to its maximum. The strongest warriors are also the most devout.
    Let him sit alone in silence, for the Lord has laid it on himFree the heir from his prison and find him inside the Filthblood Library.
    Little mouseThe library is the best place to take the time to understand the Temple.
    MagnanimousShow mercy by sparing the virgin, forgotten amidst the darkness.
    Mistress of the CitadelIndex the the Alabaster Citadel.
    Mistress of the Corrupted denIndex the Den of Corrupted Nature.
    Mistress of the DonjonIndex the Ancient dungeon.
    Model TemplarComplete the set of quests given by the Filthblood Shelter emissary.
    PhilomathyGather every single piece of text. You have everything you need to theorize about the Temple’s history.
    Plague-stricken!Amass eight diseases and curses. Be careful, however!
    Reaping the ReaperIt is a true disgrace for a King’s envoy such as Elemiah to die by his own sword.
    Reuniting Ariuk and GabrielleIt is crucial to remain united as a group during this pilgrimage.
    Rigorously piousPray twelve times in one life, your devotion is rewarded.
    Shared pugilism techniquesBalthasar seems to be a great boxer. His knowledge will be useful if you are foolish enough to fight barehanded.
    Skreed, a dubious TemplarYour shield showed him you belonged to his people. However, sharing his opinions does not mean he should be trusted.
    Templar versus Templar: a fair fightIt was very honorable to face your foe as an equal.
    The Ancients’ technologyThe Ancients thought coitus was impure and thus cultivated children in some sort of incubators.
    The crows are watching youDefeat a dark assassin. Stay alert, another one could come...
    The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearingDiscover a lost room. Pay attention, there are many more secrets inside the Temple.
    The MessiahReach the end of the Temple while wearing the Redeemer’s curse. Be an example, show the path.
    The Moth GathererHe burns bodies and makes potions, which will come in handy.
    Those who oppose the Lord will be brokenHit for more than 200 damage to let your thrill to kill be felt.
    Woof!This small lost dog will not survive long in the forest.

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