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Perfect Training
Completed the tutorial.
The First Foe
Completed Stage 1.
Control Master
Completed Stage 2.
Action-Packed Battle
Completed Stage 3.
The Massive Airship
Completed Stage 4.
Leveling Buildings
Completed Stage 5.
Send 'Em Packing!
Canceled 10 of Cyclops' laser attacks.
Perfect Aim
Scored more than 1,000 headshots.
Special Attack Vol. 1
Used Demolition Chaos Shot 10 times.
Special Attack Vol.2
Defeated 3 enemies with Demolition Death Aura.
Special Attack Vol. 3
Defeated 50 enemies with Demolition Chaos Shot.
Hit 20 enemies with reflected projectiles.
Normal Mode Master
Earned SS score on Normal difficulty for all stages.
The Basics
Completed the tutorial.
Ultimate Weapon
Cleared Stage 1.
Second Type
Cleared Stage 2.
The Facility Manager
Cleared Stage 3.
Destroyed 50 objects.
Return Fire
Hit enemies 20 times with reflected projectiles.
Precise Aim
Scored over 1000 headshots.
Demolition Derby
Used Demolition Shot 30 times.
Army of One
Defeated 1,000 enemies with Cerberus.
Defeated 50 enemies with the Death Coffin.
Killing Time
Used Reaper Time for 444 seconds.
Normal Mode Master
Earned SS score on normal difficulty for all stages.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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