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    Bard Kicker! (secret)Kicked a bard 3 times
    Bat Annihilator (secret)Defeat 15 bats
    Bat Eradicator (secret)Defeat 7 bats
    Bathunter (secret)Defeat 3 bats
    Batslayer (secret)Defeat a bat
    Blot Out the Sun (secret)Killed the Sun's King
    Bolt from the Blue (secret)Killed Queen Chaos
    Broken Dreams (secret)Killed the Dream King
    City Savior (secret)Saved the city from a monster attack
    Crushing Stompy (secret)3 Stompies
    Dark Side of the Moon (secret)Killed the Moon's Queen
    Dash x10!!! (secret)Did 10 dashes
    Dash x20!!! (secret)Did 20 dashes
    Dash x30!!! (secret)Did 30 dashes
    Dash x5!!! (secret)Did 5 dashes
    Dash!!! (secret)Did a dash
    Defeated the Troll (secret)Defeated the Troll
    Heartbreaker (secret)Killed the King of Hearts
    Hurricane (secret)Killed the Queen of Winds
    Jump x10!!! (secret)10
    Jump x100!!!!!! (secret)100
    Jump x20!!! (secret)20
    Jump x30!!! (secret)30
    Jump x40!!! (secret)40
    Jump x50!!! (secret)50
    Jump! (secret)Jump 5 times
    Lightbulb Charge x3! (secret)3
    Lightbulb Charge! (secret)Charge a lightbulb
    Lightning Chain (secret)Chain 2 things with 1 bolt
    Lightning Launcher (secret)Launched by a lightbulb
    Lightning Power x10!!! (secret)Charged 10 bolts
    Lightning Power x100!!! (secret)Charged 100 bolts
    Lightning Power x20!!! (secret)Charged 20 bolts
    Lightning Power x30!!! (secret)Charged 30 bolts
    Lightning Power x40!!! (secret)Charged 40 bolts
    Lightning Power x5!!! (secret)Charged 5 bolts
    Lightning Power x50!!! (secret)Charged 50 bolts
    Lightning Power!!! (secret)Charged 2 bolts
    Lightning Strike x100!!! (secret)100
    Lightning Strike x15!!! (secret)15
    Lightning Strike x25!!! (secret)25
    Lightning Strike x50!!! (secret)50
    Lightning Strike x7!!! (secret)7
    Lightning Strike!!! (secret)Hit 3 things with lightning
    Lightning Sword (secret)Hit with a charged sword
    Mega Lightbulb Charger! (secret)7
    Mega Lightning Sword (secret)10 with charged sword
    Out of Order (secret)Killed Queen Order
    Owl Extinction (secret)Defeat 3 Owls
    Pulverizing Stompy (secret)7 Stompies
    Reflection x10!!! (secret)Reflect 10 attacks
    Reflection x20!!! (secret)Reflect 20 attacks
    Reflection x3!!! (secret)Reflect 3 attacks
    Reflection x30!!! (secret)Reflect 30 attacks!
    Reflection! (secret)Reflect an attack
    Refugee Rescue (secret)Helped victims of war find a safe place
    Scourge of the Ruins (secret)Defeated the boss of the Ruins
    Slow Clap (secret)Did a slow clap at an appropriate time
    Spinny Annihilator (secret)15
    Spinny Assassin (secret)Defeat 3 Spinnies
    Spinny Killer (secret)Defeat a Spinny
    Spinny Predator (secret)Defeat 7 Spinnies
    Stomping Stompy (secret)Defeat a stompy
    Stompy Annihilator (secret)15 Stompies
    Super Lightbulb Charger! (secret)5
    Super Lightning Chain (secret)3 things with 1 bolt
    Super Lightning Sword (secret)Hit 5 with a charged sword
    The End (secret)Killed the final boss
    The Owl (secret)Defeat an Owl
    Two-fer (secret)Killed two Overseers at once!
    Ultimate Bard Kicker! (secret)Kicked a bard 10 times
    Ultimate Lightbulb Charger!!! (secret)20
    Ultimate Lightning Chain (secret)4 things 1 bolt
    Ultimate Lightning Sword (secret)20
    Windmill (secret)Spin your sword for a while

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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