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    Better Save Than SorrySave your progress 300 times.
    BotslayerKill 100 mechanoids.
    BotsmasherKill 250 mechanoids.
    CrawlerWalk 18,000 tiles.
    Crit LordScore 2 critical hits in a row with any weapon.
    Crit OverlordScore 3 critical hits in a row with any weapon.
    Crit UberlordScore 4 critical hits in a row with any weapon.
    Double KillKill 2 enemies at once.
    EliteBeat the game on the Elite mode.
    Elite BonecrusherScore 3000 blunt weapon hits on enemies.
    Elite DestroyerDeal 750,000 damage.
    Elite EvaderEvade 1500 enemy attacks.
    Elite GunslingerScore 1800 handgun hits on enemies.
    Elite RiflemanScore 900 rifle hits on enemies.
    Elite ThroatcutterScore 3000 blade weapon hits on enemies.
    ExterminatorKill 500 mechanoids.
    GadgeteerUse gadgets 50 times.
    Gravity KillerCause 25 enemies to die by falling.
    HardcoreBeat the game with the Old School and Elite modes on at the same time.
    HoarderFill your inventory to the brim.
    It's OverDefeat the main boss.
    Keen EyeFind all regular secrets in the game.
    LoremasterRead all notes and listen to all phonodiaries.
    Man UpBeat the game on the highest difficulty level.
    ManslayerKill 100 humanoids.
    Mass MurdererKill 500 humanoids.
    MysteryFind the super secret room.
    N00bBeat the game on the lowest difficulty level.
    NinjaTake no more than 3000 damage in a single playthrough on Hard or Brutal difficulty.
    OldschoolerBeat the game on the Old School mode.
    Penta KillKill 5 enemies at once.
    Quadra KillKill 4 enemies at once.
    Recruit BonecrusherScore 250 blunt weapon hits on enemies.
    Recruit DestroyerDeal 100,000 damage.
    Recruit EvaderEvade 200 enemy attacks.
    Recruit GunslingerScore 150 handgun hits on enemies.
    Recruit RiflemanScore 75 rifle hits on enemies.
    Recruit ThroatcutterScore 250 blade weapon hits on enemies.
    Rig Up!Try each exo-rig.
    Runkralf's LegacyEquip the Runkralf's item set.
    Serial KillerKill 250 humanoids.
    Shield ApprenticeBlock 30 enemy attacks.
    Shield ExpertBlock 180 enemy attacks.
    Shield MasterBlock 360 enemy attacks.
    SkilledImprove a circuit to the maximum rank.
    SokobanPush or pull a pushable object 200 times.
    SpeedrunnerBeat the game within 90 minutes.
    Thanks for the Support!Play the game for 2 hours.
    ThaumaturgeUse gadgets 600 times.
    TinkererUse gadgets 300 times.
    Triple KillKill 3 enemies at once.
    TripperWalk 9000 tiles.
    Veteran BonecrusherScore 1500 blunt weapon hits on enemies.
    Veteran DestroyerDeal 250,000 damage.
    Veteran EvaderEvade 750 enemy attacks.
    Veteran GunslingerScore 900 handgun hits on enemies.
    Veteran RiflemanScore 450 rifle hits on enemies.
    Veteran ThroatcutterScore 1500 blade weapon hits on enemies.
    WalkerWalk 3000 tiles.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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