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Megamedia introduces the greatest game pack ever put together!! The MEGAPAK 5 contains ten of the best-selling, and best-known PC action game titles -- on ten CDs. MEGAPAK 5 brings exciting Entertainment action to the whole family. A large comprehensive manual is included.


Terminal Velocity, Developed by Terminal Real Inc, Published by 3D Realms Entertainment, Published Commercially by FormGen Inc.
Imagine flying at blazing speeds above an alien planet, demolishing ground targets with plasma beams, banking through a narrow canyon with enemy ships hammering your shields with laser fire, dodging meteors crashing to the surface. Don't imagine it anymore -- experience it as you play Terminal Velocity. Features 9 totally unique planets, with 3 levels per planet, over 40,000 square miles of terrain, 7 destructive weapons, supports modem, serial cable, and up to 8 player network games.

Flight Unlimited (Special Edition) © 1995, 1996, Looking Glass Technologies Inc.
A revolutionary new type of flight simulator which allows would be pilots to share in the thrill of feeling what it's like to actually fly. Photo-realistic scenery and advanced physics models allow the PC pilot to experience the sheer joy of soaring over beautifully rendered 3D landscapes. Features include one fully functioning dynamic aircraft with real-time interaction and one photo-realistic fully texture mapped scenic location.

Primal Rage, © 1995 Atari Games Corporation, Licensed to Time Warner Interactive Inc.
It's head-to-head combat for total domination of the new Urth! Features all of the brutal action and spectacular graphics of the #1 arcade game. It's produced using Hollywood stop motion animation and hi-res rendering for unsurpassed realism, hidden games: volleyball, bowling, skydiving cows, one and two player modes, each creature has a unique fighting style plus a complete arsenal of special moves.

Pinball Fantasies Deluxe, © 1995 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.
When 21st Century released Pinball Fantasies it received instant recognition as an all-time classic in the enduring pinball category. It has already been awarded the PC Gamer Best Arcade Game of the Year Award. Not content with these accolades 21st Century has now added four brand new tables and a multi-ball play feature to this great game to give you Pinball Fantasies Deluxe CD.

Jagged Alliance, © 1995 Sir-tech Software Inc.
Interaction takes on a whole new meaning when trying to build a team out of a bunch of ruthless, cutthroat mercs. Tactical combat, Strategy, Role-Playing, and Adventure are merged into an unforgettable entertainment experience. Features 60 mercenaries, 60 attitudes, 60 voices -- over 4000 lines of spoken dialog, over 2000 frames of animation, over 50 diverse playing fields, 3 difficulty levels, and non-linear gameplay.

FX Fighter MS-DOS, © 1995 GTE Entertainment.
You are up against the best fighters in the universe in an all out brawl to the death. The competition will be held in 8 different arenas, on 8 different planets, against 8 very different competitors. Robots, Insects, Cyborgs, will all use a barrage of attacks to eliminate you from the competition...permanently. In this galactic event there are no prizes for second place, only body bags. Features 3D texture mapped combat arenas with flying camera perspective and two player opinion.

Warlords II Deluxe, © 1995 Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.
The ultimate fantasy/strategy game -- a cutthroat struggle for survival is played out on a grand scale. Brave heroes, mighty armies, quests, diplomacy and magic are all employed to overwhelm your enemies! Brilliant SVGA graphics and 60 worlds to fight over, plus a scenario builder that lets you create your own worlds. Up to 8 players can battle for supremacy in network play -- or head-to-head via modem or e-mail.

Great Naval Battles IV, © 1995 Strategic Situations Inc.
Command the last of the great battle wagons -- Bismark, King George V, Dunkerque, and Littorio, as the twilight fires of the battleship age burn through war-torn Europe. Control the British, German, French, Italian or Russian Fleets in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Baltic. Features over 130 ships from five nations, a powerful scenario editor, and sophisticated ships and battle customization.

Pool Champion, © 1995 Mindscape Inc.
The best of both worlds: an incredibly realistic pool simulator and an intriguing adventure game. Pool Champion perfectly models the physics and geometry of the game. You'll have to compete over English, follow, draw, and masse shots. Compete against a diverse cast of computer characters powered by an impressive A.I. Eight exciting simulation options, including 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and Straight Pool. Amazing animation gives you real-time, 3D player's eye view on your cue, the table, the balls, and your surroundings.

Entomorph, © 1995 Strategic Situations Inc.
World of Aden, SSI's vast new fantasy role-playing game world is a wondrous place where ingenuity and imagination reign supreme! This fantasy action adventure features an intense, branching storyline. Grisly combat with a variety of deadly attack options. Mind-bending puzzles, treacherous traps. Entomorph is presented in state-of-the-art hi-res graphics with a CD Quality soundtrack that's guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

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