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The MEGAPAK 2 brings Entertainment to the whole family!

Everything from controlling dinosaurs, exploring the future, commanding warships, and battling medieval hordes, to traveling through the human body. The MEGAPAK 2 offers you a wide variety of CD-ROM software. As an added bonus, you get CompuServe's online tools CD including a free one month membership.

This park is no picnic unless you're a Dinosaur. Through the eyes of a Velociraptor you're just a meal. In this earth-shaking 3D recreation of the movie, you will go eyeball to eyeball with the T-Rex and other dinosaurs.

CompuServe Starter CD
Go online, it's easy and affordable with CompuServe, the world's most prestigious online information service. Special offer includes a free one month membership and a $15 credit to explore tne vast range of services. Also included are CompuServe's Information Manager software in English, German, and French, a free subscription to CompuServe Magazine and step-by-step instructions for signing up.

Bodyworks Voyager -- Missions in Anatomy
It's nearing the end of the 21st Century and despite phenomenal gains in technology, humanity is still plagued by infectious diseases. This program centers around the ability to shrink a human pilot in a specially designed ship to the size of a pinhead. The ship and pilot are then transported into the human body. You have just completed your basic training. You will be among the first to save humanity this way.

Grab your leash, Ralph. Your master's gone zombie again. Lee is sleepwalking big time and it's up to you, his trusty guide-hound to get him home before he falls victim to the creepy, goon-filled nightlife. Save your napping master from all sorts of wide-eyed goof balls and freaky traps as you try to guide him from the city zoo to the Kipsville factory, and back to his warm bed.

Return to Ringworld
Return to Ringworld is the sequel to Ringworld and is based on the award-winning book series by celebrated author Larry Niven. Join a desperate crew of renegades in their fantastic journey back to Ringworld. Evade powerful alien enemies and battle an omnipresent police force. Journey through the catacombs of Ringworld's Flup tube system. You even command arcade-like flight simulations.

A completely new and unique role-playing experience. The story is based on ancient legends. The legendary photoscape lighting system casts atmospheric light and shadows over the game world. Fight to the death using an array of weapons and spells against grotesque and intelligent adversaries. User definable characters are controlled independently or in groups.

Spectre VR
Spectre VR features all-new graphics and texture-mapped VR realism. Features live action video throughout the entire world, build your own virtual world with the VRchitect Cyberspace Editor. Hover, soar, or glide over the virtual world of your own design. Now you can play with eight participants in over a dozen enhanced network scenarios. Use cyber-blasts, electromagnetic pulse, etc.

The Psychotron
The Psychotron is a Windows-based interactive video movie. The plot could be taken from today's headlines. The cash hungry Russian state, who has been experimenting with Extra Sensory Perception for over 50 years, sells their technology in a form of a Psychotronic Generator to the U.S.

Command a fearsome dreadnaught and fight for control of the North and South Atlantic for the German Imperial Fleet or the British Royal Navy. The drama, action, and excitement of WWI naval combat comes to life with SVGA and VGA graphics, digitized video and sound effects and historically accurate combat. Experience naval combat as the sailors and officers did 80 years ago.

The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector and Yondo -- The Cyberplasm Formula
The valiant Victor Vector and his digital dog Yondo are the fearless field agents of the Museum of Fantastic Phenomena, home of hundreds of eerie artifacts. Your job as archivist is to direct the digital duo as they travel through time to gather unique items for this futuristic museum's collection.

You are coursing through the body of corporate mogul Triton Crosby in search of a brain manipulation droid planted by a rival company. Surging through veins, arteries, and other bodily organs, you blast attacking viruses and your enemies probes. The struggle for control features non-stop action, unparalleled cinematic style imagery, and incredibly smooth interactive gameplay.

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