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by Arkia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Arkia

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 03/27/18


General Questions (No spoilers)

Q: Why is this guide no longer being updated?

A: Bandai Namco has refused to give me what I paid for and thus I am unable to update until they change their mind.

Q: Why can't I equip a weapon?

A: There are two possibilities. If you get a popup message, you likely are in a field or dungeon with the weapon out. You cannot change a weapon that you have in your hand (or your ArFA-sys's hands). If you can open up the weapon list, then you likely do not meet the requirements for that weapon.

Q: Why can't I equip/use a skill/gadget?

A: If you can't equip a skill/gadget, you likely do not meet the requirements. If you can't use a skill/gadget, you likely met the requirements at some point, but due to a gear change (such as via loadouts), you may no longer meet the requirements. (Note: in most version of the game, the later will not be an issue, but we are making note of it anyways just in case you are affected).

Q: Why am I overweight?

A: You are either equipping weapons beyond your weight limit as determined by your STR stat or you are above 170 items in your storage. You may need to equip lighter weapons and/or sell/store items.

Q: Do Sword and Gun & Sword share proficiency gains?

A: No, Swords and Gun & Sword count as different weapon types.

Q: Does dual wield share proficiency gain with single wield?

A: Yes.

Q: If I reset to NG+, do I lose my Gun & Sword, dual wield, and Gun & Sword proficiency?

A: You lose Dual Wield and Gun & Sword (your equipped weapons will change accordingly), but any proficiency gains will carry over.

Q: Should I farm for ____ weapon?

A: You should wait until you can obtain Weapon Rank 5 weapons to farm. Otherwise, you'll be switching weapons faster than it is worth farming for. If you are struggling in an area, go to the Predatory General Shop to look for a decent weapon of the appropriate tier to use (You can find up to Epics (Yellow) gear there).

Q: Why is it so hard to swap weapon sets, my AI are acting silly, a bunch of odd glitches are occurring, etc.

A: If you are not on 30 FPS, the game may begin to act strangely because the game was designed around 30 FPS and several mechanics are tied to FPS.

Q: You use a 'caster' type build, would you recommend it?

A: Not really. It is a very specific build for a specific playstyle of those who don't want to use up their 'real' bullets. It requires more work, some micromanagement, and it takes longer to beat the game as a result.

Story Questions (Possible Spoilers):

Q: When do I get ____ character?

A: We will be adding this information later to the friends list section.

Q: Why can't I enter Sea Watchtower dungeon or SBC Flugel Stern dungeon?

A: These dungeons are Extreme mode only.

Q: Why can't I enter Lost Gate, Forgotten Temple, or the hidden dungeon North of the Industrial Zone spawnpoint?

A: These dungeons do not appear to be accessible as of v1.1.2. They may be future content or DLC content.

Before Starting, Early Tips and Tricks

Before you start

Character Creation and Guide Notes:

Note: Once you are done designing your character, save your design so that you don't have to remake your character on NG+!

Also note that as of (PC) 1.1.2, the game basically assumes that your character is male in many situations, though it is subtle.

Guide usage note: Some Skills/Names will be named differently, such as Ultra Instinct/Hyper Instinct being changed to Hyper Awareness in (PC) 1.1.2.

Tips and Tricks:

Always keep at least one of your Loadout slots empty. This allows you to respec for free instead of having to buy a respec.

If you jump and touch a 'wall' (including certain containers) close enough to the top while moving towards it (movement controls), your character will do a flip upwards in an attempt to get on top of the wall. This means some areas you can get by without using your UFG.

You can Running Jump, UFG, UFG, then finish with a double Scatter Wheel 2/3 or Running Jump, Vorpal Strike 2, Vorpal Strike 3, UFG, UFG. This can get you the little extra height (Scatter Wheel) or distance (Vorpal Strike) you need to do a climbing jump and allow you to skip entire sections of dungeons. In some cases, you can also add in Dual Orbital to the Gun and Sword lineup for ground level movement as well as Speed Form 3/Speed Field 3. Dual Orbital 2/3 can also be used for Aerial movement.

Similarly, you can use skills like Sliding Shot, Vorpal Strike, and other charging skills along with your UFG to gain distance quickly (even when you are overweight), allowing you to finish the game faster due to less time spent traveling.

Skill shots do not use up bullets. This allows you to conserve ammo if you feel like you don't need to use your ammo.

Note that your bullets and skill shots actually fire from you camera, not your character, this means that if you are too close to a wall, the wall can soak some bullets and skills. On the other hand, you may be unable to fire if the game detects and 'obstruction' near your character.

If you can't hit an enemy, remember that you can shoot while jumping. This can be harder if you don't use the auto-aim, but still possible.

Whenever you go out to the field or open up a new dungeon/field, check the PvE quests npc and the Lobby Quest board. These are repeatable and a nice source of bonus money/resources.

While some may argue otherwise, early on, you should aim for a drop rate bonus setup. Look for accessories with as close to LUC +20, Item Drop Rate +25%, or Rare Item Drop Rate +5% as possible (You can run two characters to get a Promise Ring with +5 LUC, +10% Item Drop Rate, and +2.5% Rare Item Drop Rate from the bounty rewards fairly easily as you can trade these through your item box. (In a later DLC, Treasure Hunter should be made available). Aim for as high of LUC as you can manage while still being able to equip the best weapon tier available of your preferred weapon type and having enough VIT to survive.

The reason for wanting a high drop rate bonus early on is legendary accessories. Unlike weapons, accessories do not have 'tiers' and it is perfectly possible to find a perfect accessory early on. Raising your chances will help with gaining accessories. This will be less important for those who have the DLC to upgrade accessories, but still something to consider in.

In addition, check your materials from time to time. Sort by Type and sellable items should move to the top of the list (note, item box items will always be below storage items). Sellable items and unnecessary materials/gear can earn you a lot of credits quickly. In addition, placing your ArFA-sys to look for bargains tends to make her bring back sellable items for some extra credits).

Certain skills can potentially cause an enemy to be pushed out of the map. If the enemy falls through the map, the enemy will generally be counted as dead, but otherwise the enemy may remain alive, which can prevent progress in certain dungeons. The only solution if this happens is to use an area attack and hope the enemy is hit or reload the map (fastest way is by fast traveling to the map).

For efficiency, if aiming for True End on your first run, it is recommended that you switch your party members when you reach Affinity Lv 2 with them until you have all your party members at Lv 2. You will likely reach close to Lv 2 with all of them by the time you reach the point of no return the first time and thus only need a little more grinding to reach the required amount for true end. It is recommended that you keep a tank in your party at all times.

Some Boss tier NM notes:

Most NMs that act as Bosses of the game will have several break points. 66%, 50%, 32%, 15%. These four break points are the primary points that a NM will change phases or use their special break point moves. Not all NMs will use these break points and not all NMs will use all the break points.

66% is slightly more than a single bar of health down for a NM. (One bar is about 33.3%)

50% can be seen when the middle bar hits 50%.

32% translates to a slightly more than 2 bars of health down for a NM.

15% is translates to roughly when the final bar hits 45%

Some Controls that players may not know about:

You may be able to find some of these in the under System -> Database -> Help

Weapon Arts: This is done with a combination of keys (UFG+Shift for me) . Can be found under Combat -> Weapon Arts

NPC Control: F2 on PC. Can be found under Combat -> Party Commands.

Roll Dodge: Double tap crouch on PC.

Emotes: F3 on PC. Can be found under Menus -> Chat Messages & Emotes

Chat Messages: F4 on PC. (PC Warning, do NOT hold CTRL or ALT WHILE TRYING TO SEND A CHAT MESSAGE!) Can be found under Menus -> Chat Messages & Emotes

Note: some pc users may experience that certain key combos will also open these menus.

You can lock equipable gear (Weapons, Outfits, Accessories) to prevent the item from being sold or destroyed by accident. Simply go into the first submenu, select your character, go into items. Then, find the item you want to lock and press the lock button that shows up in the bottom right area (which will be an unlock button for locked items).