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This Sunday, tired of watching television, I had the not so great idea of taking a walk through CRAZY PARK, next to my apartment, I had already been warned: It is a dangerous place, what if this, what if the other; but I always thought it was just gossip. I can never forget the state in which I came home, without three molars and eight teeth, without my engagement ring, without my leather jacket, of course without my money and thanks to the mortadella sandwich, which I carried in my shirt pocket, was where miraculously the bullet of someone I had never seen in my life lodged.

I didn't wait any longer. The next day I signed up for an ELITE SHOOTER correspondence course, and three months later I went to a friend's store to buy a pistol, which since he's a friend gives me a 15% discount. So today, I feel safer walking around CRAZY PARK.

I would never think of going for a walk or walking the dog through such a place without an automatic pistol, but you know, everyone does what they want...

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