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True Hero
Complete all other achievements.
Beast Master
Complete the game in Beast Master difficulty mode.
Blood In My Veins
Free the four Beasts of Avantia.
Super Tom
Unlock all upgrades in the Skill Tree.
Strong Ally
Call on each of the Allies in battle.
Hero of Avantia
Complete all of the side-quests in Avantia.
Be Free, Ferno
Free Ferno the Fire Dragon from Malvel's curse.
Nanook Unchained
Free Nanook the Snow Monster from Malvel's curse.
Open Your Eye
Free Arcta the Mountain Giant from Malvel's curse.
Bounty Hunter
Hunt all of the Shadow Marks.
Beast Hunter
Hunt one of Avantia's Shadow Marks.
Artful Adventure
Help the Beastologist to find her masterpieces.
Little Rock Holiday
Help Zoltan the Pet Rock to see the sights.
Tastes Like Swords
Help the Baker to make a batch of Sword Cookies.
Tiny Knight
Defeat 500 enemies in total.
You Call That Magic?
Collect all of the items that Ekalb needs to prove his magic.
All That Glitters
Unlock 10 Gold Chests.
Treasure Hunter
Unlock 10 Iron Chests.
Treasure Finder
Unlock 10 Bronze Chests.
Hey Puppy!
Meet Silver and have him join your Beast Quest.
With My Bow
Meet Elenna and have her join your Beast Quest.
Battle Waltz
Get 50 Perfect Dodge bonuses in combat.
Broad Strike
Get 50 Multi-KO bonuses in combat.
Get 50 Flawless bonuses in combat.

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