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Walkthrough by ArkadyRenko

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/12/19

.----.  .----.    .-. .-. .----.  .---.    .----..----..----..----. 
| {}  \/  {}  \   |  `| |/  {}  \{_   _}   | {_  | {_  | {_  | {}  \
|     /\      /   | |\  |\      /  | |     | |   | {__ | {__ |     /
`----'  `----'    `-' `-' `----'   `-'     `-'   `----'`----'`----' 
 .---. .-. .-..----.   .-.   .-. .----. .-. .-..-. .-..----..-.  .-..----.
{_   _}| {_} || {_     |  `.'  |/  {}  \|  `| || |/ / | {_   \ \/ /{ {__  
  | |  | { } || {__    | |\ /| |\      /| |\  || |\ \ | {__   }  { .-._} }
  `-'  `-' `-'`----'   `-' ` `-' `----' `-' `-'`-' `-'`----'  `--' `----' 

Version 1.3

- Written by ManiacMansionFan -
- Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com -

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a 2018 game developed by Fictiorama Studios and 
published by Badland Games. 

+									       +
+     IMPORTANT INFO 							       +
+									       +

This walkthrough contains fairly complete information, but it is still being 
updated. Keep checking back!

Please do not distribute or reproduce the walkthrough anywhere without my 
explicit permission. The only website allowed to host it at the moment is 

You may contact me and request permission if you want to have it on your 

+									       +
+     TABLE OF CONTENTS							       +
+									       +

[1.00] -- GAME BASICS
	[1.01] -- GAMEPLAY

[2.00] -- NEIGHBOURS
	[2.01] -- OVERVIEW
	[2.03] -- MAILMAN

[3.00] -- CAGES
	[3.01] -- ACTIVIST
	[3.03] -- CASSADY
	[3.05] -- CROP CIRCLE
	[3.07] -- FOREIGN WOMAN
	[3.08] -- FOREST
	[3.09] -- GAS STATION
	[3.10] -- GREENHOUSE
	[3.11] -- MUSIC LEGEND
	[3.12] -- PHARAOH BUST
	[3.15] -- PORCH FAMILY
	[3.18] -- SPACE STATION
	[3.19] -- SPORTS BETS
	[3.21] -- DUDS

[4.00] -- ENDINGS


[6.00] -- JOBS
	[6.01] -- NORMAL JOBS
	[6.02] -- SPECIAL JOBS

[7.00] -- FOOD

+									       +
+     GAME BASICS [1.00] 	 					       +
+									       +

+---- GAMEPLAY [1.01] ---------------------------------------------------------+

The meat of the game involves you staying in your apartment and spying on 
random people using hidden cameras, which are provided for you by a program 
called MonkeyVision. 

"Feeding the monkeys" means interacting with the people you are spying on. 
Although your employer does not want you to do that, it is an important part of 
the game. There are very few occasions for your employer to notice you've been 
feeding monkeys, but even if they do, all you will get is a warning not to do 
it again.

On top of spying on people, you also have to manage your hunger, your health, 
your sleep and your money. Although you will most likely want to spend as much 
time as possible spying on your "monkeys", you will need handle this daily life
simulation as well, or your game will end prematurely because you starved, lost 
all your health, or couldn't pay the rent and got evicted from your apartment. 
You may choose the "Peepers mode" when you start a new game, which will make 
this daily life management considerably easier by making your sleep and hunger 
stats decrease much more slowly. Choosing this mode, however, makes you unable 
to obtain any achievements.

You also have an invisible "morals" score, which will influence the ending you 
get at the end. Your actions during the game will regularly increase or 
decrease your morals score. Although it is usually easy to figure out whether 
what you do is morally sound or reprehensible, there are a few more obscure 
instances, which I will try to point out in this walkthrough. For a good deal 
of the game, you will have a plant in your apartment, which will blossom if 
you have a good morals score (healthy look and white flowers), or wither if 
you have a bad one (unhealthy look and black flowers). This gives you a good 
indication of the path you're on.

+---- MONKEYVISION [1.02] -----------------------------------------------------+

Your start the game at level 1, with 4 "cages". In order to keep your job, you 
will have periodic evaluations from your employer that require you to obtain 
more cages as the days go by. Buying a new cage costs $50. Here are the 
requirements for each level:

Level 1: 4 cages (this is your starting level)
Level 2: 9 cages
Level 3: 16 cages
Level 4: 25 cages

Your last evaluation will take place on Day 16. If you have 25 cages by then, 
you will have "completed" the game, although the ending you will get will 
greatly depend on your actions during the game.

There are two optional features you can buy:

- Recording ($20): This allows you to record snippets of your monkeys' lives. 
You may then use the videos to give visual proof of something to someone 
(whether to help monkeys or blackmail them), or you may send them to a 
sensationalist TV channel named ShockTV in order to make money from content 
involving sex or violence. Some cages do not support this feature.

- Night vision ($20, you need to be at least on level 2): This allows you to 
spy on monkeys when the lights are out. Some events only take place at night, 
and require you to have night vision in order to see them properly.

Both of these optional features are required in certain situations, and they 
are pretty cheap too, so do not hesitate to purchase them.

Once you reach level 2, the ProOwlMart feature will automatically become 
available. It allows you to send items to monkeys if you know their address. 
If the item is relevant to the cage's storyline, something will happen and the 
cage may close. Otherwise, you will just receive an email telling you the item 
was not accepted... but you will still be charged.

+---- STUDY QUESTIONS [1.03] --------------------------------------------------+

Your employer will regularly email you questions about the monkeys' habits, 
personal details, or location. If you answer with correct information, you will 
receive money. 

Your employer is pretty shady, and answering some of the questions will 
occasionally have direct consequences for the people you are watching. These 
particular study questions are the ones labelled "SPECIAL" by the game, as 
opposed to "Routine". They are worth more money, but they also mean the cage 
will close after answering, preventing further interaction.

+									       +
+     NEIGHBOURS [2.00] 	 					       +
+									       +

+---- OVERVIEW [2.01] ---------------------------------------------------------+

These are the people who may show up at your door:

LANDLADY: She will show up every three days to collect the rent. If you fail to 
pay for too many days (whether because you didn't have the money, or because 
you didn't answer the door when she came), you will get evicted and the game 
will be over.

DISHEVELED NEIGHBOUR: He will show up on a regular basis to ask for $6 for 
silly reasons. It seems there is no penalty for not giving him money, but every 
time you do, you get a boost to your morals score. If you get the FBI ending, 
he will also cover for you if you've regularly given him money. This, however, 
changes nothing except the way the FBI ending plays out.

FBI: They will move in during Day 8. Gameplay-wise, they change nothing, except 
you will get a different ending if you uninstall MonkeyVision by then.

MAILMAN: He will bring you packages sent by the monkeys (and, at the end, by 
your employer). He will also occasionally bring you packages that aren't meant 
for you, which you can accept or decline. Accepting them allows you to sell the 
contents and make money, but it lowers your morals score. See below for more 
information about these packages.

FOODEX DELIVERY GUY: He will bring you the food items you order via FoodEx. 
You get the option of leaving him a $3 tip each time, which gives a boost to 
your morals score.


+---- WYLON'S WITNESSES [2.02] ------------------------------------------------+

They will show up on Day 2 (if you don't answer the door, they will keep trying 
on later days) and give you a plant. The state of the plant shows you how you 
are doing with your morals score. The Wylon's Witnesses will show up again 
mid-game to check on the plant's state and comment on it, then one more time 
near the end of the game to collect it back.

The plant will thrive if you have a good morals score (healthy look and white 
flowers), or wither if you have a bad one (unhealthy look and black flowers).

The plant can roughly be in three states (thriving, neutral, or withered), but 
the non-neutral states have different levels. You get an achievement for having 
your plant in each of the states when the Wylon's Witnesses come back to 
collect it. 

If the plant is thriving by the time they come to collect it, the Wylon's 
Witnesses will also give you a copy of the Book of Wylon, which you can sell 
for $150.

Remember your morals will influence the ending you get.

+---- MAILMAN [2.03] ----------------------------------------------------------+

He brings you:

- Packages that are meant for you. Do not miss his deliveries too often or he 
will give up and return the package to the sender. If he shows up when you 
aren't there, he will leave a note on your door telling you when he will be back
the next day.

- Packages that are meant for other people in apartment 36. You may accept them 
and make money by selling the contents, but be aware this makes you lose morals 
points. If you decline these packages three times, it will unlock the special 
assistant mail carrier job. Declining a package that isn't meant for you will 
also increase your morals score.

The packages that aren't meant for you include:

Brick: Sell for $15
Cherry pie: Sell for $25
Chloroform: Receiving this package will automatically make you fall asleep for 
a few hours. You cannot sell it.
Christmas lights: Sell for $15
Cocaine: Selling it (for supposedly $9000) will only get you arrested a short 
while later, and end the game.
Flowers (red): Sell for $22
Flowers (white): Sell for $22
Flowers (yellow): Sell for $22
Live heart: Sell for $100
Orthopedic leg: Sell for $35
Skull X-Ray: Sell for $20
Urn with ashes: Sell for $26

+									       +
+     CAGES [3.00]	 	 					       +
+									       +

Here is a list of all the cages you can watch in the game, and how you can 
interact with them. The cages you get are random (but some of them won't appear 
until you've at least reached level 2).

WALKTHROUGH provides you with a walkthrough describing how you can interact 
with this cage.

TIME DEPENDENT (yes or no) indicates whether you have a limited amount of time 
to get a proper ending for this cage. Some cages require you to act within a 
time limit before they close on their own, while others remain opened 

STUDY QUESTION tells you the question your employer will ask about the 
cage, and the correct answer. Note that if the cage gets closed before the 
study question is asked, you will then never receive the question.

ROOM WORDS refer to words you can write in your notebook by clicking items or 
people you can see on the screen.

DIALOGUE WORDS refer to words you obtain by clicking on words the characters 
are saying.

WEB SEARCH WORDS refer to words you obtain by looking up certain previously 
obtained words on the internet.

There are also, more rarely, PHONE CONVERSATION WORDS or NEWSPAPER WORDS, which 
you get respectively by talking to somebody on the phone or by reading the 
newspaper at the start of the day.

WORD GROUPS refer to the specific groups of words you will have in your 
notebook. Usually, once you have obtained enough relevant words in a certain 
group, a "???" sign will appear and, by clicking on it, you will be able to 
choose a name for that group. There will be three choices, but the correct one 
is usually easy to guess. Sometimes, only specific actions will allow you to 
name a word group.

The cages are listed in alphabetical order (since there is no definite order 
for them), and the names are the ones I came up with, since there are no 
official names for them either.

+---- ACTIVIST [3.01] ---------------------------------------------------------+

This monkey is an activist living in a run-down apartment. He meets with an 
unseen man named Pete twice a day, and discusses his plans to clean up the 
dilapidated Crystal Kitchen neighbourhood. He also has an addiction to junk 
food, which he constantly orders.

WALKTHROUGH: The most moral way to close this cage is to find out the man's chat
ID, contact him, and support him through donations. Listen to his conversations 
with Pete and write down the words Crystal Kitchen, as well as either 
association or residents. Alternately, you can just wait a day, and the next 
morning there will be a newspaper article mentioning all of these words. Look 
the words up online and you will find out the man's name, Rick Stevens, and his 
chat ID. Chat with him and tell him you want to support him. He will ask for a 
first payment, then later on he will initiate chat contact with you and request
other payments twice. Once you have paid him three times, he will succeed 
thanks to your help.


STUDY QUESTION: cage address (17 Avalon Street) (closes the cage)

	With Pete: Crystal kitchen, association, neighborhood, residents, 
	With food delivery guy: Kamikaze Wings, Heart Attack Chicken, 
	Coronary Sauce

Kamikaze Wings / Heart Attack Chicken / Coronary Sauce => Angelo’s Heaven
Angelo’s Heaven => phone number
Crystal Kitchen + association / residents => Rick Stevens, chat ID
Crystal Kitchen + neighborhood => residents

Ask about Crystal Kitchen => Dead Cold Buddy

Call Angelo's Heaven, say you're Rick Stevens, and ask to double check your 
address => you get Rick's home address (NB: you need to have received the club 
study question in order to get the option to double check the address)

NEWSPAPER WORDS: Crystal Kitchen, association, residents, manipulation

- Rick Stevens: Crystal kitchen, association, neighborhood, residents, 
manipulation, Dead Cold Buddy
- Angelo’s Heaven: Heart Attack Chicken, Kamikaze Wings, Coronary Sauce


1 - Contact him and support him though donations ($25, $25, $15). He will 
succeed and you will unlock the social worker special job.

2 - Contact him and tell him to change his diet. Mention Angelo's Heaven. He 
will understand he is being watched, and will flee. You get nothing.

3 - Report his address by answering the study question, he will get killed.

4 - Do nothing, he will succeed on his own (but you get nothing).

Rick goes online at 10:10am (earlier on the very first day). Pete visits him at 
10:35am. Food is delivered at 2:15pm. Pete visits again at 6:50pm. At 1am, Rick 
goes to sleep.

You can get an achievement by calling Angelo's Heaven and ordering food for 
Rick. The delivery guy will show up as usual, and the dialogue will be 
different, but this does not appear to have any real use. It also appears to be 
impossible to make the delivery guy show up at the same time as Pete (Pete's 
visit just gets delayed until the delivery guy is gone).

+---- BASEMENT WRITERS [3.02] -------------------------------------------------+

A group of monkeys are frantically writing on typewriters in a basement. Once a 
day, they get a visit from their verbally abusive boss who is constantly 
unhappy with their work.

WALKTHROUGH: A simple way to close this cage is filming a video of the boss 
yelling at the team and sending it to ShockTV. The more elaborate way is to 
listen to the dialogue and fill in the word groups (unlocking all word groups 
will take a few days). Once you have unlocked the writer for hire group, and 
you know one of the writers is named Gus (he will remind the boss of his name 
when she visits), search writer for hire and Gus online to find Gustav Jenkins's
full name and phone number. Call him and request that he writes a book for you 
instead. You then have to pick a title by using the other word groups, which 
will determine how successful the book will be. See the endings sections for 
the words you can use.


STUDY QUESTION: name of the alpha female in the group (Fiona Bates)

ROOM WORDS: typewriter, coffee maker

	Between writers : depression, cry, muses, talent, healthy, slave driver,
	joy, sorrow, witch, salary, Fiona Bates, self help, cool, pain, pay, 
	sweat, drool, metaphysics, deconstruction, archetypal, dialectics
	With Fiona Bates : self-help, Gus, excrement, urine, sweat, sorrow

Gus + writer for hire => Gustav Jenkins + phone number
Fiona Bates => wise, sensitive
typewriter => creativity
self help => law 566/H
urine <=> excrement
pay => salary

- Sadness: depression, cry, sorrow, pain
- Writer for hire/Gustav Jenkins: muses, talent, coffee maker, typewriter, 
salary, pay, creativity, law 566/H, Gus
- Happiness: healthy, joy, wellbeing, cool
- Fluids: urine, excrement, sweat, drool
- Complicated words: metaphysics, deconstruction, archetypal, dialectics
- Fiona Bates: slave driver, witch, self-help, wise, sensitive


1 - Get Gus to quit and write for you (you have to pay $130). You then get to 
choose a title by picking two of the word groups, and the success of your book 
will depend on what you picked:

Happiness + Sadness =  Great success, you get $330
Happiness + Happiness = Success, you get $230
Fluids + Fluids = Flop, but you get an achievement
Anything else = Flop

If the book flops for whatever reason, you unlock the septic tank cleaner 
special job.

2 - Film Fiona yelling at the team and send the video to ShockTV, which will 
expose Fiona's abusive conduct and will net you $85. Doing this increases your 

10:30am: The writers arrive
3pm: The writers take a break
7pm: Gus receives a phone call from Fiona Bates's office
7:45pm: Fiona Bates arrives and yells at the writers
midnight: The writers get ready to leave

+---- CASSADY [3.03] ----------------------------------------------------------+

This monkey is working at the call center of an insurance company. Near the end 
of her shift, she gets calls from her mother making sure she is sober.

WALKTHROUGH: Note that the only way to act morally is to not interfere with 
this cage! In order to get a bad ending and close the cage, listen to Cassady's 
phone conversations to find her full name and address, as well as the name and 
phone number of her company. You get the company information by unlocking the 
Insurance Company work group, and looking that up online along with the word 
prudence. You get her full name by listening to a conversation with her mother, 
and writing down either her first name (Alice) or the word fainting spell. Look 
either of those words online along with Cassady. Finding out she is a recovering
alcoholic, you may send her alcohol bottles ("El Dinamitero") via ProOwlMart. 
If you do this two days in a row, she will show up at work completely drunk and 
will die in a car crash the next day. Calling her at her company while she is 
drunk will also allow you to falsely claim you are owed an insurance settlement,
and get you up to $200.


STUDY QUESTION: name of the company (Sweet Prudence)


	With customer: settlement, policy, accident, prudence
	With mother: Alice, fainting spell, temptation

Cassady + Alice => Alice Cassady, address
Cassady + fainting spell => Alice Cassady
prudence + insurance company => Sweet Prudence + phone number
Alice Cassady + fainting spell => trial
Alice Cassady + trial => alcoholism

- Alice Cassady: Alice, Cassady, fainting spell, temptation, alcoholism, trial
- Insurance company/Sweet Prudence: policy, settlement, prudence, accident


1 - Send her bottles of El Dinamitero two days in a row. She will die in a car 
crash the next day. On the second day, you can call Sweet Prudence and tell her 
you are owed insurance money. You can then choose an amount (up to $200) and 
she will send it to you.

9am: workday begins
10am: customer call
1pm: customer call
3pm: customer call
6pm: Alice's mother calls
8pm: workday ends

+---- CONVENIENCE STORE [3.04] ------------------------------------------------+

This cage is a convenience store that only opens at night. The clerk is always 
sleeping on the job. A bunch of customers, mainly dodgy ones, will show up and 
ask for items, usually alcohol. Every night, a horse-masked thief appears and 
robs the cash register.

WALKTHROUGH: Note that the morally best option to handle this cage is to 
constantly prevent the robberies, but this means you must do it every night. 
During daytime, click on the "n and h" logo. When the store opens, click on all 
the room words and dialogue words with customers. At some point, a horse-masked 
thief will appear, click on him as well. Once you have enough words, you will 
unlock the liquor store and theft word groups. Look up "n and h" and liquor 
store online, you will learn the store's full name (Nighthawks) and their 
contact info. This is all you need if you want to go for ending 1. In order to 
prevent the robberies, wait until the next day and a newspaper article will 
mention bikers and a security company. Look up those words online together, 
and you will get the chat ID of the Leather Guard Angels. Contact them, talk 
about theft, and volunteer to be a paid informer. Every time you see the thief, 
you may then send a chat message to the Leather Guard Angels and they will 

TIME DEPENDENT: yes (the cage will close if the clerk gets robbed too many 

STUDY QUESTION: company managing the cage's security (Leather Guard Angels)

ROOM WORDS: « n and h » (when the shop is closed), customer, cash register, 
sleeping guy, weapon, button, masked man

DIALOGUE WORDS: tequila, beer, whisky, rope, adhesive tape, hypodermic needles, 
nicotine, razor blades, cigarettes

NEWSPAPER WORDS: late night, bikers, security company, guards, venerable

"n and h" + liquor store => Nighthawks, venerable, phone number and address
Bikers + security company => Leather Guard Angels, chat ID

- Liquor store/Nighthawks: customer, tequila, "n and h", whisky, beer, rope, 
adhesive tape, venerable, late night, cigarettes, nicotine, razor blades, 
hypodermic needles
- Theft: cash register, sleeping guy, weapon, masked man
- Leather Guard Angels: button, bikers, security company, guards


1 - Call the store clerk at any time when he has a visitor. He will wake up and 
shoot whoever is in the store. He will get arrested, and you get nothing. You 
can, however, film the incident and send the footage to ShockTV, who will pay 
you $150 for it.

2 - Do nothing. Because of the constant robberies, the clerk will eventually 
decide to close the store.

You can tell the Leather Guard Angels when the horse-masked thief is in the 
store. They will beat him up and pay you $35 for the tip, and you also get a 
boost to your morals score. However, the thief will be back the next night. You 
can repeat the process for as long as you want, and the cage won't close for as 
long as you prevent the robberies.

If you give the Leather Guard Angels three wrong tips (pretending the thief is 
there when he actually isn't), they will from then on decline further 
communication with you.

The store is open from midnight to 9am.

+---- CROP CIRCLE [3.05] ------------------------------------------------------+

You see an ordinary field for the first few days, then a crop circle eventually 
appears in the field.

WALKTHROUGH: Look at the antique locomotive (which shows up now and then) and 
either the windmill or the antenna. Search the web for the locomotive and one 
of the other words, and you'll find out about the Old Hay Train. Search the 
web for said train and you'll get a list of the stations. You can deduce from 
the presence of a field that the cage is at Browning Fields station. Wait for 
a few days until a crop circle appears in the field. Search for crop circle on 
the web to learn about Stefan Sentinel and get his phone number. Call him and 
tell him there's a fresh crop circle in Browning Fields.


STUDY QUESTION: name of the location (Browning Fields)

ROOM WORDS: antique locomotive, antenna, windmill, crop circle (after a few 

antique locomotive + antenna / windmill => The Old Hay Train
The Old Hay Train => Anderson City, Sharp Mountains, Browning Fields, Wet 
Willow Woods
crop circle => mystery, messages, Stefan Sentinel and phone number

- The Old Hay Train: antique locomotive, antenna, windmill, Anderson City, 
Sharp Mountains, Browning Fields, Wet Willow Woods
- Stefan Sentinel: mystery, crop circle, messages, phone number


1 - Give Stefan Sentinel the correct location of the crop circle. He will 
somehow figure out that the crop circle's message is a series of numbers, which 
he will use to play the lottery and win. The next day, he will call you and 
give you $110 as a reward.

2 - Give Stefan Sentinel a wrong location. He will give you an angry phone call 
and the cage will close.

+---- CROSSDRESSING ACCOUNTANT [3.06] -----------------------------------------+

A bored accountant takes phone calls from customers, and from an agent who 
mentions something about a double life. At midnight, he dresses as a woman 
and performs a song in front of his mirror.

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to the dialogue with customers and write down enough words 
to unlock the Financial advisor word group. You must have the word "low cost", 
which he often mentions at the end of his conversations, pointing out it is 
part of his motto. Look up financial advisor and low cost online to find his 
name is Jonathan Dull, and look up his phone number. Write down the "Shewolf of 
Wall Street" word, which he mentions both while performing and while talking 
to his agent. Call him and talk about the Shewolf of Wall Street. Say you are 
going to give him advice. You can then encourage him to pursue his dreams, or 
to give up.



ROOM WORDS: man with wig (when he is performing)

	With customer: finances, numbers, balance, low cost, bankruptcy, money, 
	debts, advice, professionalism, audit
	With agent: stage name, money, balance, numbers, double life
	While performing: The Shewolf of Wall Street

finances => balance, debts
debts <=> balance
balance + low cost => finances
Financial advisor + low cost => Jonathan Dull
Jonathan Dull => phone number

Talk to him about the Shewolf of Wall Street => double life

- Financial advisor/Jonathan Dull: finances, numbers, balance, low cost, 
bankruptcy, money, debts, advice, professionalism, audit
- The Shewolf of Wall Street: stage name, double life, man with wig


1 - Tell him to pursue his dreams, he makes it big and you get a payment of $50 
every three days.

2 - Tell him to give up on his dreams, he sends you his wig which you may sell 
for $85. This nets you an achievement.

3 - Attempt to blackmail him, he will refuse and the cage will close.

He receives customer calls at 1pm and 5pm, then a call from his agent at 8pm.
At midnight, he starts performing.

+---- FOREIGN WOMAN [3.07] ----------------------------------------------------+

A woman speaking a foreign language is seen talking on the phone or watching a 
soap opera on television to try and learn English. Periodically, her brother 
shows up and appears to be yelling at her for watching TV instead of working. 
She then dresses up in a dominatrix outfit and leaves the apartment for work.

Two cameras required

WALKTHROUGH: Click on the Zmériss word on the newspaper in the kitchen. Listen 
to the dialogue until you find out her first name is Peole. Look up Peole and 
Zmériss online to get her phone number. Keep listening to the dialogue to unlock
the different word groups (the most useful moment for this is when she watches 
TV). You can then call her and pick one of four endings by repeating three times
the name of a word group of your choice.




	Watching TV: spittas = cattle, tisu etezaoreu = passionate kiss, 
	pi goau = I love you, déeru = livestock, muwau = steer, 
	antuzabpi = dear, wamdésse = revenge, dléke = farm, essupis = spanking, 
	jessni pavu = make me yours, zariparer = pleasure, tezao = hope, 
	sipuz = jealous, aminadu = enemy, disvania = drop dead, lisamparu = 
	With her brother: Peole, Autumn Place
	On the phone: Peole, wamdésse, essupis, tezao, aminadu, lisamparu, 
	antuzabpi, muwau, sipuz

Peole + Zmériss => Peole Zmériss + phone number
wamdésse <=> aminadu
tezao <=> pi goau
déeru <=> spittas
dear => I love you
tisu etezaoreu <=> zariparer

Mention a cow word => dléke

- Peole Zmériss: Peole, Zmériss, Autumn Place, phone number
- Cows: spittas = cattle, muwau = steer, déeru = livestock, dléke = farm
- Sex: essupis = spanking, tisu etezaoreu = passionate kiss, jessni pavu = make 
me yours, zariparer = pleasure
- Love: pi goau = I love you, tezao = hope, antuzabpi = dear, sipuz = jealous
- Hatred: wamdésse = revenge, aminadu = enemy, disvania = drop dead, lisamparu =


You can close this cage by calling Peole Zmériss and clicking the same word 
group three times in a row.

1 - Talk about love. An old man will move in with her, in place of her brother 
(I'm not sure what happens there). You will unlock her special job (I'm also 
unsure of what the job entails, since the description is in the same foreign 
language). This nets you an achievement. This is also the best choice when it 
comes to your morals score.

2 - Talk about sex. She will show up to your apartment in her dominatrix outfit.
You can then pay her $50 for a session. She will leave her whip behind, which 
you can sell for $35. If you don't pay for the session, she will just leave, 
and you will get nothing.

3 - Talk about hatred. She will kill her brother, get arrested, then call you 
and send you $190. What exactly happens there is also unclear.

4 - Talk about cattle. A cow will from now on live in her kitchen. You get 

Peole receives a phone call at 11am. At 3pm, she watches TV until her brother 
interrupts, and she leaves in her dominatrix outfit. She watches TV again at 
8pm, until she is similarly interrupted.  

+---- FOREST [3.08] -----------------------------------------------------------+

This cage is a peaceful forest with rabbits and squirrels. At night, a group of 
very rare trihorn deers also appear.

WALKTHROUGH: Note that the only way to act morally is to not interfere with 
this cage! Write down the coordinates in your notebook, and look them up online 
to find the location of the cage (Barret County). Look up Barret County to 
read about hunters. At night, trihorn deers will appear in the forest (you need 
night vision to see them). Write down the word and film a video of the deers. 
Look up trihorn deer and hunters online to read about The Wild Shotgun, and get 
their chat ID. Chat with the hunter and tell him you know where to find 
trihorn deers. Send the video as proof.


STUDY QUESTION: location of the cage (Barret County)

ROOM WORDS: 20.9876 – 45.7687, rabbit, squirrel, trihorn deer (at night, you 
need night vision)

20.9876 – 45.7687 => Barret County
Barret County => hunters
trihorn deer + hunters => The Wild Shotgun, trophy
The Wild Shotgun: big game hunting, chat ID

- Barret County: 20.9876 – 45.7687, trihorn deer, rabbit, squirrel
- The Wild Shotgun: trophy, hunters, big game hunting


1 - Send the hunters a video of the trihorn deers. The next night, they will 
show up in Barret County and kill them all. The next day, they send you a 
hunting trophy (which you may sell for $130). This nets you an achievement. 
You may also film the slaughter and send it to ShockTV for $70. 

+---- GAS STATION [3.09] ------------------------------------------------------+

This cage is a gas station, where different cars come and go.

WALKTHROUGH: Click on the "Heaven Hills" word to write it down. Wait until night
and, at some point, a damaged truck with someone stuck on the hood will appear. 
Click on the license plate (37791-F) and look it up online to find out the 
owner's name (Colin Trewin) and a list of different infractions he has 
committed. Among those is the word collision. Look up Heaven Hills and collision
online (the word crash, which you can obtain by clicking on the truck, also 
works). You will read about the Loco Trucker. Look up Colin Trewin's phone 
number online, and call him. Talk to him about the Loco Trucker, and you can 
then either tell him to surrender to the police, or blackmail him for money. 
Alternately, you can also film a video of the truck and send it to ShockTV, 
or look up Kimberly Pegg and send her the video instead. 



ROOM WORDS: Heaven Hills, gas, varying license plates, crash (when the Loco 
Trucker appears)

Heaven Hills => liberal, climate, hills
Heaven Hills + gas => night
37791-F => Colin Trewin, indecent exposure, lewd acts, collision, exceeding the 
speed limit
Colin Trewin => phone number
Heaven Hills + collision/crash => Loco Trucker, militia, collision, crash, 
naked, Kimberly Pegg
Kimberly Pegg => weapons, nuclear bunker, survival, chat ID
symphorophilia => crash

Call Colin Trewin, talk about himself and ask him how his sickness started => 

- Colin Trewin: indecent exposure, 37791-F, lewd acts, collision, exceeding the 
speed limit
- Loco Trucker: crash, gas, naked, night, symphorophilia
- Heaven Hills: liberal, climate, hills
- Kimberly Pegg: nuclear bunker, survival, militia


1 - Tell the drivers to surrender to the police. They do it, but only to end up 
fleeing immediately afterwards. You get nothing, but this is morally the best 

2 - Blackmail the drivers for money, from then on you receive $25 daily.

3 - Send Kimberly Pegg a video of the truck, she murders the drivers and you 
get nothing.

4 - Send a video of the truck to ShockTV, you get $135 for it. The drivers will 
then get murdered, presumably by Kimberly Pegg's group.

The Loco Trucker always appears at night time, but the time isn't always the 

+---- GREENHOUSE [3.10] -------------------------------------------------------+

A monkey waters plants in a greenhouse, while constantly repeating song lyrics. 
He most most notably waters a huge plant you can see with the second camera. 
Every day, the big plant will create a clone of the man. The clones keep 
spawning and act just like the original.

Two cameras required

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to the man's song and write down the lyrics. Look them up 
online to find the full lyrics of the song "When Butterflies Fly". Once a day, 
you can see a clone get born on the second camera. Listen to the dialogue when 
this happens and write down Heavy Green Titan. Look that up online to find the 
man is named Arthur Straw, and get his address and phone number. Call him and 
sing the correct song lyrics to temporarily break the plant's mind control. As 
per his request, deliver Eco Psycho to his house via ProOwlMart. The plant will 
call you and ask if you sent a plant killer. Deny it.


STUDY QUESTION: cage address (46 Lithium Avenue)

ROOM WORDS: stem, pot

DIALOGUE WORDS: I love you, happy heart, Heavy Green Titan (when a clone is 

I love you + happy heart => When Butterflies Fly, flowers
Heavy Green Titan => Arthur Straw
Arthur Straw => address and phone number

After singing the correct song lyrics, talk to Arthur about Heavy Green Titan
=> Merry Pea Maker, fertilizer

- stem, pot, flowers, I love you, happy heart, When Butterflies Fly, Heavy Green
Titan, fertilizer, Merry Pea Maker


1 - Send Eco Psycho and don't confess, the plant is destroyed and you get $190.

2 - Send Eco Psycho and confess. The plant will accelerate its world domination 
plans and will succeed (game over).

Note that if you send Biolizer Pro instead, it won't be returned, but won't be 
acknowledged either, and nothing will happen.


+---- MUSIC LEGEND [3.11] -----------------------------------------------------+

An aging music legend, who seems based on David Bowie, is struggling to finish 
his new album. He unsuccessfully tries to record a song during the day. At 
night, he calls an acquaintance on the phone and mentions he needs 
pharmaceutical drugs to cope with his pain, but is unable to buy them himself 
because of his drug abuse history.

Two cameras required

WALKTHROUGH: Click on the room words, watch the attempts to record the song and 
write down its title, "Lower the Curtain", which will unlock the Music Legend 
word group. Look up Music Legend along with that song title online, and you will
find the singer is named Ethan Edge. Listen to his phone conversations until he 
mentions the place where he currently lives is his birthplace. Look up Ethan 
Edge and birthplace online to find out about Sunny Shore. Write down one of 
these words: sand, sunshine, beach (he mentions them either while recording, or 
during his phone call) and look it up online along with Sunny Shore. This gives 
you the office of tourism's phone number. Call them, ask about Ethan Edge, and 
ask where you can find him. They will sell you his address. When you try to hang
up, they will also offer to sell you his phone number. Send him Nolopaine via 
ProOwlMart, and wait for the next recording session. This time, he will finish 
the song and will mention a Cosmic Chemical Angel in the lyrics, as well as in 
a phone call he will make immediately afterwards. Call him and mention the 
Cosmic Chemical Angel.


STUDY QUESTION: cage address (134 Cornelius Road)

ROOM WORDS: guitars, gold records, awards, poster

	While recording: Lower the Curtain, sand, sunshine, pain, cosmic 
	chemical angel (once he got Nolopaine)
	On the phone: pain, help, compassion, birthplace, beach, tourists, dump

Music Legend + Lower the Curtain => Ethan Edge
Ethan Edge + birthplace => Sunny Shore
Sunny Shore + beach / sand / sunshine => Office of Tourism + phone number

Call the Office of Tourism and talk about Ethan Edge => perverted junkie
Ask where you can find him => buy his address for $20; as you hang up, you can 
also buy his phone number for another $20.

- Music Legend/Ethan Edge: gold records, guitars, awards, poster, Lower the 
- Sunny Shore: sand, sunshine, beach, birthplace, tourists, dump, Office of 
Tourism + phone number
- Chemical Cosmic Angel: pain, compassion, help


1 - Wait too much without interfering, he will die without finishing the album.

2 - Send Ethan Nolopaine via ProOwlMart and he will be able to finish the song 
and the album. 

2a - If you watch him perform the song right after the drugs have arrived, the 
lyrics will be different and he will mention a cosmic chemical angel. He will 
mention it again in a phone call he will make right afterwards. If you call him 
(on the same day) and mention said angel, he will understand you sent the drugs 
and send you a gold record (which you can sell for $300). He will still die, 
but will have been able to finish the album.

2b - If you miss the song's recording or the subsequent phone call, or do not 
call him afterwards, the ending will be the same, but you will get nothing.

There is a recording session at 2pm, and another at 10pm. Once the second 
session is over (around 1am, sometimes a bit later), Ethan will give a phone 

+---- PHARAOH BUST [3.12] -----------------------------------------------------+

A crowd of visitors is gathered in front of a pharaoh bust in a museum.

WALKTHROUGH: The only thing you can do here is gather enough information to be 
able to answer the study question. Wait for visitors to move so you can click 
the plaque (alternately, you can also do this at night, using night vision). 
Search Amenophis V and bust online to get the name of Kevin Elgin, then look 
him up to find his phone number.


STUDY QUESTION: phone number of the exhibition manager (632-955-66) (this closes
the cage)

ROOM WORDS: bust, visitors, Amenophis V (in order to see the plaque mentioning 
this, either wait for the visitors to move and be quick, or use night vision)

Amenophis V => priceless
Amenophis V + bust => exhibition, Central Museum, Kevin Elgin, priceless
Kevin Elgin => phone number

- Central Museum: visitors, Amenophis V, bust, exhibition, priceless, Kevin 
Elgin + phone number


1 - Tell your employer the manager's phone number. The bust will be swapped 
with a forgery (presumably because of your employer's involvement) and the cage 
will close. You get nothing apart from the money for answering the study 

+---- PHONY PHILANTROPIST [3.13] ----------------------------------------------+

An old lady living in a seemingly rundown apartment receives visitors who give 
her money, supposedly to give to the poor. The second camera, however, displays 
a much more luxurious part of the apartment, filled with expensive items. 
Hidden behind a painting is a hidden safe, full of the money she supposedly 
gives the poor.

Two cameras required (NB: if you choose to close this cage by answering the 
study question, you do not need the second camera)

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to the dialogue with the visitors and get enough words to 
unlock the Philantropist word group. When she visits her safe, she will always 
begin by talking to one of her luxury items (either Protokov china set, Khalibab
rug, Mallarmé egg, or Dysfunctional Family). You need to write down two of 
these, so you'll need to watch her visit the safe at least twice. Click on the 
secret door and on the words she says while she's in her safe, until you 
unlock the Hidden safe word group. Also make sure to film a video of her 
visiting the safe. Look up two of the luxury items online together, and you'll 
reach an auction webpage with the names of the other items as well as the 
letters G and S. Look up G and S and philantropist online to learn her name, 
Amelia Winnipeg, and also a mention of the Revenue Service. Look these up to 
get a phone number and a chat ID, respectively. From then on you can either 
call Amelia, tell her about the hidden safe, and correctly answer her questions 
to prove you know what she's doing (you'll need to have the Dysfunctional 
Family word, which you should). You can then blackmail her. The better option 
when it comes to morals is to contact Revenue Service, talk about Amelia and 
her hidden safe, and send the video as proof.


STUDY QUESTION: time at which the cage is empty (3pm) (this closes the cage)

ROOM WORDS: time on the clock, secret door (when she opens it)

	With donators: sacrifice, needy, donation, poor, austerity, charitable 
	contribution, lies, slander, cash, generosity
	Visiting her safe: gold, jewels, treasures, roll of bills, hidden, 
	Protokov china set, Khalibab rug, Mallarmé eggs, Dyfunctional Family

Two of the following words: Protokov china set, Khalibab rug, Mallarmé eggs, 
Dyfunctional Family => G and S and the other words
G and S + philantropist => Amelia Winnipeg, Good Samaritans Inc., Revenue 
Amelia Winnipeg => address and phone number
Revenue Service => taxes, good citizen, Act 145/K, chat ID
charitable contribution <=> donation

- Hidden safe: gold, jewels, secret door, treasures, roll of bills, hidden
- Revenue Service: taxes, good citizen, Act 145/K, complaint, chat ID
- Philantropist/Amelia Winnipeg: sacrifice, needy, donation, lies, poor, 
austerity, slander, charitable contribution, cash, generosity
- Auction items: Good Samaritans Inc., G and S, Protokov china set, Khalibab 
rug, Mallarmé eggs, Dysfunctional Family


1 - Contact Revenue Service and mention Amelia's hidden safe. Send a video of 
her visiting her safe for proof. She will end up in an asylum, and you get $160.
This is morally the best option.

2 - Call Amelia and blackmail her for money ($215) or an auction item (a 
Mallarmé egg that turns out to be a fake, which you can sell for $190). She 
will turn off the cameras, and ominous scratches will appear on your door. This 
will get you a warning from your employer. Choosing the egg nets you an 

3 - Answer the study question by giving the correct time at which the apartment 
is empty. A masked man will show up and commit a burglarly. Amelia ends up in 
an asylum.

4 - Answer the study question by giving a wrong time. The burglarly will go 
awry. She will get assaulted, and end up in a coma.

She receives a visit at 10am, then goes to her safe around 12:45pm. She leaves 
the apartment at 3pm, and returns at 4pm. She receives another visit at 7pm, 
then goes to her safe again around 9:50pm.

+---- PHOTOGRAPHER [3.14] -----------------------------------------------------+

This monkey is taking sneaked nude photos of someone from her attic's window. 
She takes these photos a few times a day.

WALKTHROUGH: Get enough words from the room and the dialogue to reveal the 
attic, sneaked photos and driver word groups. Look up "cotton princess" on the 
web, along with the words star or leading lady, to learn she is taking 
photos of movie star Ashley Applegate, and obtain the phone number of her 
agent. You may then either tell the agent that Ashley Applegate's driver is 
taking sneaked nude photos of her, which is the morally better option, or you 
may pry for information about the driver so you can contact her yourself and 
blackmail her for different things.


STUDY QUESTION: name of the monkey (Leslie Dooley)

ROOM WORDS: mouse, empty boxes, mannequin, window, skis, camera, photographs, 

DIALOGUE WORDS: dollars, flash, drive, cotton princess, topless, limousine, 
fantastic, break the speed limit, big bucks, fortune, naked, floor it, gold, 
star, mirror, leading lady, nude

Cotton princess => movie, film, teens, leading lady
Cotton princess + leading lady / star => Ashley Applegate, Andrew Haynes, phone 
Limousine => star
Wonder Driver => Leslie Dooley, chat ID
sneaked photos + star => black market, photographs, fortune

Ask about driver => Wonder Driver
Ask about Ashley Applegate => star, teen (also findable on the web)
Say the driver is taking the photos => Leslie Dooley

- Attic: empty boxes, mannequin, window, skis, mouse
- Actress/Ashley Applegate: film, movie, teens, leading lady, cotton princess, 
star, fantastic, Andrew Haynes (agent) + phone number
- Sneaked photos: flash, camera, photographs, topless, naked, mirror, nude
- Leslie Dooley/Driver: limousine, cap, drive, break the speed limit, floor it, 
Wonder Driver
- Money/A lot of money/A ton of money: big bucks, fortune, dollars, gold, 
black market


1 - Report Leslie to Ashley Applegate's manager by calling him and talking about
sneaked photos. He will then ask you who is taking the photos.
1a - Give correct information (her driver takes her photos, and they are taken 
from an attic). You will be rewarded with three autographed photos of Ashley, 
which you may sell for $160.
1b - Give incorrect information. You will be rewarded with one autographed photo
of Ashley, which you may sell for $120. 
Either way, this nets you an achievement, and Leslie gets arrested.

2 - Call Ashley's manager but say nothing about the sneaked photos. Simply ask 
about her driver so he tells you about "Wonder Driver" which you can use to 
find out Leslie's chat ID. Tell her you know about the sneaked photos, and send 
her a video of herself taking the photos as proof. You can then blackmail her 
a) Money (you need to have unlocked the money word group). You will receive 
daily payments. Depending on the name you gave the group, the daily payment will
be $16, $18, or $20.
b) Limousine rides (visiting the supermarket will from then on take you 10 
minutes instead of the usual 1 hour). This nets you an achievement.
c) Nude photos of Ashley Applegate (which you may sell for $195). This nets you 
an achievement.
Either way, Leslie will get scared, flee, and the cage will close.

NB: If, instead of talking about the sneaked photos, you tell Leslie you know 
she lives in an attic, she will refuse to talk to you again. The cage won't 
close, but this will make you unable to blackmail her.

3- Same as above, but instead of sending a video of Leslie taking the photos, 
send her a video of her empty attic. She will turn off the cameras, and ominous 
scratches will appear on your door. This will get you a warning from your 

4 - Send a video of Leslie taking photos to ShockTV, who pays you $75 for it. 
She will get arrested the next day.

Leslie takes photos four times a day, not always at the same times.
First session: around 9 or 10am
Second session: around 1 or 2pm
Third session: around 4 or 5pm
Fourth session: around 9 or 10pm

+---- PORCH FAMILY [3.15] -----------------------------------------------------+

A family meets three times a day on the porch of a house. The child won't stop 
crying, and the father appears to be in major legal trouble. Both parents are 
verbally abusive with the child.

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to the dialogue until "Cyber Trash case" is mentioned. Look 
that up online to find out the man's name, John Slender. Look him up to get his 
phone number. Keep listening to the dialogue to unlock the other word groups. 
The morally best option is to search City's Saddest Child online, so you learn 
about CHPO and get their chat ID. Contact them, talk about John Slender, and 
send them a video of the verbal abuse. Alternately, you can unlock the 
Educational toy word group, call John Slender, and make a deal to send him the 
toy in order to get his address. Send him the toy via ProOwlMart.


STUDY QUESTION: name of the male adult (John Slender)

DIALOGUE WORDS: commercial, crying, toy, kid, freeze, judge, complaints, prison,
Cyber Trash case, TV, wheels, genius, City's Saddest Child, video games

Cyber Trash case => John Slender
John Slender => phone number
City's Saddest Child => CHPO + chat ID

Call John Slender and talk about the educational toy. When he asks how you know,
answer anything you want for the first question, then say you live next door to 
him => toy, judge, freeze
Ask him then about the type of toy it is => chemistry
Tell him you could get him that toy, and say its a deal => you get the address

Note that if you don't choose the right option when he asks how you know about 
the toy, he will hang up and won't pick up the phone again, making it impossible
for you to get his address.

If you call him again after making a deal about the toy and mention it again => 
kid, chemistry, judge, address (all words you can get elsewhere)

- John Slender: freeze, judge, prison, Cyber Trash case
- Educational toy: commercial, toy, TV, wheels, genius, video games, chemistry
- CHPO: crying, kid, complaints, City's Saddest Child


1 - Film the family's verbal abuse and denounce them to CHPO. You receive a 
CHPO award for it, which you may sell for $60. This nets you an achievement.

2 - Send the child the My First Chemlab toy. He will accidentally create a 
toxic cloud, and the family will disappear (it is not made clear if they died, 
or fled). You never receive the money John Slender promised you. 

The family meets on the porch at 10am, 4pm and 9pm.

+---- PREGNANT WOMAN [3.16] ---------------------------------------------------+

This cage is inhabited by a pregnant woman and her husband, who are in an open 
marriage of sorts and keep mentioning someone else who appears to be the actual 
father of the child. The woman gets eerie bedroom visits at night, but you 
cannot see the third person as a hat and an umbrella are in front of the camera.

Two cameras required

WALKTHROUGH: Watch the morning chat between the couple and write down the words 
forecast, or rain, and radio station. Search these words together online to 
find out about Whoopee Weather, and get their chat ID. Talk to them and request 
a custom weather forecast for $50. Choose rainy weather. The next morning, the 
husband will be wearing his hat and carrying his umbrella, permanently clearing 
the view of the second camera. Watch the bedroom at night and you will see a 
demon appear. To be able to click the demon, you either need night vision, or 
you need to be really quick and click right as he appears / disappears. From 
the conversations (either with the demon or the husband), you need to write 
down chili peppers. Look up demon and chili peppers online to find out the 
demon is Red Fred. Listen to the conversations with the demon to unlock enough 
words in the Exorcist word group. Look up Exorcist and Red Fred online to learn 
of Maximilian Frye, and get his phone number. Call him, agree to proceed with 
the exorcism. He will ask you to give him a call when Red Fred is in the house. 
Do that and he will successfully perform the exorcism.



ROOM WORDS: hat, umbrella, demon (when he appears at night)

	With demon: stress, psychopath, dad, family, chili peppers, 
	psychologist, stalker, obsession
	With husband: rain, radio station, forecast, chili peppers

Radio station + rain / forecast => Whoopee Weather
Whoopee Weather => chat ID
Demon => professional
Demon + chili peppers => Red Fred
Exorcist + Red Fred => Maximilian Frye
Maximilian Frye => phone number

- Whoopee Weather: hat, rain, umbrella, radio station, forecast
- Red Fred: family, dad, stress, chili peppers, psychologist, demon
- Exorcist / Maximilian Frye: psychopath, stalker, obsession, professional 
(the word Exorcist unlocks only once you get the demon word in the other group)


1 - Call Max at the correct time, the demon will be killed (along with the 
family and some innocent neighbours). You receive an evil skull (which you may 
sell for $85) and the exorcism assistant special job is unlocked.

2 - Call Max at the wrong time. He will die, the baby will get born, and you 
will get nothing.

3 - Do nothing, the baby will get born, and you will get nothing.


+---- RETIRED DICTATOR [3.17] -------------------------------------------------+

This monkey looks like an old Adolf Hitler and speaks with a foreign accent. He 
is visited twice a day by a nurse for the elderly, and watches VHS tapes of war 
movies in the evenings.

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to the dialogue, both with the nurse and when he is 
watching a movie, to unlock the Vulnerable senior, Crazy dictator, and The past 
was... word groups. You need to have the words Mr Stattler, and either of the 
German names from the movie. Look up either of the German names to find out 
about Freedonia. Search for Freedonia and Crazy dictator to find Stattler's 
real identity, August Henkel. Look up Vulnerable senior on the web to get the 
phone number of Smiles for Seniors. Call them, select option two, and ask 
about Mr Stattler. You receive his full name, Daniel Stattler. Look that up to 
obtain his contact information. Call him, ask for Henkel, then tell him either 
that the past was great or that it was horrible.


STUDY QUESTION: address of the cage (45 Sunny Side Street)

ROOM WORDS: kittens, VHS tape, TV

	With the nurse: old man, Mr Stattler, depressed, values, ideals, 
	opinion, past, glorious, wars, foreign accent, sick, cruelty, violence, 
	lonely, country, grateful and generous, bunker
	Watching movie: invading, border, moustache, bloodthirsty, allied, 
	Brounenhägen, Schrödingerburg, propaganda, old man, grateful and 
	generous, leader, bangs, sick, depressed

Brounenhägen / Schrödingerburg => Freedonia
Freedonia + Crazy dictator => August Henkel, bunker
Vulnerable senior => Smiles for Seniors + phone number
Daniel Stattler => address and phone number
moustache <=> bangs
values / ideals => propaganda

Call Smiles for Seniors, select option two, then Mr Stattler => Daniel Stattler

- The past was...: opinion, past, glorious, values, ideals, wars, violence, 
- Vulnerable senior/Daniel Stattler: kittens, Mr Stattler, lonely, grateful and 
generous, depressed, old man, foreign accent, sick, Smiles for Seniors + phone 
number, Daniel Stattler's address and phone number
- Freedonia: Brounenhägen, Schrödingerburg, border, country
- Crazy dictator/August Henkel: propaganda, invading, TV, VHS tape, moustache, 
bloodthirsty, allied, leader, bangs, bunker


1 - Tell Henkel the past was horrible. He will get scared and leave his 
apartment. In regard to morals, this is the good way to close the cage.

2 - Tell Henkel the past was great. This will inspire him to leave his 
apartment and try to conquer the world again. He will send you a cap and war 
medal, which you can sell for $190. This nets you an achievement.

The nurse first visits between 11:30am and 12:30pm. She visits again at 6pm. 
Henkel watches a movie at 8:30pm.

+---- SPACE STATION [3.18] ----------------------------------------------------+

An astronaut, who is thought by all to be dead, sends solitary broadcasts from 
her space station. She is the last survivor of the crew, and her oxygen is 
running out.

Two cameras required

WALKTHROUGH: In order to save her, all you have to do is record videos of her 
broadcasts for three days, and send them to ShockTV. This will make people aware
she is still alive, and she will be rescued. You can go further by letting her 
know you are the person behind the videos, and you can receive her umbrella as 
a token gift. After sending the first video, read the newspaper the next day to 
learn her name is Melissa Rush, and to learn about the Bring the Captain Home 
website. Watch her next broadcast, and she will talk about a dream involving an 
umbrella (this only happens if you sent a video). Look her name up online to 
find her phone number. If you call, a child will answer, but he is not allowed 
to speak on the phone, unless you call between 6pm and 6:45pm, when Melissa's 
wife isn't home (you learn about that from the website). Call him during this 
time, tell him you're sure his mother will come back, and say you sent the 
videos. After being rescued, Melissa will call you to thank you, and, as long 
as you had the umbrella word in your notebook, she will send her umbrella as a 

TIME DEPENDENT: yes (she will die if you don't intervene in time)


DIALOGUE WORDS: crew, Earth, dream, Nova 7, fever, stars, child, umbrella, 

Nova 7 => doubts
Nova 7 + crew => family, Earth
family <=> child
fever => dream
Melissa Rush => phone number
Melissa Rush + family => Bring the Captain Home, Altair
Mission Netfish => Nova 7, doubts

Call the phone number when Altair isn't allowed to talk on the phone => Altair, 
Bring the Captain Home (both of which can be obtained elsewhere)

Melissa Rush, ShockTV, family, Bring the Captain Home (after sending the first 
Melissa Rush, Bring the Captain Home (after sending the second video)
Mission Netfish (after sending the third video)

- Melissa Rush: family, stars, crew, Earth, doubts, dream, fever, child, Altair,
ShockTV, mission, Bring the Captain Home, Nova 7, Mission Netfish, umbrella


1 - Record videos of Melissa's broadcasts and send them to ShockTV during three 
days. They will pay you $120, then $60, then $30 for them. She will be rescued.
1a - If you have not communicated with her son, the newspaper article will just 
mention she thanks the anonymous hero who sent the videos.
1b - If you manage to talk to her son and convince him you sent the videos, 
Melissa will call you to personally thank you.
1c - Same as above, but if you have the "umbrella" word in your notebook when 
you make the call, you will also receive Melissa's umbrella. It is only worth 
a measly $10 if you sell it, but this nets you an achievement.

2 - If you don't intervene in time, she will die.

Melissa broadcasts every day at noon.

+---- SPORTS BETS [3.19] ------------------------------------------------------+

This cage shows an empty office with a prompter and an alarm signal.

WALKTHROUGH: Note that the only interesting thing you can do with this cage is 
to bet on Russian Roulette games, which can get you a lot of money, but is very 
bad for your morals. If you're aiming for a good morals score, you should just 
ignore this cage. Otherwise, read on. Watch the prompter until you see the 
words Highway 45, desert and Sport Shots appear. Look up Sport Shots online to 
get a phone number. Search Highway 45 and desert to find out about Los Dunas. 
Call them and ask to speak to the Los Dunas office. Pick the "high stakes" 
option when they ask what you want to bet on. This costs $90. If you pick the 
correct contestant, you will receive $200 the next day. In order to read 
guidelines helping you pick the contestant, wait a day after your first bet, 
and the morning newspaper will mention Russian Roulette. Look it up online to 
read about Central University, then look up both of these words online to see 
the guidelines. You can bet on several games, until the office becomes wary of 
law enforcement and stops offering that service. The cage, however, will not 


STUDY QUESTION: time at which the alarm is turned off (10pm) (closes the cage)

ROOM WORDS: desert, betting, Sport Shots, Highway 45, alcohol (these are from 
the prompter), blackboard, plant, couch

Sport Shots => phone number
Highway 45 + desert => Los Dunas, betting
Russian Roulette => Central University
Central University + Russian Roulette => no words, but you get guidelines on 
how to place successful bets

Ask for high stakes => athletes, VIP events, challenge

NEWSPAPER WORDS: Los Dunas, betting, Russian Roulette

- Sport Shots: blackboard, plant, couch, betting
- Los Dunas: Highway 45, desert, alcohol
- Russian Roulette: athletes, VIP events, challenge, Central University


1 - Give the correct answer to the study question. Your employers will rob 
the office and the cage will close.

2 - Give a wrong answer to the study question. The burglary attempt will go 
wrong. The cage will close anyway.

Note that if you call them and mention Russian Roulette, they will deny 
everything and will put you on their blacklist, preventing you from calling 
them and placing bets again.


Going by the Central University guidelines, you can make big money by betting 
on Russian Roulette games, but this greatly lowers your morals. Note that 
betting on "low stakes" regular sports instead lowers your morals too!


You have to guess which one of the contestants has a higher chance of winning 
based on their nickname (which gives you hints about their gender, age, etc.), 
using the survival rates below:

- Gender: Female 56% / Male 44%
- Age: -30 39% / 30-60 58% / +60 52%
- Other significant aspects: Poverty 64% / Terminal disease 43% / Substance 
addiction 78%

The alarm is briefly turned off every evening at 10pm.

+---- TRAPPED JANITOR [3.20] --------------------------------------------------+

This monkey is a janitor accidentally trapped in the elevator of an abandoned 
building. He spends his time talking to a life-size doll he has built to keep 
him company, reading a romance novel, and writing his autobiography on the 
elevator's wall.

WALKTHROUGH: Listen to him talking to himself to learn about Corsairs, either 
tallest building or "the giant", and enough words of the janitor word group to 
deduce he is a janitor. Search the web with this knowledge to find out that he 
worked in Treasure Tower, that his name is Jason Miles, and then get his home 
phone number where you can call his wife and tell him where he is. The wife has 
been pranked a lot about his disappearance, and will only believe you if you 
tell her you know about his secret passion (reading romance novels). In order 
to do that, listen to him while he reads his book and get enough words to 
deduce he is reading a romance novel. Knowing this, you can convince his wife 
you are telling the truth. You will then get the option to send someone to 
save Jason.

TIME DEPENDENT: yes (Jason will eventually die if you don't interfere)

STUDY QUESTION: name of the building (Treasure Tower)

ROOM WORDS: doll, book, elevator

Talking to himself => confined, friend, retirement, idiots, the giant, 
detergent, mascot, professional, tallest building, triple, Corsairs, 
cleaning wipes, broom, gleaming, basketball
While reading his book => lovers, passionate kiss, romance, undying love

Corsairs => basketball, triple, mascot
Corsairs + mascot => Foggy Island, Mr Cannonball
Foggy Island + tallest building / the giant => Treasure Tower
Treasure Tower + janitor => Jason Miles
Jason Miles => phone number

- Janitor: cleaning wipes, retirement, professional, detergent, confined, 
broom, gleaming
- Mr Cannonball: basketball, doll, friend, mascot, Corsairs, triple
- Treasure Tower: idiots, the giant, Foggy Island, elevator, tallest building
- Romance novel: romance, book, undying love, passionate kiss, lovers


1 - Call Jason's wife with the correct information, but say you got the info 
from a crystal ball. She will think it's another prank, hang up, and the cage 
will close. Jason will die.

2 - Call Jason's wife with the correct information, and convince her you are 
telling the truth by picking any of the two other answers. You will then receive
a phone call from a lawyer, who offers you $300 to claim your call was a prank 
and to just let Jason die. Accept the lawyer's offer. You get $300, Jason dies, 
and you get an angry phone call from the wife. Needless to say, this is bad for 
your morals.

3 - Same as above, but decline the lawyer's offer. Jason is rescued. You receive
a gift (a Mr Cannonball mascot, which you can sell for $120). This nets you an 

4 - Wait too much without interfering, and Jason will die.

Jason wakes up at 11pm and talks to himself, reads his romance novel at 1am, 
writes his autobiography on the elevator walls at 3am, talks to himself some 
more at 5am, then goes to sleep at 6:30am.

NB: Make sure you don't miss the time he reads his romance novel, as he doesn't 
always say enough required words each time, making this word group harder to 
unlock than the others.

+---- DUDS [3.21] -------------------------------------------------------------+

The following cages provide no interaction, and just fill up space in your 
MonkeyVision. You are bound to get several of them among the cages you can 
interact with. Some of them always display the same thing, while some change 
over time, but this is just for fun and there is nothing you can do with them. 
Therefore, just ignore them.

Assembly machine
Broken TV rays
Building under construction
Dog kennel
Excavation site
Garage door
Hen house
Mannequins in store
Prison cell
Seaside view
Tires landfill
Train tracks
Underwater view
Wind turbine

*Basement doll:

Although you cannot interact with the basement cage either, it is a bit 
different. You will see a creepy doll in this basement, which over time will 
keep moving closer to the camera when you're not looking. It will eventually 
disappear from sight, and you will read a newspaper article about a murdered 

Later on, the mailman will deliver a package addressed to you containing the 
doll. You can sell it several times, and every time it will return to you a few 
days later, steadily more blood-soaked. This will net you money ($20 the first 
time, then $15, then $10) but be aware selling the doll will decrease your 
morals score! If you keep it in your bedroom without selling it, it will just 
stay there and will not actually kill you.

+									       +
+     ENDINGS [4.00]	 	 					       +
+									       +

+---- PREMATURE ENDINGS [4.01] ------------------------------------------------+

1 - Uninstall MonkeyVision. The ending will be different if you do this before 
or after the FBI moved into your building. Having regularly given money to your 
disheveled neighbour will also change the FBI ending.

2 - Fail to level up by not buying enough cages in time for your next 
evaluation. You will get fired.

3 - Repeatedly fail to pay the rent to your landlady. You will get evicted.

4 - Let your health or hunger stats reach 0. You will die. Note that if your 
sleep reaches 0, you will not die, you will just fall asleep on your own for a 
few hours.

5 - Attempt to sell the cocaine package mistakenly delivered to you by the 
mailman. You will get arrested.

6 - Send the Eco Psycho to the greenhouse, then confess on the phone that you 
did it. The plant will accelerate its world domination plans, and will take 
over the world the next day.

+---- PROPER ENDINGS [4.02] ---------------------------------------------------+

These are the endings you get on Day 16, if you make it that far. What matters 
is how many cages you have closed (cages closing on their own do not count), 
and the state of your morals score. The amount of study questions you answer 
is irrelevant.

1 - Humdrum Monkey: You get this ending if you have closed too few cages.

2 - Tame Monkey: You get this ending if you have closed enough cages, but do 
not have a great morals score.

3 - Enlightened Monkey: You get this ending if you have closed enough cages, 
and also have a great morals score.

+									       +
+     ACHIEVEMENTS [5.00] 	 					       +
+									       +

Pongo lostintranslansis: call Peole Zmériss and choose « love » three times

Callimico oviparus: blackmail Amelia Winnipeg for a luxury item

Papio stellaris: save Captain Rush and receive her umbrella

Galago cholesterolus: order food for Rick Stevens

Microcebus nudensis: blackmail Leslie Dooley for nudes of Ashley Applegate

Petterus supermegafan: tell Ashley Applegate’s agent about the sneaked photos

Aotus chauffeurii: blackmail Leslie Dooley and ask for a chauffeur

Prebytis freedonius: encourage Henkel to become a dictator again

Mandrillus lupus: get the wig from Jonathan Dull by telling him to give up on 
his dreams

Cebus smilenis: denounce John Slender's abuse to CHCS

Colobus corsarii: save Jason Miles

Lepilemur poopoo: ask Gus Jenkins to write a book with fluid + fluid

Allocebus darwiniana: get the hunters to kill the trihorn deers

Lemur wylonii major: have a thriving plant when the Wylon’s Witnesses show up 
to collect it.

Lemus wylonii medus: have an acceptable plant then

Lemur wylonii vulgaris: have a withered plant then

Gorilla clubensis minor: correctly answer 3 study questions

Gorilla clubensis medus: correctly answer 6 study questions

Gorilla clubensis major: correctly answer 9 study questions

Macaco amateurensis: reach level 2

Macaco masteriensis: reach level 3

Macaco doctoriensis: reach level 4

Aotus televisibus: send 12 different videos to Shock TV (they do not need to be 

Propithecus molli: uninstall MonkeyVision after the FBI moved in, and 
collaborate with them

Hylobates silensis: same, but refuse to collaborate with the FBI

Hapalemur dolarii: have at least $500

Colobus express: uninstall MonkeyVision before noon of Day 1

Tarsius amazonius: buy and send 4 items via ProOwlMart (they do not need to be 
accepted by the recipient)

Ateles pencilianus: write down 190 words in your notebook

Mandrillus barfii: eat 9 times in a row

Mandrillus collector minor: keep 5 gifts

Mandrillus collector medus: keep 7 gifts

Mandrillus collector major: keep 9 gifts

Using the walkthrough, you should have no trouble figuring out how to get these 
achievements. In order to keep a lot of gifts, sell nothing and always accept 
packages from the mailman.

+									       +
+     JOBS [6.00]	 	 					       +
+									       +

You can make money from closing cages in certain ways and from answering study 
questions, but in order to stay financially afloat, you will also need to take 
part-time jobs. Every day, three random regular jobs will appear on your front 
door. There are also special jobs which will appear daily once you have 
unlocked them.

When you choose to do a job, mind the requirements. Some jobs require you to 
have a minimal level in certain stats, or you will perform poorly. If this 
happens, you will get paid half the agreed price, not get paid at all, or even 
get fired, which will prevent you from doing that job again (even though it can 
still appear on your door and fill up a job slot).

Also mind the amount of hours you will be working. You'll want to watch the 
time to make sure you will be back home in time to see specific cage events.

Some jobs are available all day, while others are only available during a 
specific timeframe. This timeframe may vary every time a job is posted, even 
for the same job.

+---- REGULAR JOBS [6.01] -----------------------------------------------------+

Here is a ranking of all the regular jobs by hourly rate. Note that some jobs 
also come with fringe benefits, which may make them more interesting than they 
seem at first.


Bellhop				$7,5 to $31,25	Your salary includes tips. You 
						may get lucky and get very 
						generous tips, making this one 
						of the most interesting jobs. 
						Your first time will always be 
						paid $7,5/h, but after that it 
						will be random, always with a 
						minimum of $7,5/h.

Gas station car wash attendant	$15

Warehouse manager		$15		You need satisfactory experience
						as a warehouse assistant first.

Dog walker			$11 to $15	The base pay is $11/h, but the 
						dog's owner will sometimes give 
						you a bonus, making it $15/h.

Caddie				$14		You can get +1 or -5 health.

Waiter				$13,75 and up	Your salary includes tips. You 
						need satisfactory experience
						in food/catering service first.
						It seems the soup kitchen worker
						job satisfies the requirement

Bakery assistant		$13,5

Substitute store clerk		$13

Night cleaner			$12,5

Night security guard		$12,5		You get -2 health.

Lawn mower			$12

Line waiter			$12

Advertising agency intern	$12

Airport luggage handler		$12

Exterminator			$12

Warehouse assistant		$11,875

Poster hanger			$10,5

Dishwasher			$10,5

Supermarket restocker		$10,25

Potato chip taster		$9,5		You get -2 health and +20 food.
						Make sure you have a hunger of 
						at most 80/100 when you do this 
						job, or you will perform poorly.

Fast-food clerk			$8,75		You get +20 food.

Soup kitchen worker		$7		You get +10 food and a boost 
						to your morals score.

NB: Although the last three jobs have the lowest hourly wage, they come with 
the benefit of giving you food points, so they may come in handy if you also 
need to eat.

Full stats:


Bellhop 			$30 + tips	4 hours		
Gas station car wash attendant 	$15		1 hour		
Warehouse manager 		$60		4 hours		
Dog walker 			$46 + bonus	4 hours		
Caddie 				$28		2 hours		
Waiter 				$110 + tips	8 hours		
Bakery assistant 		$27 		2 hours		
Substitute store clerk 		$52 		4 hours		
Night security guard 		$100 		8 hours		
Night cleaner 			$25 		2 hours		
Lawn mower 			$12		1 hour		
Line waiter 			$24 		2 hours		
Advertising agency intern 	$24 		2 hours		
Airport luggage handler 	$48 		4 hours		
Exterminator 			$48 		4 hours		
Warehouse assistant 		$95 		8 hours		
Poster hanger 			$42 		4 hours		
Dishwasher 			$84 		8 hours		
Supermarket restocker 		$82 		8 hours		
Potato chip taster 		$38 		4 hours		
Fast-food clerk 		$70 		8 hours		
Soup kitchen worker 		$14 		2 hours		 

+---- SPECIAL JOBS [6.02] -----------------------------------------------------+

These jobs are unlocked by doing specific actions during the game, and will be 
available every day on top of the regulars ones. 

Hourly rate ranking:


Exorcism assistant		$15		/

Septic tank cleaner		$11		You get -1 health.

Etepier Ri Namraduz		$10,625		/

Social worker  			$10,5		Boost to your morals score.
Assistant mail carrier		$10		Boost to your morals score.

Full stats:


Exorcism assistant		$15		1
Septic tank cleaner		$88		8		
Etepier Ri Namraduz		$85		8		
Social worker	 		$21		2		
Assistant mail carrier		$20		2		

How to unlock:


Exorcism assistant		Close the "Pregnant woman" cage by getting Max 
				to successfully perform his exorcism (see 

Septic tank cleaner		Close the "Basement writers" cage by asking Gus 
				Jenkins to write a book for you, and choose a 
				title that will make the book flop (see 

Etepier Ri Namraduz		Close the "Foreign woman" cage by calling Peole 
				Zmériss and choosing "love" three times (see 

Social worker			Close the "Activist" cage by supporting Rick 
				Stevens (see walkthrough).

Assistant mail carrier		When the mailman shows up with a package for the
				wrong appartment, refuse the package three times
				and he will offer you this job.

+									       +
+     FOOD [7.00]	 	 					       +
+									       +

What I usually do is make bulk purchases of chicken and fruit once I have 
enough money to buy several at a time, which works very well. 

Every day, you will be notified by email that there is a promotion on a 
specific food item. Depending on the promotion, this may sometimes cause me to 
make an exception to my strict chicken + fruit diet.

FoodEx delivery:

You may order delivery food, which will be delivered to you one hour later. You 
therefore won't waste any time going shopping, but there are also drawbacks. 
First of all, don't forget you have a pending delivery, because if you actually 
left your apartment or are asleep when the delivery man comes, you will not 
receive your food but will still be charged. Secondly, and more importantly, 
everything they sell is unhealthy. If you only ever eat food from them, you 
will see your health score rapidly deteriorate.


Pizza		$18	+22	-1	/

Hotdog		$6	+12	-2	/

Chinese food	$14	+22	-2	/


This is my preferred option, for they sell healthier food, so if you only eat 
food from them you won't have to worry about your health (except for coffee). 
The drawback is that the trip to the supermarket takes one hour of your time 
(unless you have blackmailed Leslie Dooley to drive you around, in which case 
it takes ten minutes). If you manage your time properly, losing one hour now 
and then won't be a problem.


Fruit		$6	+2	+2	/

Yogurt		$4	+2	+1	/

Chicken		$15	+15	/	/

Coffee		$6	+2	-2	+10

- Written by ManiacMansionFan -
- Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com -

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