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by Mythril Wyrm

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Version: 1.66 | Updated: 03/25/2021
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Campaign Mode

This mode sees you become the coach of the Reikland Raiders (a Human team) and try to lead them to victory in the Blood Bowl championship.

Inducements cannot be purchased before matches in Campaign mode and the transfer market and stadium enhancements are locked, as are staff until later matches. Kick-off events occur only when scripted, MVP awards are not given, and if you fail to complete any of the obligatory challenges, you'll have to replay the match.

Match 1

Opponent: Siegfriedhof Saints (Human)


  • Come out on top against the Siegfriedhof Saints
  • Score a touchdown to force the opposing team to concede the match

After some shots of the utter embarrassment that was the Reikland Raiders' last season, you'll be dropped right into a tutorial match. The turn timer is disabled, your team is automatically put in formation, and players have no statistics except Movement Allowance, so blocks, passes, and attempts to pick up the ball will always succeed. Fouls cannot be attempted, turnovers cannot be provoked, and players can neither be injured nor earn SPP (Star Player Points), so take the time to learn about passing the ball and positioning your players advantageously. As soon as you score a touchdown, you'll win the match.

You'll have two objectives before the next match begins:

  • Hire a new roster (at least 11 players)
  • Sign a contract with a sponsor

Your only option for a sponsor is Parstowne XIII, but you have some freedom to choose your team composition. I recommend an Ogre, two Blitzers, two Throwers, two Catchers, and four or more Linemen to fill out your ranks. Once your players are hired and the contract signed, it's on to the next match.

Match 2

Opponent: Death Headz (Orc)


  • Prove the value of your new players by beating the Death Headz

Strength and block dice come into play in this match, so player positioning will be more important than it was previously. Your opponent's Black Orcs are stronger than any players except your Ogre, so stay away from them and use your Catchers' and Blitzers' superior speed to score touchdowns. A "Pitch Invasion" after each drive in the 1st half will stun some random players, but this match isn't much harder than the last one.

Match 3

Opponent: Grudge Bearers (Dwarf)


  • Win the match and give the Grudge Bearers a good reason to hate you!

Agility comes into play in this match, so players are no longer guaranteed to pick up or pass the ball successfully. They can also be KO'd (but not injured or killed, even if they're pushed off the pitch), which is a distinct possibility when playing against a "bashy" team like the Grudge Bearers.

Dwarfs may have high Armour Value, but their Agility and Movement Allowance are lacking. Position your Linemen to surround them with tackle zones, and your Blitzers and Catchers will leave them eating dust. The referee will make things more challenging by darting onto the pitch and attacking your players, but this shouldn't be anything you can't manage.

You'll have an objective before the next match begins:

  • Buy 2 team re-rolls

At this point, you should have enough gold in your treasury to purchase 3 re-rolls and have 13 players on your roster. After taking these preparations, you'll be well-prepared for the coming matches.

Match 4

Opponent: Feliroin Charioteers (High Elf)


  • Tame the Feliroin Charioteers

You and the opposing coach will both start this match by putting your players in formation. The preset formations you can choose from are Karl's Arrow and Brutal Opening when attacking and Emperor's Shield and To the center! when defending, but if you don't like these formations, you can create and save your own. If you have an Ogre, put him as close as possible to the center of the field and keep some Linemen close to him for support. Turnovers can also be provoked from this point onward, so paying attention to tackle zones and the chance of success for actions is more important than ever. Take advantage of the Elves' fragility and try to KO a few of them, then go for a touchdown. Remember to use your re-rolls to change disadvantageous block dice or Agility roll results.

At the start of the 2nd half, a "Cauldron of Blood" kick-off event will trigger and make the Charioteers much more aggressive. This, if anything, will make it even easier for you to score touchdowns, since they'll be too focused on fighting to think about the end zones.

You'll have an objective before the next match begins:

  • Hire an Apothecary

This will set you back 50k, but it's not like you have much of a choice...and considering how brutal the coming matches will be, you'll be glad to have one on staff.

Match 5

Opponent: Gisoreux Paladins (Bretonnian)


  • Thrash the Gisoreux Paladins
  • Zug Challenge (obligatory): inflict 3 injuries on them

Armour Value and Fouls come into play in this match, so players have a chance to suffer injuries and can still be attacked after being knocked down. You should try to ensure your players inflict more injuries than they sustain, because injuring three opponents is the key to enticing Mighty Zug to join your team. Focus on the Paladins' Blitzers to strip them of their offensive potential, then score touchdowns at your leisure. Zug will join after halftime if you complete the challenge during the 1st half, and he'll give you even more Bretonnian-bashing power. Use it well.

Match 6

Opponent: Naggaroth Nightmares (Dark Elf)


  • Overrun the Naggaroth Nightmares
  • Jim Challenge (obligatory): get 2 Witch Elves off the pitch by any means possible

Skills and SPP come into play in this match, so your players will be able to gain levels by passing or intercepting the ball, injuring opponents, and scoring touchdowns. This also means you won't be able to depend on your Ogre as much, because his Bone-Head skill gives him a 1/6 chance of forgetting which action to perform and his Loner skill makes re-rolls unreliable. You may want to swap him out for Zug, whose Mighty Blow skill will help you accomplish the challenge in this match. Injuring and crowdsurfing the Witch Elves are both equally acceptable means of getting them off the pitch, and if you manage to isolate one of them from her teammates, surround her with as many players as possible and attempt a Foul. Once both Witch Elves are gone, the score change will all but guarantee your victory.

Take the opportunity to earn some SPP for the players you use the most. If any of them earn 6 or more SPP, you'll have an objective before the next match begins:

  • Level up your players

The rewards your players receive for leveling up depend on their class and a 2D6 roll, with a 10 or higher allowing them to increase their stats and doubles allowing them to choose skills from any category. Keep your fingers crossed and choose your new skills wisely.

Match 7

Opponent: Gouged Eye (Orc)


  • Take revenge on the Gouged Eyes!

The gloves come off in this match – in addition to all of the stats and skills coming into play, there's a 4-minute turn timer for each team and shorter timers for minor decisions, so you'll have to think and act quickly. The Gouged Eyes have 2 re-rolls and an Apothecary, and they're sturdier than your last few opponents, so your best bet is to take a turn or two breaking through their lines before capitalizing on your players' superior speed. Try to keep their Troll isolated so its Really Stupid skill will give it a 1/2 chance of wasting its actions.

After halftime, Bob Bifford (yes, the announcer who works alongside Jim Johnson) will take the field and lend the Reavers his skills. He's very strong, hard to injure, and reasonably agile as well, so have fun with him while you get to use him. Try to use his Piling On skill to inflict an injury or two before the match ends.

Match 8

Opponent: Warhammerers (Dwarf)


  • Wipe out the Warhammerers

A Cabalcopter will crash after the kick-off, covering a 3x3 area of the pitch with flaming wreckage. Players who get pushed into it are treated as being crowdsurfed, so you can make your life easier by shoving some Dwarfs into it. Their Deathroller can complicate the 1st half of the match but will be automatically sent off after the first touchdown or the beginning of the 2nd half, which will make it easier for you to mount a strong offensive. Just be aware that the Warhammerers' Blitzers, Long Beards, and Troll Slayers all have the Block skill, so you'll need good rolls of the block dice to break through their lines.

You'll be able to hire Cheerleaders and Coach Assistants after this match, but it's better not to burn your gold on them until you've maxed out your Team Re-rolls.

Match 9

Opponent: Skavenblight Scramblers (Skaven)


  • Claim victory over the Skavenblight Scramblers

This is the first match in which the opposing team has a Star Player of its own – namely, Hakflem Skuttlespike, whose combination of the Dodge, Extra Arms, Prehensile Tail, and Two Heads skills makes it easy for him to pick up the ball and difficult for anyone to stop him from reaching your end zone once he does. His Strength and Armour Value are less impressive, however, and the Scramblers will be at a disadvantage if you injure or kill him.

The Skaven are the swiftest opponents you've faced yet, but they're also quite fragile. Don't leave any gaps in your lines when playing defence, and try to injure as many of the vermin as you can early on. The fewer of them there are on the field, the easier it will be for you to score touchdowns. Your Blitzers can easily overpower the Scramblers' Gutter Runners, so make good use of Blitzes to take the ball from them.

Match 10

Opponent: Chaos All-Stars (Chaos)


  • Outdo the Chaos All-Stars

The All-Stars are built for fighting unlike any team you've faced before, but you start the match against them with an unexpected trump card: Morg 'n' Thorg, their former captain, plays for you. He's terrifyingly strong and hard to injure, and he'll help tie up the Chaos Warriors while you capitalize on your team's superior maneuverability. Be sure to move him to your reserves after halftime, though, because he'll defect to the All-Stars' side and leave you short a player if you have him on the pitch. Keep your players away from him and push your speed advantage, and you'll be able to come out on top.

Match 11

Opponent: Gouged Eye (Orc)


  • Eliminate your sworn enemy from the play-offs
  • Challenge (obligatory): score a touchdown with a humanoid player (with neither an Ogre nor Zug).
  • Bob Challenge (obligatory): humiliate them by making 3 fouls.

This time, the Gouged Eyes have Varag Ghoul-chewer on their side. They don't have an Apothecary or the speed of the Raiders, however, and the first humanoid player on your team who scores will reveal himself to be a disguised Griff Oberwald. Obviously, the big reveal will permanently remove that player from your roster, so you can maximize your gains by scoring the touchdown with a player you rarely use.

With Griff on your team, you should have no trouble scoring as many points as you need to win. Just be sure to make your three Fouls before the end of the 2nd half.

Match 12

Opponent: Galadrieth Gladiators (High Elf)


  • Defeat the Galadrieth Gladiators
  • Jim Challenge (obligatory): humiliate them by making 3 passes

The Gladiators' Star Player is Eldril Sidewinder, who's lightning quick and sports the Hypnotic Gaze skill. With Zug and Griff on your side, you'll have a combination of power and speed that'll be hard for your opponents to overcome. Get up close and personal and try to injure as many of the Elves as possible, because they're as fragile as they are agile and you'll need breathing room to pull off your three passes. Having Griff, a Thrower, and a Catcher stand two squares apart and throw quick passes to each other is a nice and easy way to complete the challenge. Once it's done, focus on scoring touchdowns.

Match 13

Opponent: Gisoreux Paladins (Bretonnian)


  • Outdo the Gisoreux Paladins despite the weather conditions

The Paladins are the first team you've faced since the Warhammerers who don't have a Star Player, but you'll have to overcome the elements to beat them. At the start of the 1st half of the match, it will snow; at the start of the 2nd half, it will rain. The snow causes players to fall if they roll 1 or 2 when Going For It and restricts them to attempting only quick or short passes; the rain applies a -1 modifier to all rolls to catch, intercept, and pick up the ball. Both will stop as soon as a touchdown is scored. Be aware of the weather-related penalties (especially if your strategy relies heavily on passing), and try to incapacitate the Bretonnian Blitzers as quickly as possible – without them, your opponent's offensive potential is crippled.

Match 14

Opponent: Naggaroth Nightmares (Dark Elf)


  • Crush the Naggaroth Nightmares to reach the Blood Bowl final!

The Nightmares have Hubris Rakarth on their side. They also have an Assassin whose Stab skill can instantly injure one of your players, so removing him from the field should be a high priority. The Dark Elves on the whole are still less sturdy than your players, so you should hit them hard and fast to clear a path to their end zone for your Catchers, Blitzers, and Griff.

At halftime, most of your players will be poisoned and their stats will change. The poison takes 2-3 points from a random attribute and adds them to another random attribute (but never reduces an attribute below 1), so pay close attention when putting your players in formation and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you have a Lineman with a Strength of 1 and a Movement Allowance of 8, he should probably be placed in a lateral zone and used like a Catcher.

Match 15

Opponent: Skavenblight Scramblers (Skaven)


  • Triumph over the Skavenblight Scramblers vermin to win the Blood Bowl!

This is it: the match to end all matches! You'll be facing Hakflem Skuttlespike again, and in addition to dealing with him and the rest of the squirrelly Skaven, one of them will mutate every two turns. A flashing red star will indicate which Skaven is currently undergoing new mutations, which can include anything from new skills (Tentacles, Foul Appearance, etc.) to transforming into a Rat Ogre. The latter is actually preferable, because the Rat Ogres' Wild Animal skill often causes them to waste actions roaring if there's no one around for them to block. The Scramblers have several team re-rolls, but no Apothecary, so try to inflict as many casualties as possible early on and score a touchdown or two after you have the advantage of numbers.

If you have the higher score when the final whistle blows, the Blood Bowl trophy is yours. Sit back and enjoy the ending!

League Mode

This mode allows you to create your own Blood Bowl teams and pit them against other human- and AI-controlled teams. Before you can play in League mode matches, you must do the following:

  • Select a race or faction for your team.
  • Enter a team name (3-26 characters, must be unique) and team motto.
  • Select a team logo and jersey.
  • Decide whether or not you want to create a custom team. A custom team has unlimited gold to spend on players and staff before the first match.
  • Select a stadium and enter a name (up to 20 characters).
  • Decide whether or not you want assistants to fill your team roster. If not, you'll be given 1000k gold to spend on players and staff.
  • Use your gold to recruit players and staff. Note that you need at least 11 players on your team to participate in a match – if you have fewer than that, the game will fill out the empty positions with Journeymen, who will play with you for one match only and can be recruited if you win.
  • Optionally, choose a sponsor.
  • Select a type of league to join. You have three options:
    • Solo: Allows you to pit your team against AI teams in one of several formats (Cup, Championship, Regional League, Old World League, or Custom League). All formats allow you to set the turn duration (from 1-4 minutes) and enable or disable ageing, enhancements, and kick-off events.
    • Multiplayer: Allows you to pit your team against other people's teams. You can search for leagues that allow experienced teams, mixed teams, custom teams, and those that are open to new registrants. You can also create a league of your own.
    • Eternal league: Allows you to pit your team against AI teams that will grow and change alongside your team. This league is divided into seasons that each consist of four periods, and each period allows you to take part in up to three competitions. Some competitions have special admission conditions or offer rewards for exceptional performance.

As you win matches in League mode, you can use the gold you earn to upgrade your team's stadium and purchase enhancements for it, or to hire players that other coaches have put on the transfer market. Try to build your dream team and guide them to victory in Nuffle's name!

Friendly Match Mode

This mode allows you and a friend to compete in local or online Blood Bowl matches. You can either coach a team created in League mode or one of three premade teams for each race. You can also coach one of three all-star teams – the Destruction All-Stars, the Order All-Stars, or the Chaotic All-Stars – each of which is made up entirely of Star Players.

Challenge Mode

This mode allows you to undertake one of 10 different challenges.

Road kill

All your team-mates have been killed in a cowardly fashion. Only you remain. You and your Deathroller on the motorway of revenge. Hunt down the Thrall behind this massacre and send him six feet under.

Clean up this mess

All the members of the team have left the pitch, except for two recalcitrants. It's probably time to offer them to your adoring spectators, who are probably drunk with anger (and beer).

Hot potato

You've got to get your hands on that blasted Wardancer! The elf defence looks impenetrable, which means it could be difficult... Perhaps it's time to let the artillery do the talking...

Minimize risk

You were able to free up a group of players on your previous turn. Your last turn has just started and it is time to score! (by Jerry Balderas)

Orcs in need

You are taking a serious walloping. To preserve your team's honour (and, by the same token, your own reputation with the profession), score a touchdown before the final whistle! (by Guillaume de Cesare)

Run orc, run!

Your ball carrier is so close, and yet so far, from the opposition's End Zone. Find a way to get him out of this pickle so that he scores the much yearned-for touchdown.

Anyone for bowling?

The game plan of the Goblin fanatics is to knock over as many players as they can before the end of the turn. Make sure you don't kill each other! Although...

Get lost!

Those stupid Elves deserve a good beating. Try to push two of them off the pitch in order to satisfy the fans! (by Jerry Balderas)

Wooden barrier

The Wood Elves are going to win this match and they definitely do not want to concede a touchdown. To stop that, they've made access to their end zone slightly...complicated. But that won't put us off, will it? (by Jerry Balderas)

Dwarfs can also do it!

Everyone talks about those famous one-turn touchdowns. Apparently, they're the height of fashion. Well, the dwarfs have gotten it into their heads that they too could pull off such a feat. And when one knows their innate lack of speed, that might just prove a challenge...