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by Tworedshirt

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tworedshirt

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 07/23/2017

The Menace of Doctor Spoil Sport.

1. Introduction.

2.Lack of controls.

3. Step By Step Walkthrough.


I DO NOT OWN THIS GAME, It is, however, abandonware since ever, not sure what the registered version would even add to it given you can play the whole thing.

Taken Verbatim from the manual.

Menace of Dr. Spoil Sport

Oh, Boy, we're in trouble now. The evil mad scientist Dr Spoil Sport has decided that if he can't have the world, nobody can. He has built a giant space station in orbit above the Earth and threatened to blast the Earth with super laser beams if we don't.Our only hope is for you to get to the space station disable the weapons before the deadline. It would also nice if you could get back to Earth alive so we can give a big The evil scientist has set up space mines around the station. The only way to get up to the station is to use teleport booth in Dr Spoil Sport's laboratory. You must into his lab, past all the traps and robot guards, and the teleport booth. Once you have reached the space you must find a way to disable the station's weapons and return to Earth. You have an electro-laser gun that may you to blast some of the obstacles out of the way. Good A final warning: Some things, like getting shot or exposed to radiation, can cause damage to you. If accumulate more than 100 damage points, you are dead. Try avoid that. Game copyright David Leithauser 1992


F - moves you forward

B - moves you backward

R - moves you right

L - moves you left

< - rotates you left

> - rotates you right

^ (Shift-6) - rotates your vision up

V - rotates your vision down

- (minus sign, representing the horizon) - repositions your vision to the horizon

T - executes a U-turn, a fast way of turning 180 degrees

Esc - restarts game from the beginning

Shift Esc - exits program totally, returns you to DOS

1 - saves current game position to a file. A box will appear on the screen. Type in a name up to eight letters for the name to save data under. If you type less than eight letters, press ENTER. You will also see another box, with something like "NUE" in it. Just hit ENTER again when you see this box.

2 - load saved game. when the box appears, type in the name of the file you saved the game under.

C - clears the little plus sign crosshair from the center of the screen, in case it is in you way. Pressing C again restores it.

To fire at something, use the cursor keys to move the mouse cursor to the object you want to shoot. The mouse cursor will look like a crosshair while on the view screen, an arrow when off the view screen. When you have the crosshair on the object you want to shoot, press the space bar. To activate an object, move the crosshair to the object and press the A key. What "activate" means will depend on the object and the circumstances. Loose objects will usually be taken when activated. That is, "Activate" can mean GET. Activating a button or doorknob can mean pushing the button or turning the knob. Activating a keyhole or card key slot can mean inserting the key or card key, if you have it. If you cannot activate the object, you will just get a message if you try to activate it. For example, trying to turn a doorknob on a locked door or insert a key card in a slot when you do not have the key card will just give you a message.

Activating some objects just gives you information about the object. To use the mouse, move the mouse pointer to the word or symbol you want to use and press either mouse button. For example, to go forward, move the mouse pointer to FORWARD on the right side of the screen and press either mouse button.To rotate left, click on the < symbol. Holding down the mouse button causes autorepeat. Note: pressing the right mouse button causes the action to occur very fast, while the left mouse button gives you finer control. The only commands you cannot activate solely with the mouse are T (U-turn), C (clear + from screen), and Shift-Esc (quit to DOS). You must use the keyboard for these. You will sometimes have more delicate control over some functions, like turning and moving right or left, with the keyboard. For shooting or activating objects, the mouse is definitely better. To shoot something with the mouse, use the mouse to move the mouse cursor to the object you want to shoot and press the LEFT mouse button. To activate something, move the mouse cursor to that object and press the RIGHT mouse button. Don't get these two confused. The results of shooting something you meant to activate can be fatal.

Step By Step Waltrough.

1.Turn around and shot the tree, cross the water on the tree DO NOT FALL IN THE WATER

2. If you try to shoot the door knob on the blue house it will tell you that all knob and door are indestructible oh well,

3. go to the back of the shed DO NOT SHOOT THE BLOCKS, instead, climb on them and get to the roof, where you can fall into the shed.

4. Press T to turn around and shoot the bot, right click the Green square on the table and get the green keycard.

5. go back outside and got left to the other tree, shoot it and cross the water.

6. go back to the back of the cyan building and between the 2 pink wall there stair leading to a door with a keyhole.

7. Shoot the doorknob to open the door.


9. Go forward and in that room you will slowly get damaged. turn off the generator.

10. go inside the cyan building and shoot the bot.

11. the lasers are now off. go in that room and get the blue keycard,

12. Go back to the generator room and turn it back on.

13. go back down and the room next to the laser doorway is open with the blue keycard.

14. SAVE 15. go into the yellow room but as soon as you are inside DO NOT MOVE. Instead, shoot every inch of the floor to destroy mines.

16. Go into the maze and find the teleport room. this part doesn't require a map because the maze is made by a 5-year-old.

17. insert the newly acquired green key card into its slot. and press the on the button to get to the space station.

18. SAVE

19. if you have over 30 damage go to the right room and press the button to get healed by the healing beam.

20. proceed through the door and shoot the crystal.

21. go forward into the room across from you.

22. inside there's another generator but you have no key card, instead, go behind it to find a pink "Cable" shoot it to deactivate the teleporter and the station weapon system.

23. exit the room and go to the one on the left. you will be in a hangar with a shuttle.

24. enter the shuttle and turn right. press the on button.


26. Grats you won!.