Bug Hunter
Catch 100 Bugs
Master Fisher
Catch 100 Fish
Great Escape
Mine 1000 Raw Stone
Chop 1000 Raw Wood
Throw a ball
Find 100 Mixed Seeds
Fresh Farmer
Deliver your farm registration letter to the mayor
Use a wardrobe to change your outfit!
Let it Grow
Plant 1000 Seeds
I hope that's edible
Gather 100 Mushrooms
Gather 100 Shells
Outback Shepherd
Shear a Sheep 100 times
Calcium Kid
Milk a Cow 100 times
Let's Jam
Cook one of each Preserve
Soup Chef
Cook one of each Soup
Bake one of each Pie
Emilia's Protege
Bake one of each Cake
Catch one of every fish
Catch one of every bug
What is it?
Harvest Star Jelly
Midas Touch
Reap a Gold Seed
World Cup
Sweep a ball
Loot Box
Loot a forest treasure chest
Galactic Entomology
Catch one of each bug found on the Galaxy Island.
Galactic Ichthyology
Catch one of each fish found on the Galaxy Island
Gourmet Hideaway
Cook Couscous and Baked Artichoke with Goats Cheese
Hideaway Harvest
Harvest Grapes, Artichokes, Purple Nettle and Rhubarb
Hideaway Rancher
Collect Goats Milk and Brown Pheasant Feathers

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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